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afaefafe - ITU

International Telecommunication Union TD-SCDMA and TD-SCDMA Forum Dr. Li Wan Lin Vice Chairman of TD-SCDMA Forum Workshop on Next Generation Networks: What, When & How? Geneva, 9-10 July 2003 What is TD-SCDMA ? ITU-T TD-SCDMA technology o o o Is a proven high efficient 3G air interface means a future proof road for the operator offers a smooth and cost efficient introduction o

9-10 July 2003 as stand alone start of 3G as migration from GSM/GPRS to 3G as complement to W-CDMA Suit for any network scenario macro,micro,Pico cell 2 TD-SCDMA Key Features ITU-T o o Time division Duplex-allows adaptive allocation of radio resources Code Division Multiple Access- allows simultaneous multiple user access o o Joint Detection Minimize the intracell interference Dynamic Channel Allocation- leads to a reduction of inter-cell interference

o Smart Antennas- further minimizes inter-cell interference 9-10 July 2003 3 TD-SCDMA Air interface principle ITU-T 5 ms 3. Carrier (optional) Power density 2. Carrier (optional) (CDMA codes) DL

15 Frequency : 1.6 MHz 0 TS0 DL GP TS1 TS2 TS3 TS4 TS5 TS6 UL UL UL DL DL DL DwPTS UpPTS 9-10 July 2003 Time available RU used RU GP: Guard Period DwPTS Downlink Pilot Time Slot

UpPTS Uplink Pilot Time Slot 4 ITU-T TD-SCDMA combines 4 Multiple Access Techniques codes CDMA frequency time FDMA o o 9-10 July 2003 MA D T TD-SCDMA advanced radio interface takes advantage of all available Multiple Access techniques: TDMA , CDMA, FDMA, SDMA

TD-SCDMA provides an optimal and adaptive allocation of the radio resources 5 Joint Detection eliminates MAI I ITU-T o CDMA transmission is limited by intra-cell interference. TD-SCDMA, with its 16 codes canAlleasily implement CDMA users share the Energy Joint Detection Spread Signals same frequency channel -Energy of Spread Signals Frequency

Each CDMA user interferes with all the others Multiple Access Interference (MAI) or Intracell Interference is 1 9-10 July 2003 Received Signal = Spread generated Signals 6 Joint Detection eliminates MAI II ITU-T What happens if Joint Detection is not implemented? Energy Spread Signals After de-spreading, the Detected Signal barely emerges from MAI

Detected Signal S = Correlation Gain MAI Frequency The result is a weak signal (low signal to noise ratio) The admissible signal fluctuation is reduced to 1.5 dB The traffic load is seriously reduced 2 9-10 July 2003 Detected Signal with MAI 7 Joint Detection eliminates MAI III ITU-T TD-SCDMA uses an optimal Joint Detection Receiver! Energy

After dispreading, all CDMA signals are extracted in parallel Eb/N0 S Admissible Detected Signal Signal FluctuationMAI-eliminated The result is a clear signal (high signal to noise ratio) The near-far effect is not an issue The admissible signal fluctuation is Frequency increased to 20 dB The traffic load is considerably 3 9-10 July 2003 MAI eliminated signal increased 8

ITU-T Smart Antenna generate multiple beam patterns Without Smart Antennas Power is distributed over the whole cell Inter-cell interference in all adjacent cells using the same RF carrier With Smart Antennas Transmission and reception of signals is directed to and from the specific terminals Terminals are tracked throughout the cell Inter-cell interference decreases

considerably The Link Budget is optimised Capacity and Cell Radius increase 9-10 July 2003 TD-SCDMA offers optimum support to smart antenna implementation due to the radio path reciprocity by downlink and uplink operating on the same carrier 9 Smart Antenna ITU-T 25 cm 1m 9-10 July 2003 10 TD-SCDMA Alliance ITU-T o Founded on 30.10.02 o Fully supported by:

SDPC (State Development Planning Committee) MII (Ministry of Information Industry) o o o o o o o 9-10 July 2003 MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology) Datang -> infrastructure terminal + chipsets Huawei, ZTE -> infrastructure Legend -> terminal (leading Chinese PC manufacturer) Holley, -> terminal + chipsets (acquired Philips CDMA terminal platform business) Soutec ->

terminal CEC Wireless -> terminal design (acquired Philips GSM terminal business) PTIC (China Putian) -> terminal/infrastructure (owns Eastcom, Capitel, Bird) 11 TD-SCDMA Players ITU-T 9-10 July 2003 TD-SCDMA Development enjoys a growing Multi-vendor Support TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance 12 TD-SCDMA Network Infrastructure

ITU-T 9-10 July 2003 o Since 1998 Siemens and CATT/DaTang are working together in the standardization and development of TDSCDMA. The first TD-SCDMA products from this cooperation will be available in 2003. o Fujitsu, together with South China University of Technology will develop TD-SCDMA mobile networks in China. o UT Starcom entered a partnership agreement in November 2002 with CATT/Datang for the development of TD-SCDMA core network infrastructure equipment. o Since October 2002, Datang Mobile and Xian Haitian Antenna Technologies are jointly on a research and development project of smart antenna system for TDSCDMA. 13

Developers of TD-SCDMA UE (1) ITU-T 9-10 July 2003 o In January 2003, Philips Semiconductor, Datang Telecom, and Samsung established in Beijing T3G, with the goal to develop TD-SCDMA chipsets and handset platforms. o Texas Instruments, CATT/Datang, Nokia, PTIC and LG Electronics established COMMIT Inc. (China Open Multimedia Information Terminal) on Feb. 2002, to develop open multimedia information product, based on China's TD-SCDMA standard. o RTX Telecom, Denmark wireless solution developer, has been developing TD-SCDMA terminal platforms since August 2000 in close coordination with Siemens. The first commercial integrated GSM/GPRS/TD-SCDMA platform will be launched in B04.

14 Developers of TD-SCDMA UE (2) ITU-T 9-10 July 2003 o Chongqing University of Post and Telecommunications set up a large group of researchers to concentrate on the development of a TD-SCDMA terminal, working closely with local companies affiliated with the university. o InterDigital is engaged in developing key TD-SCDMA modem and software solutions for TSM integrating TD-SCDMA capability into GSM wireless terminals. The solutions will support voice as well as high data rates and enable OEM's to offer multimode GSM/TDSCDMA. o STMicroelectronics and Datang announced in January 2003 an agreement by which ST has licensed from Datang TD-SCDMA key know-how and intellectual

property rights (IPR). ST will use the acquired knowhow to develop mobile multimedia multimode TDSCDMA/GPRS System-on-Chip products. 15 ITU-T 9-10 July 2003 TD-SCDMA Test Equipment & Tools (1) o Agilent Technologies launches its first TD-SCDMA test & measurement product in May 2002. Agilent has launched a software option for a signal generator in order to generate spectrally correct TD-SCDMA signals. o Racal Instruments developed with Datang a TD-SCDMA signal analysis tool, which allows the rapid design verification of TD-SCDMA transmitters. The T-AIR is the first of a series of TD-SCDMA testing measurements products. o Cadence Design Systems Inc. and Datang Mobile Communications Equipment Co. LTD cooperate to develop

standards-based solutions. o Synopsys provides Design Conformance Lab software to verify the design of a TD-SCDMA based communications products. (e.g. User Equipment Receiver Performance Tests) 16 ITU-T 9-10 July 2003 TD-SCDMA Test Equipment & Tools (2) o Tektronix announced in March 2003 a partnership agreement with Datang Mobile to provide test and measurement equipment for the development of TDSCDMA networks and elements. o Symena announced in February 2003 that it is committed to developing an optimization tool for TDSCDMA 3G standard, called Capesso Red, which will incorporate both a highly efficient Smart Antenna modeling engine as well as automated network

optimization. o Rohde & Schwarz acts as a RF Test Equipment vendor and manufacturer. It provides products which support TD-SCDMA, such as Vector Signal Generator and I/Q Modulation Generator AMIQ. 17 3G Spectrum in China ITU-T 1750 1800 1850 1900 ITU allocations 2000 2050

TDD FDD FDD TDD Japan Korea (w/o PHS) 1750 1850 1900 2150 FDD TDD FDD FDD TDD FDD

IMT 2000 1800 2100 2200 2250 2300 2350 2400 IMT 2000 IMT 2000 Europe China 1950 TDD

IMT 2000 1950 2000 2050 2100 2150 2200 2250 2300 2350 2400 Status: November 2002 FDD TDD

9-10 July 2003 Frequency Division Duplex Time Division Duplex Primary FDD frequency band Secondary FDD frequency band Primary TDD frequency band Secondary TDD frequency band 18 ITU-T R&D Milestones Achieved in Beijing Acceptance and Network Tests o o o o o o o o

o 9-10 July 2003 High speed (125km/h) Demo with Video Transmission Long Range (> 20 km) with Video Transmission Mobile originated Calls over all Network Elements MT-Net Trial Phase I successfully ended Hand over Cell to Cell in Master Field Trial TD-S Packet Data Calls over all Network Elements MT-Net Trial Phase 1 ext. successfully ended 148kbit/s (PO) over all Network Elements 384kbit/s (PO) over all Network Elements 19 ITU-T Siemens TD-SCDMA Test Terminal o o 9-10 July 2003 Full Hardware and Software integration, in conjunction with a

Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC Easy-to-use, intuitive User Interface, uses Multimedia capabilities of Windows Pocket PC 2002, such as Media Player, Internet Explorer, Outlook Mail 20 ITU-T TD-SCDMA Forum 9-10 July 2003 21 Council of TD-SCDMA Forum ITU-T 9-10 July 2003 22 ITU-T

9-10 July 2003 Senior Member of TD-SCDMA Forum 23 Organization Chart of the Forum ITU-T Presidium Council External Contact Team Industrialization Promotion Group Emulation Group 9-10 July 2003 Marketing Promotion Group Executive Organization Secretariat

Technology Development Group Working Group N.N System Assessment Group Service & Application Group 24 Forum Members Status ITU-T Total Forum Members 410 ! Members Category operator 5 7 5 22 11 84 276 R&D institutes and

organization Manufacturers ICP Chip Provider VC investors Media 9-10 July 2003 25 Activities of the Forum ITU-T Foundation conference Date: Dec, 12th 2000 Venue: Beijing,peoples hall 9-10 July 2003 26 ITU-T Activities of the forum

TD-SCDMA Summit September , 2001 Kerry Center, Beijing 9-10 July 2003 27 ITU-T Other Events / Activities Regularly 3G Salon TD-SCDMA Serial Seminars TD-SCDMA Professional Training Periodically TD-SCDMA Experts Online 9-10 July 2003

Others 28 Web-site of the Forum ITU-T 9-10 July 2003 29 2002 TD-SCDMA Forum Working Focuses ITU-T Global developing Seek for governments support 9-10 July 2003 Industrialization Alliance Extend its influence 30

ITU-T 9-10 July 2003 31

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