2016 Pueblo E-rate Consortium - Tribal Self-Gov

2016 Pueblo E-rate Consortium - Tribal Self-Gov

Jemez-Zia Pueblo Tribal Consortium San Diego Riverside (NM Charter School) Walatowa High School Jemez Day School Jemez Pueblo Community Library Zia Tribal Library Tsiya Elementary and Middle School Middle Rio Grande Pueblo Tribal Con Pueblo de Cochiti Tribal Library Santo Domingo Tribal Library San Felipe Pueblo Community Library Santa Ana Pueblo Community Librar Broadband inTribal Schools Conduit of teaching, learning, and school operations Using Internet content in teaching and learning, e.g., Kahn Academy, digital textbooks, YouTube Communication and collaboration with students and teachers, e.g., Google Classroom Mobile devices provide new opportunities but require high-speed Internet, e.g., iPads, Kindles, and Chromebooks NASIS Parent Portal to check assignments and grades (BIE) Mandatory online testing, e.g., PARCC, MAPS Distance learning, e.g., college dual enrollment Videoconferencing back to Tribes in native language classes Virtual field trips across the globe Santa Fe Indian School students use computers in all classes in all grades as part of instruction www.TribesProtectingTribes.co Broadband in Tribal Libraries

Critical community infrastructure for computer services K-12: After school homework and live tutoring often using cloud apps, Kahn Academy Adults: Online classes for college degrees, GED, basic literacy, certificates, e.g., food handlers Online college applications, scholarships, FAFSA Videoconferencing for language and/or culture Website portals for on-line banking, bill pay Required online testing for NM drivers license, food handlers classes, permits and safety courses for NM Game and Fish Social services for senior, disabled, and veterans, e.g., Social Security, Medicare, Veteran benefits Filing federal and state taxes, managing refunds Job searches, applications, resume writing, unemployment claims Public Internet access for personal devices, including parking lot Wi-Fi Center for connectivity during At Jemez, youth help each other and patiently wait to access online content SD Youth ages 18-20 update their resumes and apply for federal and Tribal financial aid for college www.TribesProtectingTribes.co

Current Speeds An iPhone LTE: 510 Mbps DSLx2: 9 Mbps T1x6: 9 Mbps Jemez Day School Jemez Tribal Library Zia Tribal Library San Diego Riverside Cochiti Library Many BIE Schools Many Tribes/ Libraries Many BIE Schools Many Tribes/ Libraries T1 x 2: 3.0 Mbps or T1 x 3: 4.5 Mbps T1: 1.5 Mbps San Felipe Library Santo Domingo Library Walatowa High School Tsiya Elementary School Target Speed: 100 Mbps www.TribesProtectingTribes. FCC Universal Service Subsidy Programs Annual Program Budgets $2.25B $4.5B $3.9B $400M * The FCC is proposing to reduce this amount and impose a funding cap * www.TribesProtectingTribes.co Funding Opportunity FCCs Universal Service Erate Program Schools and libraries

Up to 90% discount off Internet bills New: Discounts on fiber construction Limited time: Additional 5% discount if match is from Tribal, state, federal source Opportunity Bring broadband high-speed Internet to schools and libraries Fiber optic backbone to schools and libraries Fiber optic benefits: Can be easily increased to meet future needs, symmetrical uploads and downloads www.TribesProtectingTribes.co Fiber Route: Jemez-Zia Consortium Fiber Route: MRG Consortium Regional Education Network Tribally-owned networks Connect the Tribal schools and/or libraries to each other for increased collaboration Connect to the University of New Mexico (UNM) GigaPop: Distance learning opportunities with NM higher education institutions Connect to the UNM GigaPop: Wholesale Internet prices Will be lit and operational by the FCC-mandated June 30th deadline Next Steps Ongoing permitting issues Ongoing construction www.TribesProtectingTribes.com Before / After: Jemez-Zia Consortium Broadband Speeds Broadband costs Current Speed (Mbps) Proposed Speed (Mbps) 100 100 100 100 100 Current Cost/Mbps 100 Proposed Cost/Mbps $283.24 $202.00 $100.00

12 9 12 JEMEZ / ZIA CONSORTIUM MEMBERS School/Library Name Jemez Pueblo Community Library 4.5 1.5 10 BEFORE Connection Type/Qty Current Speed (Mbps) $7.92 $6.90 $6.90 $122.22 $6.90 AFTER Current Monthly Cost/Mbp Proposed Recurring Cost Current s Connection Speed (MRC) Cost/Mbps w/E-rate Type/Qty (Mbps) $6.90 $6.90 $0.00 $6.90 Monthly Proposed Recurring Proposed Cost/Mbps Cost (MRC) Cost/Mbps w/E-rate 1x DSL 12

$95 $7.92 N/A Fiber 100 $690 $6.90 $0.69 Jemez Day School 6x T1s 9 $2,549 $283.24 $28.32 Fiber 100 $690 $6.90 $0.69 San Diego Riverside Charter School 2x DSL 12 $1,200 $100.00 $10.00 Fiber 100 $690 $6.90 $0.69 Walatowa Charter High School

3x T1s 4.5 $550 $122.22 $12.22 Fiber 100 $690 $6.90 $0.69 Tsiya Pueblo Elementary School 1x T1 1.5 $303 $202.00 $20.20 Fiber 100 $690 $6.90 $0.69 Ethernet 10 $0 $0.00 N/A Fiber 100 $690 $6.90 $0.69 Pueblo of Zia Tribal Library

www.TribesProtectingTribes.com Before / After MRG Consortium Broadband costs Broadband Speeds Current Speed (Mbps) Proposed Speed (Mbps) 100 100 100 Current Cost/Mbps $233.33 100 Proposed Cost/Mbps $140.00 70 3 3 $13.71 $6.90 10 S ta an a An m Co S MRG CONSORTIUM MEMBERS m an ity un ry ra iL b e

lip Fe lo eb u P m Co m $6.90 ity un S ry ra iL b to an m Do go in BEFORE $38.67 $6.90 al ib Tr ry ra iL b lo eb u P de iti ch Co $6.90 a ib Tr

ry ra iL b l AFTER Current Current Monthly Proposed Monthly Current Cost/ Cost/Mbps Connection Speed Recurring Cost Speed Recurring Cost Mbps Type/Qty (Mbps) (MRC) (Mbps) (MRC) w/E-rate Proposed Proposed Cost/Mbps Cost/Mbps w/E-rate School/Library Name Connection Type/Qty Santa Ana Community Library Microwave 70 $960 $13.71 N/A Fiber 100 $690 $6.90 $0.69 San Felipe Pueblo Community Library 2 x T1s 3 $700

$233.33 $23.33 Fiber 100 $690 $6.90 $0.69 Santo Domingo Tribal Library Satellite 3 $116 $38.67 $3.87 Fiber 100 $690 $6.90 $0.69 Pueblo de Cochiti Tribal Library LTE Mi-Fi 10 $1,400 $140.00 $14.00 Fiber 100 $690 $6.90 $0.69 www.TribesProtectingTribes.com

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