Accentuation and Syllabication

Accentuation and Syllabication

Accentuation and Syllabication SyllabicationSilabeo Syllables usually end in a vowel. ca-sa ba-su-ra dro-ga SyllabicationSilabeo

A diphthong is never seperated unless the stress of the word falls on the weak vowel of a strong-weak vowel combination. a-mue-blar ciu-dad ju-lio Note: d-a SyllabicationSilabeo Two consonants are usually separated. Remember that ch, ll, and rr are each a single consonant in Spanish.

al-qui-ler por-te-ro ca-le-fac-cin Note: pe-rro lla-mar SyllabicationSilabeo The consonants l and r are never separated from the preceding consonant, except from the letter s. po-si-ble a-cla-rar

a-bri-go Note: ais-lar SyllabicationSilabeo When there is a cluster of three consonants, the first two stay with the preceding vowel unless the third consonant is an l or an r, in which case the last two consonants stay with the vowel that follows.

SyllabicationSilabeo Examples: ins-ti-tu-cin Note: ex-pli-car des-crip-cin SyllabicationSilabeo When there is a cluster of

four consonants, they are always divided between the second and third consonants. ins-crip-cin ins-truc-cin StressAcentuatin If a word ends in n, n s, or a vowel, vowel the stress falls on the next-to-last syllable. syllable

la-va-pla-tos ex-a-men ho-la a-par-ta-mento StressAcentuacin If a word ends in any consonant other than n or s, the stress falls on the last syllable. es-pa-ol us-ted

pro-hi-bir re-gu-lar StressAcentuacin Any exception to rules 1 and 2 has a written accent mark on the stressed vowel. te-le-vi-sin te-l-fo-no l-bum cen-t-me-tro Note: na-cin, but na-cion-es StressAcentuacin

Question and exclamation words always have accents. cmo? cul? dnde? qu? StressAcentuacin Certain words change their meaning when written with

an accent although the pronunciation remains the same. StressAcentuacin cmo how como like d

give de l he/him el of, from the

ms more mas but m me mi

my (command) StressAcentuacin s I know se 3rd person pronoun

s slo yes only si solo if alone (adv.)

t tea te you (reflexive pronoun) t you

tu your StressAcentuacin Demonstrative pronouns usually have a written accent to distinguish them from demonstrative adjectives. este nio ste estas blusas stas

Diphthongs Diptongos A diphthong is a combination of a weak vowel (i, u) and a strong vowel (a, e, o) or the combination of two weak vowels in the same syllable. Diphthongs Diptongos

When two vowels are combined, the strong vowel or the second of the weak vowels takes a slightly greater stress in the syllable. Diphthongs Diptongos Examples: vuelvo tiene

ciudad automtico conciencia Diphthongs Diptongos When the stress of the word falls on the weak vowel of a strongweak combination, the weak vowel takes a written accent mark to break the diphthong. No diphthong occurs because the

vowels belong to different syllables. Diphthongs Diptongos Examples: pa-s d-a t-o en-v-o Ra-l Note: Ma-rio, but Ma-r-a

Vamos a practicar Determine where the stress falls, if a written accent mark is needed, and how the syllables are divided. example: campeonato cam-pe-o-na-to apice -pi-ce Vamos a practicar 1.

2. 3. 4. 5. cuadro abrazar churros maximiliano geografia terremotos 7. desastres 8. fenomenos

9. faciles 10. sillon 6. Las respuestas 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. cua-dro a-bra-zar

chu-rros ma-xi-mi-liano ge-o-gra-f-a te-rre-mo-tos 7. de-sas-tres 8. fe-n-me-nos 9. f-ci-les 10. si-lln 6.

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