9TH Lit/ Comp ~ Mrs. Minich

9TH Lit/ Comp ~ Mrs. Minich

9 Lit/ Comp ~ Mrs. Minich TH Daily Agendas What am I learning today? 8-4-14 Student Verification Forms / Attendance Course Introductory Prezi: o Course Objectives o Important Skills in 9th Lit o What is Annolighting? (Example) o Practice Annolighting with excerpt from Sherlock Holmes

Distribute Syllabus your job: Annolight syllabus tonight! Notecards: What are 1 or 2 things I need to know about you as a person, student, learner? What am I learning today? 8-5-14 Writers Workshop: What is NARRATIVE? (2-3 minute quick write) o Overview of mini-narrative unit this week Syllabus Overview what did you annolight? Key Element of Narrative (Todays Lesson): VOICE o Pizza Quickwrite

o Words to notice: Diction, Syntax, Imagery o Read Speaker 1s description of pizza What am I learning today? 8-6-14 Writers Workshop: In your own words, what are DICTION, SYNTAX, IMAGERY? Best guess. Read pizza description by Speaker 1 as a class Work with a partner next to you to jot down ideas in the chart on Inference, Diction, Syntax, Imagery, and Tone based on Speaker 1s Pizza Description o Share responses as a class Personal Literary Narrative: Read the excerpt from

Speak silently, annolighting as you read Ill read it this time make notes in the margins on things you didnt notice before What am I learning today? 8-7-14 Writers Workshop: Do you know the terms memoir and/ or prose? Write the definitions (or your best guess) in your own words. Read excerpt from Speak aloud (except 2nd period) discuss observations Personal Nonfiction Narrative (Key terms: memoir, prose) As I read the excerpt My Name from The House on Mango Street, annolight the text pay attention to her voice as evidenced by her DICTION, SYNTAX, and IMAGERY

Narrative Experience Brainstorm: Think of 1-2 memorable events in your life (nothing too graphic). Make a chart and list key details of each experience everything you can remember Select one experience (whatever you have the most details for) Begin describing the event in writing, telling the story of the event o Your task: Use a variety of sentences (long, short, complex, etc.) and SHOW me the experience, dont just tell me (use lots of good adjectives and strong verbs paint a picture with images) Your HOMEWORK: Finish writing your narrative (1 lengthy paragraph, about 10-15 good sentences) well go to the Media Center to type tomorrow What am I Learning today? 8-8-14 Writers Workshop: Copy this excerpt, then tell me what works about it. Is it good, compelling, descriptive? Why? o Calpurnia was something elseShe was all angles and bones; she was nearsighted; she squinted; her hand was

as wide as a bed slat and twice as hardOur battles were epic and one-sided Calpurnia always won. She had been with us ever since Jem was born, and I had felt her tyrannical presence as long as I could remember. o from To Kill a Mockingbird, p. 6 MLA format and USA Test Prep Info Cards Media Center type narrative paragraphs (print when finished) What am I learning today? 8-11-14 Writers Workshop: Carefully read this sentence from Sherlock Holmes. Make an observation about 1) Diction 2) Syntax 3) Imagery and 4) Tone o Watson's response to Holmes's reasoning is like that of a man who's just had a magician's trick explained to him: it all seems so clear after an explanation though otherwise you'd never be able to guess how it's done. Conan Doyle repeats this formula many times to remind the

reader that Holmes is always many steps ahead of everyone around him. If you need to buy a vocab book, please bring $13 tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest Sherlock Holmes article analysis: The Logical Sherlock of our Time o Read the article together as a class, annolighting as we read o When we finish, write a short summary paragraph (5 sentences or so) Bring narrative paragraph, Sherlock Holmes book, and vocab $ or vocab book tomorrow! What am I learning today? 8-12-14 Writers Workshop: o P. 1 Share article summaries from yesterday/ steps to

an effective summary http://www.clarion.edu/70739.pdf o P. 2 What is involved in the exposition of a story? What are different types of Point of View? Sell Vocab Books / Turn in Narrative Paragraphs Begin reading The Speckled Band (Story VIII) Organizer: Expo and POV What am I learning today? 8-13-14 Writers Workshop: What are clues in stories to help us figure out who a character is? What types of characters

exist in literature? What else to you know about characterization? Take a look at this passage from The Speckled Band what do you notice? What is the EFFECT of the passage? What is your reaction? How do you think Conan Doyle achieves this? o I should be very much obliged if you would slip your revolver into your pocket. An Eleys No. 2 is an excellent argument with gentlemen who can twist steel pokers into knots. That and a toothbrush are, I think, all that we need. 8-13-14

Vocab Book Preview and 1st Assignment (due next Wednesday/ Quiz) Continue reading The Speckled Band as a class through the end of the exposition Pause and work with a partner for 10 minutes to complete your exposition chart (complete with textual evidence) Continue reading the story, examining clues to help us determine the unique qualities of the characters Jared Crawford Mrs. Minich 9th Lit/ Comp 1st Period 13 August 2014 What am I learning today? 8-14-14 Writers Workshop: Take a look at this word from Unit 1 in our vocab books: (well read the intro story together in a minute) o RELINQUISH: To let go; give up; surrender

o Read the original sentence on page 16 of your book, then write your own original COMPOUND sentence using the word AND using a COLON correctly Reminders: Do you need to buy a vocab book? MLA heading on all assignment (yellow turkeys cant dance), Land of noname papers Due Dates: Vocab unit 1 assignments (5 of them) on pages 17-21 in voc. book and QUIZ Thursday, August 21 Take 10 minutes to complete the exposition chart for The Speckled Band / turn in or complete for HW Continue reading the story, focusing on character development What am I learning today? 8-15-14

Writers Workshop: Make 3 observations (any kind) about the following line from Sherlock Holmes: To me at least there was a strange contrast between the sweet promise of the spring and this sinister quest upon which we were engaged. Turn in your Exposition charts (if you didnt turn them in yesterday) / Has everyone turned in a Personal Narrative Paragraph? Due Dates: Vocab unit 1 assignments (5 of them) on pages 17-21 in voc. book and QUIZ Thursday, August 21 Continue reading The Speckled Band focusing on plot, characterization, vocabulary, and how writers build suspense Audio: http://www.listentogenius.com/author.php/188 What am I learning

today? 8-18-14 Writers Workshop: Choose 1 word from Unit 1 vocab and use it to tell this mans story in 3 sentences. What am I learning today? 8-18-14 Using your organizer, jot down important point about the three types of irony from the following videos o Situational: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqg6RO8c_W0 o Dramatic: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZFYuX84n1U o Verbal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiR-bnCHIYo

Class discussion / observations Continue reading The Speckled Band examining characterization and looking for examples of irony Due Dates: Vocab unit 1 assignments (5 of them) on pages 17-21 in voc. book and QUIZ Thursday, August 21 What am I learning today? 8-19-14 Writers Workshop: Write this down: Parallel Structure is the repetition of the same pattern of words or phrases within a sentence or passage to show that two or more ideas have the same level of importance. Heres an example from Sherlock Holmes: o A ventilator is made, a cord is hung, and a lady who sleeps in the bed dies. o What is the PATTERN that makes this sentences parallel? o Now, try using parallel structure in a sentence of your own describing the things you are going to do today.

Finish The Speckled Band/ Class Discussion Reminder about vocab work and quiz Thursday/ time to work on vocab What am I learning today? 8-20-14 Writers Workshop: Take your writers workshop notebook to the Media Center and take notes on the orientation video to use afterwards on a quiz. Media Center Orientation Video (15 minutes) Quiz (5-10 minutes) Sherlock Holmes characterization brainstorm o Sherlock Characterization Brainstorm.docx

Due Dates: Vocab unit 1 assignments (5 of them) on pages 17-21 in voc. book and QUIZ Thursday, August 21 What am I learning today? 8-21-14 No Writers Workshop today review for 60 seconds for your vocab quiz Turn in Vocab Books / Unit 1 Quiz When you are finished, turn in your quiz and scantron on the front table and return pencils if you borrowed one Work QUIETLY on your Sherlock characterization sheet you started yesterday

This is due, completed at the end of class! If you finish the characterization chart early, go ahead and start unit 2 I have notecards if you need them What am I learning today? 8-22-14 Writers Workshop: Refresher what are static and dynamic characters? What is indirect and direct characterization? Hand back graded papers Body biography examples: http://prezi.com/nre3uy8hoilh/body-biography-example/

Supplies: BB paper, markers, scissors, notecards, etc. Work in groups/ partners on body biographies You will have Monday in class also to work due at the end of class Monday Sherlock Holmes test next Thursday! Continue reading the book to become as familiar as possible with the language. What am I learning today? 8-25-14 Sit with your group today No Writers Workshop Today ~ Hand out study guide for SH Test THIS THURSDAY!! Continue working on Body Biographies finish by the end of the period today: o 5 symbols/ body parts and corresponding quotations (p# and story) o SHERLOCK name acrostic o Example of direct and indirect characterization (p# and story) o Paragraph defending Sherlock as either static or dynamic

90-second presentations tomorrow Study guide for SH test is also on the blog if you would like to type responses 4th and 7th Period: Narrative Rewrites due Wednesday What am I learning today? 8-26-14 Writers Workshop: None today 90-second Body Bio presentations o Group Evaluation: Write your name and period in the top left hand corner of your notecard. Then, write down the names of your group members and give each a score from 1-5 (5 is the best). For anything less than a 3, please provide a brief explanation.

Discuss Study Guide In-Class Review: Identifying SS elements in The Speckled Band groups of 2 or 3 (add foreshadowing/ foreboding to the bottom) Sherlock Holmes\Identifying Short Story Elements in t he speckled band.docx Due @ the end of the period on Wednesday What am I learning today? 8-27-14 Writers Workshop: Use your judgment and close reading skills to determine a possible meaning for the underlined words below based on the context of the sentence: o In his singular character the dual nature alternately asserted itself, and his extreme exactness and astuteness represented,

as I have often thought, the reaction against the poetic and contemplative mood which occasionally predominated in him. o http://testprep.about.com/od/readingtesttips/a/Con_Clue_Types .htm Work with your group to complete the test review chart Due at the end of the period Tomorrow: Bring a pencil and your vocab book so you can start unit 2 if you finish your test early What am I learning today? 8-28-14 No Writers Workshop Today ~ Look at the assignment board and make a note of important upcoming due dates

Get out a pencil and your review chart from yesterday - turn in On your scantron: o Your name, class period, Sherlock Holmes Test, date When you finish the test, turn in on the table and work on vocab unit 2 (I have notecards for you to make flashcards on the table) No talking or headphones after the test What am I learning today? 8-29-14 Test Correction Info o Dates and Times Next Week: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school from 3:30-4:15 Wednesday morning from 7:45-8:10 o I will give you the answers, then youll work in groups to JUSTIFY/

EXPLAIN why the right answer is right. This will earn you half credit back on each question. Reminders for next week o Writers Workshop NB Check Wednesday (major grade) o Vocab unit 2 exercises due Friday/ Quiz Friday Writers Workshop: Were watching a few scenes from the BBC series Sherlock today. As you watch, jot down observations in your notebook about similarities and differences from the book What am I learning today? 9-2-14 Writers Workshop: From your observations on Friday during class, write a paragraph (3-5 sentences) comparing and contrasting the TV shows interpretation of Sherlock to Arthur Conan Doyles character. Provide at least a few specific examples.

Bring your student ID tomorrow so we can check out books Begin reading Hunting article / annolighting Test Correction Times: Wednesday and Thursday 7:45 AM / Tues-Thurs 3:30 PM What am I learning today? 9-3-14 No WW turn in WW NB for graded check (discuss rubric) Get individual lit books from bookroom (Julie / Kim) Finish annolighting Hunting article (turn in/ 25 pt. minor grade). You may need to do some re-reading. Include the following in your highlights and margin notes: (you may also ask questions or make personal connections to your highlights) o In Each Section: Look for main ideas (1-2) as well as details (1-2) in each section; in the margins label them appropriately and summarize them

o Whole Article: Make sure to circle all unknown vocab and make a prediction about what the word means in the margin o Whole Article: Look for at least one example each of the persuasive techniques ETHOS (appeal to ethics), PATHOS (appeal to emotion), and LOGOS (appeal to logic). Highlight them then label them appropriately in the margin o Whole Article: Find 3 EUPHEMISMS (words that sugar-coat the truth) and write the actual meaning in the margin Remember, 4-5 highlights and margin notes per page; turn in to your class box when finished and work on VOCAB UNIT 2 Writers Workshop 9-4-14 Use the words dissolute, feint, and terse to describe what

you would do to survive a zombie apocalypse Read the intro vocab story with Mrs. Minich What am I learning today? 9-4-14 Handouts for Today: o Important Lit Terms List o Reading Guide for TMDG Begin The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell (reading guide) As we read, jot down responses to questions on the reading guide

What am I learning today? 9-5-14 No Writers Workshop today Have out a pencil and locate your scantron from the unit 1 quiz (well be using the back this time) Turn in vocabulary books/ turn in extra credit Vocab Unit 2 Quiz make sure to write your name on the back of the scantron! After the quiz, continue reading The Most Dangerous Game. Complete the reading guide through number 13 by Monday (the story is on the blog for you to download) https://

archive.org/stream/TheMostDangerousGame_129/danger.t xt The audio is available also: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mfp04WjOv9A Writers Workshop 9-814 Writers Workshop: Write down the following sentence. What do you notice about the SYNTAX? Make at least 2 observations: Jumping in front of the frozen TV picture, he waves the remote in circles, like its a magic wand. Whats jumping in front of the TV? Whats modifying what? What happens if we do this? Jumping in front of the frozen TV picture, like its a magic wand, he waves the remote in circles. Now what about this one? Underestimating its value, breakfast

is a meal many people skip? Who is doing the underestimating? How can we make the meaning of this sentence more clear?

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