Absence Requests:

Absence Requests:

Gregory Portland Independent School District ABSENCE REQUESTS: Using SKYWARD Time-Off & AESOP WHO? WHERE? WHY? WHEN? Who?: All District Staff Where?: SKYWARD & AESOP Why?: Records Verification & Payroll When?: Each Time Absent Type of Leave Available Local & State (entered in day or full day increments)

- Use these for Employee Illness, Family Illness or Personal (Discretionary) Leave. - Personal Days must be requested at least 3 days prior to the absence. Jury Duty (entered in hours) - If you receive a jury summons and need to be out for jury duty use this type of leave. A copy of your jury summons should be submitted the person on your campus who handles AESOP. School Business (entered in hours) Used if an employees needs to be out for school related activities or for parent teacher conferences, etc. Docked For Unpaid Leave (entered in day or full day increments)

This should be used only if you have exhausted all of your local and state leave. SKYWARD TIME-OFF Purpose: For reporting and tracking of absences for payroll, personnel records and reporting. Benefits: Gives each employee an accurate/live balance of available leave. Eliminates need for paper requests and provides staff with trackable verification of approval/denial. Notification: Notifies your principal/supervisor of your leave. Consistency: System-wide way of requesting approval from principal/supervisor for discretionary (Personal) leave.

AESOP Purpose: Record verification for all staff and substitute management. Benefits: Ensures accurate records are kept for each staff member. Notification: Notifies substitutes for positions that require them, but does NOT notify a principal/supervisor for all absences. Consistency: System-wide way of verifying staff records, ensuring accurate payroll and requesting substitutes. HOW TO ENTER ABSENCES INITIAL SETUP: 1.

Log-in to SKYWARD Employee Access ( This is not the login to enter grades) 2. Click Jump to Other Dashboards 3. Click Select Widgets in bottom right corner 4. Check Box My Time Off Status under Employee Widgets 5.

Click the Save button, then exit HOW TO ENTER ABSENCES, CONTD. AFTER INITIAL SETUP 1. Log-in to SKYWARD EMPLOYEE ACCESS 2. Click Add Time Off Request under My Time Off Status 3.

Make your selections (State Personal, Local, Jury Duty, etc.) under Time Off Code 4. Select your Reason 5. Enter the start date of the absence 6. Enter hours in full day or half day increments except for jury duty or school business 7.

Enter start time -for shortcut to AESOP, check the Sub Needed box (this will not create a substitute request this only takes you to AESOP) 8. Click Save to submit the request to your supervisor SKYWAR D TIME OFF HOW TO ENTER ABSENCES, CONTD. Once in AESOP 1.

Click the Create Absence tab and select the date of your absence(s) 2. Select whether a substitute is required (Only Teachers, Classroom Aides and Nurses, should select substitute required, unless instructed otherwise in writing by principal/supervisor). All other staff should select No Substitute Required. 3. Enter Absence Reason 4.

Enter appropriate time 5. Enter Notes (optional) 6. Click Create Absence 7. Once absence is created, you may Log Out AESOP

FINAL REMINDERS This helps ensure your time off is tracked accurately Ensures payroll is correct Eliminates unnecessary paperwork Submits requests for approval directly to your principal/supervisor Creates a checks & balances system Ensures compliance with district policies and procedures QUESTIONS? Contacts: Human Resources Department Brandon Chandler, Director of HR Elizabeth Sanchez, Secretary Viviana Ramirez, Clerk 777-1091, Ext. 1016

Payroll Department Wendi Browning, Payroll Supervisor 777-1091, Ext. 1016

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