Academic Affairs Staff Chat - Huntsville, TX

Academic Affairs Staff Chat - Huntsville, TX



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COUNSELORS Kim Nettles Senior Counselor Pennie Stanley Graduate & Special Populations Christine Liles Reports Kristal Luna Undergraduate Amanda Briggs Undergraduate Kayla Rogers Undergraduate Violet Covarrubias - Undergraduate WHAT WE DO Assist students at the front desk and on the phone

During our peak time mid-August through mid-September we handled 12,145 calls & 8901 students in the office Process incoming paperwork Receive and verify FAFSA applications To date, we have awarded financial aid to about 15,000 students Certify and process loans (federal, state, alternative) Process and set up scholarships/SDRs; Scholar X administrator Ensure compliance with federal and state regulations FINANCIAL AID DEADLINES

ScholarX February 1st FAFSA Fall/state programs March 15th Spring only September 30th ELIGIBILITY FAFSA Must be citizen or eligible non-citizen; international students do not qualify for federal or state aid SAP Must complete 75% of all attempted credit hours; SHSU GPA 2.0 for undergraduate and 3.0 for graduate; attempt up to 150% of

required hours Warning Denial emails sent to SHSU account after grades are official Appeal process available for extenuating circumstances; can delay financial aid disbursement Appeal hearings committees made up of staff members from across campus Academic Plan created for many students to monitor progress from semester to semester SCHOLARSHIPS SDR Preferred Delivery bring to front desk, campus mail (please do not fax)

Please submit to our office no later than August 1st prior to each fall semester New scholarships Please submit new scholarship agreements to our office prior to awarding to ensure set up is complete Contact: Amy Wilson at [email protected] WORK STUDY FAFSA and complete financial aid file required Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements Show financial need

Estimated cost of attendance Expected family contribution= Need Jobs must be posted on Jobs for Kats for a minimum of 5 days Contact: Michele Harbin at [email protected] VERIFICATION Approximately 1/3 of all students are randomly selected upon FAFSA submission Requires additional paperwork before financial aid is offered (ALL or NOTHING) Institutional forms Tax transcripts

Notified by SHSU email and through My Sam Delays in awarding process if additional paperwork is not submitted on time Students/parents may submit additional paperwork several ways: Bring in person Mail Fax Scan/email

APPLY AID DATE & REFUNDS Financial aid (loans, grants, scholarships) applies 10 days prior to 1st class day Was August 18th for fall; will be January 5th for spring Refunds are processed by the Bursars Office approximately 4-5 business days later, at which time they are sent to Higher One Bursars Office: Estill 103; 294-1081 Bearkat One: Estill 230; 294-2273 PAYMENT PLAN (BURSARS OFFICE)

5 installments (10% due by 1/14/14; 4 monthly payments due by 1st of month) Late registration payment deadline 1/30/14 $30 fee for enrolling; must renew each semester through registration or at Student Account Center on My Sam Adding classes or charges will increase installment amounts due especially important for 1st installment! Covers tuition & fees, housing, dining, parking, other charges except fines $25 late fee for each installment; other than 1st installment, there is a 9 day grace period for payments before being charged the late fee

SEMESTER LOANS OPEN JANUARY 8TH Emergency Tuition & Fees (ETFL) 2.0 (UG) or 3.0 (Grad) GPA with no past due balance; or if on financial aid warning or appeal approval Makes 1st installment, deferred for 90 days 5% interest; no penalty for

early repayment Short Term Loan (STL) For financial aid students only with a complete file, ready to be awarded Must have sufficient funds coming in to cover semester balance and STL Up to $500 for full-time student (prorated for less than FT); processed as refund to student

10% interest; $2 surcharge QUESTIONS?

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