A plAn to Tackle Waste in Aboriginal Communities

A plAn to Tackle Waste in Aboriginal Communities

A PLAN TO TACKLE WASTE IN ABORIGINAL COMMUNITIES Overview Case study: APY Lands 2007 2010 Cast study: Warraber Island 2008 2010 Waste Aid: NSW 2014 2018

NSW Govt 2016 - 2017 Current Project: Qld 2019 - 2019 Case study: Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Background: 1996 Report - $1,000,000 spent Trailers - stores and communities Trenches dug and landfills fenced Bio-solid pits

Wheelie bins 2008 SA Dept Premier and Cabinet / Zero Waste SA Timeline 2007 2010 Scoping visit and seek permission Trailers/ trucks/ bins - broken Tips - burning and overflowing Plan and Do

Conducted research Prepared a draft report Regional Waste Management Priorities and Implementation Plan 16 trials - $600,000 Delivered Rubbish Report 78 recommendations Consultation Need a local leader Respectful of culture Seek permission

Consult in first language Listening tour - visiting communities, BBQs Waste Audit Food, 8020, 9% Rubbish, 21235, 25% Paper / cardboard, 33137, 39%

Recycling, 23497, 27% Litter Audit Education Aim: behaviour change by education and information Engagement ARDS Germ theory Indigenous education specialists Knowledge & tools

Household Cleaning Kits Indigenous Environmental Health workers Tested 3 types of bins Shower/kitchen Weekly Monitoring bin liners Motto No survey without service Bin & Stands Houses Aim: reduce burning at home Provided wheelie bins Designed bin stands prevent animals &

litter Bin & Stands Public Areas Aim: to reduce litter 100 stands and bins 800 bags concrete Bulky Waste big rubbish Aim - Remove oversized items from yards Waste Collection Aim truck vs trailer

Truck ($155,000) Trailer ($10,700) - 15 bins, tipper, ramp, solid fill tyres, welded on Time and motion study Truck 3 mins per bin Trailer 4 mins per bin Source Separation Aim: To set up source separation areas at landfill Signs were designed and prepared showing

descriptions in Pitjantjatjara, English and in pictures Signs used in resource separation and source separation areas Car and Appliance Stripping Aim: create social enterprise Tools, training, network provided Uni SA - business planning Re- sale as scrap or parts Container Deposit System

Aim: Increase recovery, reduce litter 1,000,000 containers sold annually 10c on each bottle and can = $100,000 No Scheme for 30 years 11 bales 1st month 15 bales 2nd month Household Recycling Umuwa Aim : crate based kerbside collection for Umuwa Govt. town no store or school - 95% staff and contractors Purchased trailer, 60 litre black crates, stickers, fridge

magnets Cardboard Aim: Recycle cardboard & stop burning All stores weekly trip to tip and burn Power installed, baler provided, Free backload, Trial Visy pay freight Car Removal

Aim: Remove cars from entire lands > 5,000 cars, 35 trucks, 20 caravans, 13 buses Case Study: Warraber Island One of 16 inhabited Islands Population: 247 Dwellings: 54 Clinic, school, council office Flights charter Barge weekly food / fuel / mail AQIS strict protocols

Project Outline Identify and quantify current and projected waste Develop a comprehensive strategy for all waste streams Oversee implementation Monitor, evaluate and report Appropriate for regional roll out 2007 - 2010 NEW Rubbish Program Existing

Proposed NEW Garden Waste Program Existing Proposed NEW Food Waste Program NEW Cardboard Program

NEW Recycling Program Education School Every trip Miss Anne Talks, excursion and activities Art and slogan competition for shopping bags Training Training of all staff Specialist training by suppliers How to guide

Work Plans day by day Weekly monitoring and reporting sheets Inspection by Qld Workplace Safety Inspector The bins are burning Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, 2007 1110 remote communities 72% don't have a rubbish pickup. Health Habitat A study of 7,151 indigenous homes nationally 51% NO bin and NO regular rubbish service.

What to do Vision : Improve health, environmental and social outcomes in disadvantaged communities through positive waste management solutions Waste Aid want: Every family to have a rubbish bin Every house to have a rubbish pickup Every community a landfill Reduce litter and illegal dumping Increase recycling and resource recovery

Who are we ASIC registered company Charitable and tax deductibility status Foundation grant $40,000 - APC Strategic Plan 2014-19 o Do real projects o Advocacy o Build sustainable organisation Now merged with Community Resources effective May 2018 NSW SWAC

Sustainable Waste in Aboriginal Communities 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Aust. Packaging Covenant Dept. Health

NSW Aboriginal Affairs NSW ALC NSW EPA LGNSW Resource Recovery Aust. Waste Aid New model and approach Aboriginal Community Based Environmental Management (ACBEM) Puts the Aboriginal community at the centre Shifts the balance to community owned and managed

solutions Support employment and social enterprise Engage in co-design of infrastructure/ education Build community skills / capacity do with not do to Leave a legacy Develop leaders Sustainable Waste Management Model Bourke and Enngonia, NSW State Project Oversight Local Project Oversight

Bourke Waste Advisory Committee (BWAC) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

10. 11. BWAC Waste Aid BACWP Nulla Nulla LALC Murra Warri LALC BAHS Bourke Shire / Netwaste NSW Aboriginal Affairs

NSW EPA Rural Fire Service NSW Health MPREC Funding Funding 1. Aust. Packaging Covenant $70K 2. NSW EPA $60K

3. Rural Fire Service - $29K 4. Dept. Health - $31.4K 5. Netwaste - $3K Total $193,400 Sustainable Waste in Aboriginal Communities Working Party (SWAC) SWAC 1.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Aust. Packaging Covenant (APC) NSW Aboriginal Affairs NSW ALC NSW EPA

NSW Health LGNSW Resource Recovery Australia Waste Aid Donor s Donations 1. 2. Aboriginal Affairs secretariat

Bourke Shire equipment / free tipping 3. EPA compost bins and worm farms 4. Impact environmental educational resources 5. MPREC labour 6. Townley Environmental Services photography

7. Sulo household bins 8. Waste Aid labour 9. WCRA training Total $50,000 + 1. Community Consultation 2. Community Environmental Advisers

3. Legacy clean-up litter 3. Legacy clean-up illegal dumping 3. Legacy clean-up bulky waste 3. Legacy clean-up car pad 4. Infrastructure audit & needs analysis

5. Developing new education materials 3 bins, 17.95% 6. Service agreement 1 bin, 38.46% Council, community and land owner

2 bins, 43.59% Alice Edwards Village and Bourke Western Precinct Waste Services Service Level Agreement The Bourke Waste Advisory Committee (BWAC) partners have agreed to provide the following waste management support services, in order to maintain continuing and sustainable waste management arrangements in the Western Precinct of Bourke and Alice Edwards Village. Delivery of these services will continue to be monitored by BWAC. Invitations, approvals and authority to work In-community waste education

In-community event coordination In-community support and assistance itre s 60 0- 48 0l

0l itre s >4 8 1. 2. 3. 4. 0-

(Continuing employment of CAE is subject to funding availability and a recruitment process undertaken by a panel formed from Nulla Nulla LALC, MPREC, Waste Aid and Bourke Shire) Nulla Nulla LALC and Maranguka: Community and landholder approvals, education and advice >3 6 Project coordination and project management (BWAC Chair) Community education materials Supply of community infrastructure (1x new bins/household, skip trailer and 3 x metal litter bins)

Aboriginal Community Based Environmental Management (Community Environment Advisors (CAE), Community Based Monitoring and Survey) itre s 1. 2. 3. 4. 0l

Waste Aid: Community infrastructure and project coordination 3% 36 (When this assistance is requested by either MPREC or Bourke Shire) 3. Car pad preparation 4. Cultural fire management and hazard reduction

0- 2. Quarterly bin cleaning 13% >2 4 (Bulk waste collection and car management is subject to continuing funding in Rural Fire Service budget) 0l

itre s 1. On-going funding to Bourke Shire for bulk waste removal for hazard reduction 21% 24 Rural Fire Service: Hazard reduction and community fire self-management 21%

0- Litter collection and small waste clean up Bin maintenance Skip Trailer access, use and control Retained vehicles to pad management 12 1. 2.

3. 4. 44% litr es (Bulk waste collection and car management is subject to continuing funding (see below) from Rural Fire Service) Murdi Paaki Regional Enterprise Corporation (MPREC): Community Based Environmental Management

Per cent of households (This service is provided to all Bourke residents) 3. Periodical bulk waste collections/clean up 4. Removal of marked vehicles for disposal 50% 45% 40% 35% 30%

25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 20 1. 1 x weekly bin collection (1x bin per household) 2. 1 x weekly collection of 3 x metal litter bins in AEV park <1

Bourke Shire Council: Baseline waste service for Alice Edwards Village (AEV) and West Bourke Precinct Brewarrina, Goodooga and Weilmoringle Results 500m3 of legacy waste removed 97m3 scrap metal recycled 12 co-designed signs 62% average litter reducti

Bins 82 Household 14 Litter 32 old cars recycled Ngemba Community Working Party were very happy with the way Waste Aid implemented the project in partnership with the working party. Waste Aid put First Nations peoples governance, decision making and cultural protocols at the centre of their engagement, involving the working party from the beginning and continuously throughout the project. The project has had real employment and capacity building outcomes for community members and a sense of community satisfaction is evident. Grace Gordon, Co-Chair of the Ngemba Community

Working Party Communities post clean up! NSW Aboriginal waste strategy 61 discrete communities Former missions & reserves NSW state waste strategy No mention of Aboriginal communities Waste Aid = Aboriginal Waste

Strategy Needs analysis for treasury Co-ordination And Strategy Support package $5 M clean-up legacy issues on merit $2 M illegal dumping Asbestos - ? Queensland Indigenous Waste Project 32 discrete communities July December 2019

Project control group 1. Situational analysis August 2. State strategy 3. Regional action plans Funds available Thank you Waste Aid - Making a difference Anne Prince 0425 251 271 [email protected]

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