adjourn - Augusta County Public Schools

adjourn - Augusta County Public Schools

Vocabulary Unit 13 Level D Bona fide (adj.) genuine; sincere Synonyms: authentic, indisputable, legitimate,

certified Antonyms: false, fake, bogus, spurious, counterfeit Buoyant (adj.) able to float easily, able to hold things up; cheerful, hopeful Synonyms: blithe, jaunty,

lighthearted, animated Antonyms: downcast, depressed, gloomy, morose Concede (v.) to admit as true; to yield, submit Synonyms: acknowledge,

grant, allow, assent Antonyms: contest, dispute, gainsay, challenge Congenial (adj.) getting on well with others; agreeable; pleasant Synonyms: friendly, sociable, amiable,

compatible Antonyms: disagreeable, surly, cold, standoffish Migration (n.) a movement from one country or region to another Synonyms:

population shift, mass movement Perceive (v.) to be aware of through the senses, observe; to grasp mentally Synonyms: notice,

discern, understand Antonyms: miss, overlook, be blind to Prelude (n.) an introduction; that which comes before or leads off Synonyms: preface,

overture, prologue, curtain-raiser Antonyms: epilogue, Sever (v.) to separate, divide into parts Synonyms: cut off, amputate, break off,

dissolve Antonyms: join, unite, weld together Versatile (adj.) able to do many things well; capable of many uses Synonyms: adaptable, handy,

all-around, manysided Antonyms: limited, Vindicate (v.) to clear from hint or charge of wrongdoing; to defend successfully against opposition; to justify Synonyms: acquit, absolve, exonerate,

advocate Antonyms: implicate, incriminate, condemn, convict

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