A UTIA P&T Committee Perspective - ag.tennessee.edu

A UTIA P&T Committee Perspective - ag.tennessee.edu

A UTIA P&T Committee Perspective JUN LIN, ANIMAL SCIENCE Tenure & Promotion The Important Academic Milestone Preparation is key! Know-follow the rules 2016 UTK Faculty Handbook 2016

Know expectations P&T Workshop Getting Better Informed of Expectations Tenure & Promotion Mentors-Advisors (Seek input) Department Head-Annual Evaluation Departmental Faculty Review Team Mid-Cycle Review

Take feedback constructively Dossier is Not an Autobiography Your Pitch Highlights R/T/E accomplishments during evaluation period Conveys potential for continued success & fit UTIA-Department Best Guides for Composing a Successful Dossier Dossiers of individuals recently promoted UTIA Chancellors Library Not for content Effective ways to convey YOUR unique

accomplishments and contributions Like Grant Writing Compose Dossier for Your Reviewers Real people who want you to succeed! Departmental Faculty Department Heads Deans Chancellor UTIA Promotion & Tenure Committee Real people too and want you to succeed! Appointment

Department 85% Research/15% Teaching Food Science 9 Professors 58% Research/42%Teaching FWF Tenured 3 year term 100% Extension BESS 100% Extension FCS

90% Research/10% Teaching Animal Sciences 88% Research/12% Teaching Ag & Res Econ 88% Teaching/12% Extension 4-H ALEC 83% Research/17% Teaching Plant Sciences

100% Extension EPP 2018-2019 Compose Dossier for Your Reviewers Be mindful of their challenges Very little extra time Volunteered to review several dossiers Dossiers not available until mid-December Christmas break up through beginning of spring semester Early morning/late nights UTIA P&T Committee Members Many 200+ pages

UTIA P & T Committee Member Review Opportunities Dossier Curriculum vitae Supporting materials Letters from external evaluators Annual Retention Review Forms/Annual Review Forms/Mid-Cycle review? Any/all other statements, reports, summaries and

recommendations from peer committees and reviewers 9 UTIA P & T Committee Procedures All reviews & plans to participate in the discussion of each candidate Except for Departmental Member (RECUSED)

Primary reviewer Secondary reviewer Committee discussion using draft letter Vote Promotion & Tenure P/S reviewers and Chair revise draft letter Chair sends revised letter to Committee (All except for recused) Edits incorporated Final letters are sent to Deans and copied to Department Heads, candidates & all P&T members 2018-2019 Order of Candidates Reviewed For 2018-2019 Lecturer to Senior Lecturer (N=1) Assistant to Associate Professor

N=4 Associate to Professor N=2 Professor N=2 (Vote for Rank) Deadline of Feb 1st Mid-Cycle Reviews N=5 Deadline of April 12th From Assistant to Associate

Associate professors are expected to: Hold doctorate or other terminal degree, or equivalent training and experience UTK Faculty Be good teachers Handbook 2016 Have achieved and maintained recognized record of disciplinary research/scholarship/creative active activity/engaged scholarships Have achieved and maintain a record of institutional, disciplinary, and/or professional service or outreach engagement Have normally served as an assistant professor for at least five years Have demonstrated that they work well with colleagues and students

12 From Associate to Professor Professors are expected to: Hold doctorate, etc. UTK Faculty Handbook 2016 Be accomplished teachers Have achieved and maintain a nationally recognized record of disciplinary research/scholarship/creative activity/engaged scholarship Have achieved and maintain a record of significant institutional, disciplinary and/or professional service Serve as mentors to junior colleagues Have normally served as associate professor for at least

five years Have shown beyond a doubt that they work well with colleagues and students in performing university 13 responsibilities Expectations for Tenure Regular, full time, tenure-track faculty appointments at the academic rank of assistant, associate or full professor, are eligible-no less than 1 and no more than 7 academic years Granted on the basis of a demonstrated record of achievement and the promise of continued excellence Faculty at UTK are expected to become good, solid teachers who work enthusiastically with students, try new approaches to pedagogy, and contribute to the development of

departmental programs. Faculty must also establish an independent record of accomplishment in scholarly work, normed to the standards of the discipline, which can be documented and validated by peers. from UTK Faculty 14 Handbook 2016 Concept of Tenure & Reasons for its existence The Development of Academic Freedom in the United States. 1952. Richard Hofstadter and Walter P. Metzger Tenure system: to safeguard academic freedom, which is a requisite condition for all who teach and conduct research in higher education Important for faculty to properly fulfill their core

responsibilities However, TENURE is not a guarantee of lifetime employment However, no single person can exercise the authority to remove a tenured scholar 15 UTIA P&T Committee Teaching Tips Work with your mentor(s) to craft teaching philosophy Provide a detailed list of courses taught (number, title and course description and credit hours), frequency, participation level, class size, estimate of time spent Engage in peer review Show that you adopt suggestions Incentivize students to participate in SAIS reviews

SAIS response rate is generally low Present student evaluation summaries in an organized way 16 Promotion & tenure progresses along a continuum Marathon versus Sprint Teaching Show promise Be good Associate Be

accomplishe d Professor Adapted from J. Burney Teaching IS an Integral Component of Research Research IS an Integral Component of Teaching List of Graduate Students Mentored Provide start-completion dates & thesis titles Identify awards & research outcomes of each student Publications, abstracts, etc. List of Undergraduates Mentored Identify awards & research outcomes of each student Publications, abstracts, etc.

List of Research Publications Identify graduate student & post doc authors UTIA P&T Committee Research Tips Show Show promise promise Gaining Gaining external external recognition recognition Achieved

Achieved and and maintain maintain recognized recognized record record Engaged Engaged scholarship scholarship Associate Achieved and maintain nationally recognized record

Engaged scholarship Professor 19 Publication Tips to Strengthen Dossier List and number publications, preferably newest to oldest Clearly indicate your contribution (e.g., corresponding author, collaborator/coauthor, etc.) & your graduate students and postdocs Include only articles that are published or in press (with documentation of final acceptance) under Articles published in Refereed Journals section. Manuscripts in preparation or submitted or in preparation

should be listed elsewhere Dont intermix publication types 20 Helpful Grant Tips to Strengthen Dossier Include a summary table at the beginning of this section conveying total amount of funding, total amount of funding as Lead PI, and total funding awarded to your program Per each grant listed, include title, PI and co-PIs, agency, start and end dates, total amount awarded, and how much funding went to your program. Indicate Your role and if you were the Lead PI or Co-PI Grant specific cost-share In-kind funding

21 Extension Based Tips Occurs in many different venues On and mostly off campus Organize materials so it is easy to understand

What is your Extension program(s) Who your audience is How many you are reaching What impacts you are making Reviews and assessments from peers and participants In-service training Volunteer training Different types of presentations Different types of publications 22 Institutional, Disciplinary, and/or Professional Service

Look for balance Not too much as to affect T/R/E responsibilities Service/Responsibility Mentoring Junior Faculty-Promotion to Professor Additional Tips to Strengthen Dossier Dossier is the only material most will have for getting to know you Make it EASY to read Clearly designate or include only your scholarship record from your last promotion, and/or your start date

Include these dates Make sure they are correct & consistently presented Statement of Responsibilities Should be consistent with appointment letter Dossier Dossiers should be checked by the submitting department before submission Section A-1 and statement of responsibilities First impressions matter No typos, careless errors Your departmental rep is NOT present when your dossier is reviewed by UTIA P & T committee

Demonstrate transparency in dossier Dont embellish or hide problems Time Line for Review Should be Clearly Documented If previous employment is to be included, formal acknowledgement by academic deans along with the time period of review to be conducted by the UTIA P&T committee and others is important (e.g., different institution versus UTIA). Approval by academic deans to include service before tenure track appointment is also important (e.g., Research assistant professor to tenure track) Other atypical instances should be documented to ensure straightforward review

Spoon Feed Your Reviewers! Expect to summarize your raw data in diff sections to best reflect your RESULTS during period evaluated Overall summary table at beginning of dossier is helpful Tables, graphs or charts at beginning of other sections are all effective ways to document accomplishments Make sure that tables, graphs, or charts are legible, dont assume reviewers will print documents in color Make sure all your numbers add up Show consistency and accuracy across all sections Dossier & CV need to be well aligned External Letters of Assessment Tip Important and valued by UTIA P&T Committee & others

Department Heads choice Effort to assist with obtaining evaluative letters where majority if not all of individuals have no obvious or direct working relationship with candidate is important for obtaining an unbiased review of accomplishments and output Format Considerations Include a table of contents. Arrange each section as listed in Appendix B, page 44-50 of the Manual for Faculty Evaluation. Each section should be paginated with the section and page number (i.e., A-1, A-2; B-1, B-2, etc.). Number each item in different listings Be sure all required documents are included (A1

summary sheet etc) Uploading Dossier Dossiers are now uploaded on the UTIA P&T Sharepoint site (single PDF or 3 PDFs?). Avoids formatting & printing issues occurring with multiple Word documents Avoids challenges/issues that may result from a reviewer attempting to hunt for and then assemble dossier components before review Adobe allows for combining pdf files into a single document. Candidate provide Department pdf of dossier Department adds relevant sections, saves document as a PDF file, then uploads single document on UTIA P&T site

On behalf of the 2018-2019 UTIA P&T Committee Thank you! All the Best! This presentation is a slightly modified version based on 2018 P&T Committee Perspective slide (kindly provided by Dr. Feng Chen, past Chair)

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