1.Geyser - Waimea Physics

1.Geyser - Waimea Physics

1.Geyser HOLLY STURROCK WAIMEA COLLEGE The Problem Support a long, vertical tube containing water. Heat the tube directly from the bottom and you will observe that the water erupts. Arrange for the water to drain back into the tube to allow repeated eruptions. Investigate the parameters that affect the time dependence of the process. 2 Overview Experimental Set-Up

Eruption Explanation Experimental Results & Interpretations Tube Length Length of Tube in Flask Conclusion References 3 Catch Basin

System SetUp Bung s Glass Tube Control Variables Tube diameter

Internal 4mm Total 6mm Height Above Heat 120mm

Water in Catch Basin Conical Flask Gauze Mat Tripod To Ring Bunsen Burner

Retort Stand 4 Eruption Definition Water Level Below Mark Water Level Below Tube Water Level Hits Mark

5 6 Hydrostatic Pressure Pressure caused by water above 7 Steam is generated, increasing the pressure Water is pushed

into the catch basin Hydrostatic pressure is decreased Water boils more violently 8

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