AABE - MI Chapter

AABE - MI Chapter

AABE MI Chapter Student Scholars Partners Program (SSPP) Scholarship Committee Date: May 6th, 2008 AABE Michigan Chapter Scholarship Committee Carmen Bender Chair Sheila Patterson Darrell White

Carrie Jones Jason Sharp Alex Brown Noble Billingsley Challenge and Opportunity Nationally fewer minorities are going into the fields of mathematics, science and engineering and even fewer are graduating. Challenge and Opportunity

Studies have shown that mentoring provides a support network that increases students' selfconfidence and feeling of worth to the science, mathematics and engineering fields (Goodman Research Group, 2002). Challenge and Opportunity While AABE-MI Chapter successfully supports minority youth with college scholarships,

student scholars continually ask for simple guidance in areas such as work load prioritization, career planning, internships and advice on college transitional challenges. Challenge and Opportunity We see an opportunity to help student scholars starting this year through the AABE Michigan Chapter Student Scholars Partners Program

(SSPP). What is SSPP? The Student Scholars Partners Program provides an opportunity for AABE-MI chapter members to coach student scholars through their college experience. The program matches volunteers with student scholars for a one year commitment starting May and ending in April. Annually new student scholars will be added and volunteers will be matched with new students.

Program Guidelines Partners are encouraged to: Call their student scholars at least once a quarter to see how classes are going, discuss course selection and sequence, issues they are having etc. Call parents once a semester to address questions they may have about their childs

progress in college. Program Guidelines Partners are encouraged to: Provide high level recommendations for classes and encourage student scholars to see their academic advisor for advice requirements. Provide encouragement and share testimonials of their

experiences in overcoming challenges and obstacles. Program Guidelines Student Scholars younger than 18 years old: Parents have the option to request a replacement of the assigned partner. Parents have the option to sit in on partner discussion calls, personal meetings, etc. Once scholar turns 18, we recommend that the partner, scholar, and the

scholars parents have a conversation on how the correspondence should continue. All personal letters shall be sent To the Parents Of rather than the students themselves, while under the age of 18. Program Guidelines Student scholars must complete a semiannual questionnaire that collects GPA, current major, current address, and resume information after each school semester.

The benefit of collecting this information is to: Keep official track of how our student scholars our doing. Promote the success of our student scholars and view

eligibility for follow up scholarship opportunities. Assure the donors that their money is going to successful student scholars. Notify donors when student scholars are going into their senior years for employment opportunities. Match student scholar interests with potential internships. Next Steps

10 volunteer Partners for the program. Sheila Patterson is the program coordinator. Student scholars contacted by partners no later than mid June 2008 Partners must contact the parents as soon as they are assigned and before the partnership is initiated.

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