AFMC Deployments

AFMC Deployments

Air Force Materiel Command HQ AFMC/PKX CCO Training Security Classification: UNCLASSIFIED Integrity Service Excellence Overview Todays CCO Training The Future of CCO Training CCO Lesson Plan Action Items Integrity Service Excellence 2 CCO Training - Today Training dictated by AFFARS MPCC-401(a)(i) Includes 13 topics Training Plan/Lessons developed locally CCO Handbook guides lessons Lessons generally lecture based Lectures based on CCO experiences Training conducted monthly or bi-monthly Training statistics not measured Integrity Service Excellence 3 CCO Training The Future Plan Standardized training syllabus/lesson plans Syllabus built/managed by AFMC/PK Requires 52 hours of training Scenario vs. lecture-based approach One-stop CCO training database on AF Contracting Central HQ AFMC to collect training statistics from units Emphasizes importance of program Each training area correlates with MPCC/CFETP requirements

Integrity Service Excellence 4 CCO Training Lesson Plan Unit tasked a specific AOR Deliverables required from most lessons All lessons identify MPCC/CFETP requirements Lessons to be developed from existing documents (if possible) Superintendent/Training Manager reviews/grades deliverables Monthly training stats sent to HQs Available, Assigned, # Trained, Lessons covered Integrity Service Excellence 5 CCO Training Lesson Plan Phase I Contingency Planning Training Session Title Format Presenter MPCC 401 CFETP PHASE I - CONTINGENCY PLANNING 1 Handbook Introduction/Test/Local Emergencies Lecture Superintendent A, J 2 CCO Roles in Contingency/Incident Response/ Tasking Process

Lecture Superintendent L 3 Personal Readiness Lecture Superintendent/UDM L 4 Ethics & Integrity Lecture Superintendent K 5 Country Research/Report Lecture/Scenario CCO D 6 Country Research/Report Lecture/Scenario CCO D, I 29.4/29.7/29.10 7 Kit Preparation/Inventory Lecture/Scenario UDM L 5 8 Kit Preparation/Format Preparation Lecture/Scenario UDM L

29.8/29.9/29.12 9 Authorities (Declared Contingency/Legal Thresholds/Clause Matrix) Lecture/Scenario CCO B, E 3.3/29.2 10 Funding (Types, 616s, Cite Breakdown, CERP) Lecture/Scenario CCO C 10.1/10.2 Integrity Service Excellence 2.2.1, 9.2.9 3.2 6 CCO Training Lesson Plan Phase II Initial Deployment/Build-Up Training Session Title Format Presenter MPCC 401 CFETP PHASE II - MOBILIZATION/INITIAL DEPLOYMENT/BUILD-UP 11 CCO Requirements Lecture/Scenario CCO D 12 PR Process Preparation Lecture/Scenario CCO E

13 Commander's In-Brief Preparation Lecture/Scenario CCO 14 Commander's In-Brief Delivery Scenario CCO D 15 Identifying Priority Requirements Lecture CCO D 16 Establish Delivery/Acceptance Procedures Lecture/Scenario CCO D 17 Executing Priority Requirements (SF 44s) Lecture/Scenario CCO E 11.3/11.9/29.8.3/29.9 18 Execute/Definitive Letter Contract Lecture/Scenario CCO 19 Executing Priority Requirements (BPAs)/Placing Calls/Lease Vs Purchase Lecture/Scenario CCO E 17.10/17.10.1/17.10.2/29.9

20 Executing Priority Requirements (Purchase Orders)/Sole Source Requirements/J&A Lecture/Scenario CCO E 11.3/11.8/17.6.4/17.6.6/17.8/29. 9 21 Executing Priority Requirements (GPC) Lecture/Scenario CCO E 9.2.6/17.1 22 Complete Purchase Instrument Scenarios Scenario CCO E 23 Complete Purchase Instrument Scenarios Scenario CCO E 29.5 24 Contract Administration (Payments/PIIN Log/Funds Tracker/Receiving Reports) Scenario CCO G 10.4/29.9 25 NAF/Concessionaire Procedures Lecture/Scenario CCO

E 10.2 26 Automated Systems Lecture/Scenario CCO E 11.1 27 Prepare for Sustainment Lecture CCO Integrity Service Excellence 29.7 7 CCO Training Lesson Plan Phase III Sustainment Training Session 28 29 30 Title Format Presenter MPCC 401 CFETP CCO CCO CCO D G E 11.1 Lecture/Scenario Lecture/Scenario Lecture/Scenario Scenario Scenario CCO CCO CCO CCO CCO

D D F 18.1 17.6.2 PHASE III - SUSTAINMENT Lecture Scenario Lecture/Scenario 31 32 33 34 35 Identify Long-Term Contract Opportunities Close Short-Term Purchase Instruments Unauthorized Commitments Establish Long-Term Service Requirement (IDIQ/FFP/Requirements) PWS/PBSA Review/Customer Education Prepare RFP Prepare RFP - cont'd Prepare RFP - cont'd 36 37 Publicizing Contract Actions/Competition Rqmts Committee/Peer/Legal Review Lecture/Scenario Scenario CCO CCO F B 38 Evaluation of Offers/Source Selection Procedures Lecture/Scenario CCO F 39 40 41 Evaluation of Offers/Source Selection Procedures Contract Award Debriefing Offerors Lecture/Scenario Scenario Scenario CCO CCO CCO

F F F 18.2.1/ 18.5/18.5.1/18.5.2 18.6 42 43 Protests, Claims, Appeals Establish Construction Requirement ($550+) Scenario Scenario CCO CCO H 27.1/27.2/27.3.1/27.3.2/27.3.3 44 45 46 47 Establish Construction Requirement ($550+) cont'd Administer Contract Actions Modifications COR Training Scenario Lecture/Scenario Scenario Lecture/Scenario CCO CCO CCO CCO F G G G 18.1/19.6 17.11 17.11.2 48 Managing Non-Performance Lecture/Scenario CCO G Integrity Service Excellence 8 CCO Training Lesson Plan Phase IV Redeployment

Training Session Title Format Presenter MPCC 401 CFETP PHASE IV - REDEPLOYMENT 49 Identify Short-Term/Long-Term Contract Close-Out Actions -- Build Plan Lecture/Scenario CCO D 50 Negotiate Settlement/Terminate Contracts Lecture/Scenario CCO G 51 Final Payment Process/Administration/Balance Books Lecture/Scenario CCO G 29.9 52 After-Action Report Requirements Lecture/Scenario CCO G 29.1 Integrity Service Excellence 9 10

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