Growing Relationships Implementing Programming for Barriered Youth

Collingwood Below the Surface Population: 19,241

15 24 years: 2,314 ; ~11% 40% of Collingwoods population has no education beyond high school 74% high school graduation rate

Median family income: $78,121 19.4% of children in Simcoe County classified as low-income Average cost of single family home: $544,554

Collingwood had a 0.7% vacancy rate 2200 emergency shelter visits in 2015; 30% of visits were individuals aged 16 to 24

CPL and Teen Services Issues & Challenges Dealing with

Inappropriate Behaviours and Patron Push-Back

Staff Support Boundaries & Limitations

Building Partnerships Click icon to add full page picture

The Garden Garden

Upkeep Using the Food We Grow...

What does this mean for our community and the youth we serve?

Whats Next? Contact Information: Jocelyn Knoester

Coordinator, Volunteer & Technical Services [email protected] 705-445-1571 ext. 6231

Ashley Kulchycki Supervisor, Children & Teen Services [email protected] 705-445-1571 ext. 6234

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