A Day at the Spa: Student Coaching Slides

Silvers Gym: Student Coaching Slides 1 Question 1: Regression Analysis Y = a + bX, X is given,

Y is predicted 2 Question 1: Excel Steps Go to web site to get data Click Data, then Data Analysis on right (If not in menu, click Add-ins, Analysis Tool Pak) Regression, OK

Click labels Enter two columns of numbers Note: dialog box has Y before X 3 Question 1: Regression Equation

Bottom table, Column = Coefficients Row = intercept =a Row = cholesterol = b = slope Interpret slope: If X increases by 1 unit, Y changes (increases? decreases?) by b units 4

Question 1: Coefficient of Determination Top table Row = R square Interpret: R-square per cent of total variation in Y is explained by variation in X 5

Questions 2: Expected Value E(X) =xP(x) Hint: Add constant value to E(x) to get total cost 6 Question 3:

Find Mean Mean = age at which average person experiences incident = Normal: Z = (x-)/ Value of Z from normal table in statistics book Use algebra to solve for 7

Question 4: Expected Number of Lives Saved = Expected number still alive due to defibrillator minus expected number who died due to improper use Hint: Use reasoning, not algebraic formula 8

Question 5: Negligence Define Prima Facie Case Plaintiffs Burden Defenses Defendants Burden 9 Prima Facie Case

Conduct Duty Breach of Duty Actual (direct) Cause

Proximate (legal) Cause Damage 10 Conduct What Did Silvers Do or Fail to Do? Affirmative Action Omission Failure to Act 11

Duty The Concept of Duty Has Two Parts: What is the Duty? To Whom is the Duty Owed? 12 Duty What is the Duty? Standard of Care

To Act as a Reasonable Person Custom or Statute 13 Duty To Whom is the Duty Owed? (See: Get n Go Library Case) Relationship Foreseeable Plaintiff

Public Policy 14 Breach of Duty Calculus of the Risk (See: Get n Go Library Case) 1) Likelihood of Harm

2) Seriousness of Harm vs. 3) Cost of Prevention and/or 4) Utility of the Activity 15 Actual Causation Plaintiff Must Connect Conduct to the Loss But for Defendants Conduct Plaintiff Would

not Have Suffered the Loss Easy, Difficult, or Impossible Burden in this Case? 16 Proximate (Legal) Cause Policy Determination Should Defendant Really be Responsible

for Damages Actually Caused? Natural and Probable Consequences Did Plaintiffs Loss Come About as a Result of a String of Weird Unforeseeable Events? 17 Damages Damages Suffered in this Case Compensatory?

Define/Purpose Punitive Damages? Define/Purpose 18 Defenses (Applicable?) Contributory Negligence Complete Bar to Recovery

Comparative Negligence 19 Question 6: Negligence Per Se Define Relation to the Prima Facie Case of Negligence

Any Light Shed on This by Statutes in the Library? 20 Question 6: Conclusion Conclusion Different From Question 5 YES NO

MAYBE NO IDEA GIVE UP 21 Question 7: Ethics Approaches Mission - Vision - Core Values


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