50 tips for Management Reporter - Boyer & Associates

50 tips for Management Reporter - Boyer & Associates

30 TIPS FOR MANAGEMENT REPORTER MANAGEMENT REPORTER (MR) What is it? Management Reporter is a real-time financial reporting application designed to empower information workers to quickly and easily create, generate, secure, and publish financial

statements, such as Profit and Loss (P&L) statements, balance sheets, and cash flow reports. MANAGEMENT REPORTER (MR) Two basic comments are required for creating a report, the third is optional. Row Definition

Column Definition Tree Definition MANAGEMENT REPORTER (MR) Column Definition set to Month, YTD, and % calculation Row Definition set to specific GL accounts and simple Calculations.

30 TIPS OUTLINE Headers and Footers Speed Format Default Fonts

Logos Default Reports Shading Show Summary Default Library

Additional Text Find and Replace Indenting Other Currencies Alt F1

Rounding Insert Rows Box Calculations Columns

Rows Organization Web Viewer Customization CBR Start/End

Prevent Drilldown Related Rows Go To Periods Rolling 12

Departments Suppress Blank Row Ratios Dynamic Header

Column Break Delete Blank Other MR Versions Long Date Resources

CALCULATIONS 1. CBR (Change Base Row) Allows the report to calculate a percentage of net sales or another row. Row Definitions:

CALCULATIONS Multiple CBR calculations: Column Definition: Result: CALCULATIONS 2.

PERIODS CALCULATIONS Calculates the average of periods calculated for the report. Column Definition: CALCULATIONS

This report was run for period 4, the last column sums the displayed columns and divides by the base period. Result: 3. Ratios CALCULATIONS Use other rows to calculate ratios and other formulas eliminating the need to export to Excel.

Row Definition: Result: CALCULATIONS 4. Start/End Dates

COLUMNS Use the starting and ending dates to create a weekly (daily) sales report. Column Definition: Result: 5. Rolling 12 Months

COLUMNS Use this to show a rolling number of periods dynamically. This example is a12 month rolling, Base plus 11 periods in the past. Column Definition: COLUMNS 6.

Dynamic Headers with CALC If you want the auto text to populate in the column header for a calculated column you will need to define the Fiscal Year and the Period. Column Definition: 7. Prevent Drill Down

ROWS To hide confidential information, yet allow details in the report, use the XD under the print control. This prevents the drill down feature when viewing the reports. Row Definition: 8. Departments on Rows

ROWS Flip the traditional report layout to have departments in the row or separate a row to show the different departments without having to drill down. Row Definition: Column Definition: Result:

ROWS 9. Column Format Code ROWS This format is used to generate a side by side report. Row Definition:

Result: 10. Related Rows ORGANIZATION Clean up those consolidated reports with Related Rows. Before:

Row Definition: After: ORGANIZATION 11. Suppressing Blank Rows Have rows showing up with no amounts? Suppress them! Row Definition: X0

or Report Definition: ORGANIZATION 12. Delete Blank Rows Wonder why that report generates an extra blank page? Row Definition: Make sure to delete the blank rows on the bottom of your row definition.

13. Go To Option WEB VIEWER Very helpful with long reports. Brings you right to that section of the report. WEB VIEWER 14. Show Summary Information

Another helpful option when viewing large reports. Displays only the summary lines. WEB VIEWER 15. Show Other Currencies When using multiple currencies you can change the view to show a specific currency. CUSTOMIZATION

16. Default Fonts Use this to set up a default font and size so all the reports are consistent. CUSTOMIZATION 17. Default Report Library When developing reports you can change the default library where reports will be generated. This way you can keep them separated from other reports. Tools/Options

18. Alt F1 CUSTOMIZATION Gives you more screen space when developing definitions. Hides the definition views. HEADERS AND FOOTERS 19. Logos

Insert logos on the report. Report Definition: Result: HEADERS AND FOOTERS 20. Additional Text in the Tree

Add additional information to the header or footer from the tree definition. Tree Definition: Report Definition: HEADERS AND FOOTERS 21. Rounding Defined Add the rounding precision to the report header.

Report Definition: Result: 22. Default Report Definitions SPEED Use the default report definitions to create reports faster (CU7 and greater). As of version CU8 there are 16 report definitions with supporting rows and columns.

23. Find and Replace SPEED While in a row definition you can find specific items or replace multiple items to speed up modifying reports. Works just like Excel. SPEED

24. Insert rows from dimensions Rather then typing all the accounts, depts., etc., use the insert Rows from Dimensions. This will also work in tree definitions Insert Units from Dimension. Pulls the data from your specific chart of accounts. 25. Shading FORMATTING

Create a more appealing report with shading. Row Definition: Result: 26. Indenting FORMATTING Use the indent button instead of spaces.

Row Definition: Result: 27. Box FORMATTING Create boxes to highlight data or separate sections. Row Definition:

Result: 28. MR Version OTHER If you are wondering what version of MR you are running. 29. Long Date Format

OTHER Remove the day from your report headers. Change the date format on the system. Correct way for no day 30. Training/Resources

OTHER Online Training and Guides https://dynamics.microsoftelearning.com Local Training Class http://www.boyerassoc.com/events/category/all-events Helpful tips and issues http://community.dynamics.com

QUESTIONS Paul James [email protected] Boyer & Associates 3525 Plymouth Blvd, Suite 107 Plymouth, MN 55447 Direct: 763 412-4336 |Fax:763 412-4301 |Office: 763 412-4300

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