Accessing Career Voyage - jiig-cal

Accessing Career Voyage - jiig-cal

What will you do when you leave school? will take you on your career planning journey! This program will help you to find jobs which are suitable for you. It will also provide reports including personal profile information, pros and cons of different jobs for you, and lots of other useful stuff. Knowing where your career is heading makes subject choice and

post-school training options easier and more rational. Based on eighty job factors (including working conditions, health, talents, etc.) the system will generate twenty job suggestions for you. You can then explore related job information, add jobs to your Notepad, look at similar jobs, start your Action Plan and Resume. Accessing Career Voyage

Just go to the following website with any PC, Apple, or tablet:, mouse over LOG IN, and click on Career Voyage for your country or (Australia) (New Zealand)

1. Student log in Temporary Accounts The same number for username and password

Self signup OR Check with your career adviser 2. Edit your personal user details

1. Enter your personal details 2. Create your username and password (at least 6 characters) 3. Choose your advisor and group. NB: For temporary accounts the adviser and the group have been already set up. Career Voyage Survey

Your responses to the survey questions will be used purely for research purposes and has no impact on Career Voyage outcomes. The Right Mindset Before you start, read carefully Ergos Introduction how to work with responses from Strong Dislike to Strong Like.

3. Select your age group 4. Choose the Level you would LIKE to get Your eventual Job Suggestions will relate to the Level you choose here. So please take a few moments to think and choose wisely. If for example you want to go to university after you finish school, choose level 5. If you want to go to TAFE and do a course, chose level 3 or 4. If you want to leave

school and get a job straight away with very minimal training, choose level 1. 5. The Occupational Interest Guide Go through each question clicking on how much you might like to do that activity, until you have gone through all the pages. All jobs have a mixture of things you like, things you dont mind and things you dislike. The job with everything you like and nothing you dislike probably does not exist. The key to job satisfaction is the best balance. Ideally

you want to find a job with more of the things you like and less of the things you dislike. Your chance of finding a fulfilling job depends a lot on your attitude. If you like a lot of things, you have a better chance of finding a job you like. If you dislike a lot of things, you have less chance of finding a satisfying job. Not try to make the software give you a particular job or result. Answer honestly. There is no need to analyse each task: take each one at face value and answer based only on the information in front of you. If unsure how to respond, your initial reaction is usually the most accurate. This should be an enjoyable experience. You can enjoy the process and take it seriously at the same time.

6. Your Interest Profile Click Interest Types for descriptions Once you have completed the interest guide, your personal Interest Profile will come up. You should discuss this with your teacher/adviser before proceeding to the next stage, particularly if you think the result is not quite right for you.

7. Go through Job Factors Mouse over the rows and read the descriptions 8. Your Job Suggestions

20 or 40 job suggestions for you, based on what you have said about yourself. When you click on a job on the left side of the screen, information about it will come up in the box on the right side. If you think a job sounds like

something you would like to save, you can add it to your Notepad. 9. Exploring Your Job Suggestions Clicking on the pros & cons button for the chosen job will show the things which fit in with what you said about yourself, and the things which dont. You can also find Similar Jobs, explore Other Jobs not on your list of 20,

and can view your Notepad. So spend some time exploring here. You can also come back at any time using your secure Username and Password. 10. Action Plan Learning Strategies Most students (including students of the world) are keen to work smarter rather than harder. The new Learning Strategies gives insightful hints and tips to achieve this.

10. Your Action Plan Once you have some career goals in mind, developing an Action Plan will help you to get there. Its like putting in place stepping stones leading to your destination. If you dont do it right now, you should come back and do it soon. And dont forget to keep working on it over time.

11. Rsum Writing Its never too early to start a personal rsum. And youll never stop developing it. When you start looking for jobs youll need one, and its much easier to start now than leave it to later. This section of Career Voyage will help you to develop a winning rsum.

12. Report Centre Click the Reports Centre tab to create PDF reports on all the things you have done so far. You can save these, email them, print them off to discuss with people important to you. You may also want to research some jobs on the Internet.

Over to you! Thats an overview. Now youre ready to develop your very own career plans. Good luck and thanks for using Career Voyage.

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