6S PowerPoint PPT - creativesafetysupply.com

6S PowerPoint PPT - creativesafetysupply.com

5S for SAFETY program overview The 5S for Safety Vision All sources of injury are eliminated All employees participate in finding issues, all the time Employee teams perform safety audits TRIR/LWDIR metric is better than world class All employees take pride in knowing

that we work hard at being safe 5S Defined What are the 5Ss? Sort When in doubt, throw it out; Red tagging unneeded items Store A place for everything, everything in its place; Point of use Scrub Clean for inspection; Hospital clean; Better work atmosphere Standardize How do I know that should be there; Color coding Sustain Audit and follow-through; continual improvement through inspection 5S For Safety What are the 5Ss for Safety?

What to look for: Sort Remove potentially unsafe / broken items from the area Pinch points Burn hazards

Trip hazards Improper containers Store Items are safely and ergonomically positioned for use, aisles and workstations are safe from unseen dangers Scrub No hidden dangers, no hidden instructions

Standardize Visual safety signs, postings are current and meaningful Sustain Audit and follow-through; continual improvement through inspection, training Broken machinery Slippery floors Sharp objects Missing instructions Fall hazards Poor ergonomics

Missing/broken guards Exposed moving parts 5S For Safety Program Key Points Red Tagging for Safety is a continual process, not an event. Employees should red tag anytime they see an issue. All employees receive a short 5S for Safety Training session Red tagging is visual, and visual boards show what items are outstanding Periodic standard audits dig deeper with probing questions

Audit scores can show trends and levels of improvement Safety audit team is developed Red Tag Red tag technique: Physically identify (tag) items that are unsafe in the work place Fill out and attach the red tag to the unsafe item Pull off the bottom, give it to your supervisor Supervisor identifies the correct path forward, then places tag on 5S for Safety

board until the problem is resolved Supervisor turns in completed tags for tracking 5S and Safety Zone Display Boards 5S & Safety Info: Suspension Foam Zone Current 5S Audit Sheet Current 5S For Safety Audit Sheet

Red Tags Outstanding Red Tags Common safety issues that should be Red Tagged 5S for Safety Scan Sheet (audit) 5S Zone Map Example 5S audit team

A small audit team of volunteers is trained in 5S and 5S for safety This team is lead by the current safety officer during the auditing process The team audits one zone each month. They red tag and follow the standard red tagging process as they find issues from the audit sheet.

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