5th Grade Back to School Night - Edl

5th Grade Back to School Night - Edl

4th Grade Back to School Night Sarah Lambert, Tonya Tuley, Jessica Encinias, Laura Donovan Contact Information: Laura Donovan: [email protected] Sarah Lambert: [email protected] Tonya Tuley: [email protected] Jessica Encinias: [email protected] Linda Olson: [email protected] Jeanni Fliegel: [email protected] Specials (Art, Music, Technology, Physical Education) Teachers Introduction of Specials teachers and content.

Curriculum Classroom resources and tools Grading Extra Curricular opportunities Flexible Ability Grouping Literacy Multiple points of data Math Math is leveled, not ability grouped used to place students

Placements made Grouping is flexible primarily through Saxon We meet it Placement Test, administration 3 supported by MAP times a year to Math placements are discuss possible projected to be made by movements needed mid-late next week. Literacy placements are projected to be made by end of Sept./beginning

of Oct. *You will receive a letter from administration when your student has been placed. 4th Grade Curriculum Overview: Math We use the Saxon Math curriculum at American Academy. This program is a spiral program. This means, instead of a concept being taught just once, students practice a concept many times at varying intervals throughout the year. This gives the student the time and practice needed to master a math concept. Grading: Lesson Practice (homework) 20%

Assessments- 80% 4th Grade Curriculum Overview: Spalding The Spalding Method is a phonics-based program that integrates reading, writing, and spelling. Spelling: Students will be tested on phonograms and spelling this year. Your child has already been assessed to determine an individual spelling level. Your childs reading teacher will teach spelling rules and sounds before any spelling words are given. Instruction on spelling words begins at least a week before the words are tested.

Reading: This method teaches students to better self-monitor their reading and comprehension while learning about the different text structures. Writing: Students will be introduced to all types (Informative, Narrative, Persuasive) of writing within the first month of school. With this method, students get the chance to constantly practice and understand the different types before moving on to extended writing. 4th Grade Curriculum Overview: Reading Core Knowledge Novels: Students will be reading

a variety of novels including: Robinson Crusoe, Robin Hood, King Arthur, Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Gullivers Travels, and Treasure Island. As students read these novels, they will learn new vocabulary and extend their use of comprehension strategies. These novels will be read aloud and independently with homeroom teachers. 4th Grade Curriculum Overview: What you can do at home to help improve your Reading childs reading skills:

Read to and with your child at home as much as possible. Do some copycat reading. Read a sentence aloud, with expression, and have your child repeat the sentence, copying your expression. As you are reading together, stop frequently to check for understanding of the main idea and vocabulary. At the beginning of each reading session, ask your child to summarize or retell what was read the previous session. Then, have your child make predictions about

what is going to happen next in the story. Ask your child to describe the characters of the story. Check to see if your child can make a personal connection with the story--Ask your child if what you are reading reminded them of something that they have 4th Grade Curriculum Overview: Grammar DLI: Daily Language Instruction Every day students will practice their language and grammar skills through their DLI. This practice will help them apply their skills to their writing and editing. Every 3-4 weeks, students will be assessed with a DLI test. Hake Grammar:

Hake Grammar is an additional grammar program that we will be using to supplement DLI. We will draw on it especially for practice with the eight parts of speech and for sentence diagramming. 4th Grade Curriculum Overview: Writing With Step Up to Writing and 6 Traits curriculum, students will learn and practice the following writing skills and many more: Note-taking (all classes) Summaries (reading, writing, science, and history class) Responding to text (reading, writing, science, and history class) 4-5 paragraph narratives with the use of dialogue

3 point expository paragraphs Topic sentences Persuasive essays Descriptive essays 5 paragraph research reports 4th Grade Curriculum Overview: Literacy Grading Writing: 35% Grammar: 15% Reading: 35% Spelling & Vocabulary : 15% Assignments will have a weight of 1 Quizzes will have a weight of 2 Assessments will have a weight of 3 or 4

4th Grade Curriculum Overview: Science We use the Next Gen Science Standards, Core Knowledge Science, as well as American Academys STEM program in Science. The following subjects are covered in 4th grade: Waves and their application technologies for information transfer Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes Energy Earth STEM Units Little Bits (Oct. 4-26) EV3 Robotics (March 26- April 13) 4th Grade Curriculum Overview: History We use the Core Knowledge curriculum for history

and geography. The following subjects are covered in 4th grade: Map Skills Major Mountains and Mountain Ranges Middle Ages in Europe Islam Early and Medieval African Kingdoms Grading: Classwork/Homework: 40% Tests: 60%

Chinese Dynasties American Revolution Constitution Presidents Reformers Colorado History 4th Grade Events: CLASSROOM PARTIES Fall Festival Holiday Party

Valentines Party COLONIAL DAY Likely to take place in December or January. All day dress-up event! Donations and Volunteers will be requested through Sign Up Genius MIDDLE AGES DAY Likely to take place in April or May All day dress-up event! Donations and Volunteers will be requested through Sign Up Genius Field Trips: Permission slips and payments:

Go to American Academy website Click on Shop Select Lincoln Meadows Campus Click on Local Field Trips Scroll down until you find the 4th Grade trip you are looking for If this is your first time you will create an account Fill in all prompted areas Once account is created you will select the appropriate trip An online permission slip is required to be filled out for each trip which includes:

Participant Event Information Acknowledgement of Risk for Activity Medical Conditions and Emergency Consent Emergency Contacts Here you will also be prompted to pay for the selected trip. Discipline Policy Overview In our school we strive to be people of character.

We use the American Academy Manners and Character to accomplish this goal. Parents are strongly encouraged to reinforce these characterbased rules at home. Our goal with discipline is to promote a classroom atmosphere that is conducive to learning and encourages mutual respect. Discipline Plan: Positive Incentives: Incentive recess on Fridays Card of Awesomeness! Shout Outs Discipline Plan: We use a logical consequence managements system. Consequences are chosen to fit the behavior. Examples:

Rushed through work May need to re-do work in study hall for homework Disrespectful to an adult May spend part of recess writing an apology Playing around with neighbors during work time Seat moved or will loose privilege of working with a friend Discipline Plan: Repeated behavior will require a reflection form to be filled our during study hall. The form go home to be signed, then returned the next day. Multiple reflection forms will result in missing Fridays incentive recess.

Planners: Assignment planners are an important tool to help students plan and complete work, and as a form of communication between the teacher and parent. Throughout the day, students will be recording assignments and due dates. Planners should be taken home each day and brought back the next day. Parent signatures are required in planners until further notice in 4th grade. Homework, Projects, and Grading: Homework: Math- students will be assigned a problem set to practice the lesson learned in class. Students are given time to begin

homework at school. Spelling-Students will have vocabulary works most weeks that is assigned on Monday and due on Friday. This will start a few weeks into school Work not completed in class will be assigned for homework. Tests will be given in Science and Social Studies that require students to study and review their notes a little each day. In order to be successful, students should not cram the night before the test. Homework, Projects, and Grading: Vacations: No work will be given prior to vacations. Students must meet with their teachers to request any missed work.

Students will be extended the grace period of 2 days for every absent day for work to be due. AA Attendance Policy: http:// www.americanacademyk8.org/aastaffhome/bod/policies/Attend ancePolicy.pdf Late work: -10% for one day, -50% for 2 days, after two days no credit is given Grading Scale: Per the Parent/Student Handbook, the following grading scale will be used: A+ = 100 99 B = 89 84 C- = 73 72

A = 98 94 B-= 83-82 D+ = 71 70 A- = 93 92 C+ = 81 80 D = 69 65 Student Responsibilities: o Students will learn to advocate for themselves and take responsibility for their learning. We expect students to: o Check Infinite Campus, under assignments- homework will not be posted on the website o Ask teachers for assignments when absent o Ask teachers for clarification on grades o Email teachers with questions We welcome communication with you, as well! However, we encourage you to allow your child to attempt contact with us first. This allows students to take responsibility for their learning and

helps to build self-confidence and self-advocating skills. These skills are essential to becoming a successful student. I WILL Be Successful in 4th Grade 1. I will show respect to students, teachers, and materials at all times. 2. I will show responsibility by: NEVER giving excuses ASKING for my work if I am absent EMAILING my teachers myself ACCEPTING consequences 3. I will grow as a leader by setting a good example and being an outstanding role model. I WILL start right now!

How can I help my 4th grader? Check Parent Portal Remember to check parent portal often for missing assignments and current grades. Please verify your email address is updated in Parent Portal to ensure you are receiving relevant emails. Homework and assignments will be posted in IC under Assignments. If you have questions about Parent Portal, please

visit the AA homepage under ResourcesPortal Information or email [email protected] Infinite Campus App: Do you have a smartphone, iPad, or tablet? If so, we have an app for you! Infinite Campus is now more accessible than ever. Download the Infinite Campus App from the App Store or Google Play Enter QKKYJL in the district code line Then enter your Infinite Campus username and password You now have instant access to your students planner,

assignments,, attendance, grades, and schedule. Snacks & Birthdays Students will have time for a snack right after math each morning. We ask that you help us foster a great learning experience by sending your student with a healthy snack to nourish their working brains! Snacks must be peanut and tree nut free! Birthday celebrations Per school policy birthday celebrations must be foodfree. Please send birthday items in with your child in the morning or have it in the office by 9:00. Summer birthdays are welcome to celebrate half birthdays in school!

Thank you for coming! We are looking forward to partnering with you to make this a great year! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any celebrations, concerns, or questions.

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