Agenda - University of Texas at Dallas

Agenda - University of Texas at Dallas

Save Me Project Report - 1 SYSM 6309 Advanced Requirements Engineering Spring 2015 PROJECT TEAM Kathyayini Kattamanchi [email protected] Faizal Khader [email protected] Mathew Reynolds [email protected] Agenda

As-Is o Scenario o Problem Identification o Possible solution Requirements Engineering o

Goals o Domain o Development Process o Requirements Engineering Process Spiral Model o Stakeholders & Roles

o Functional Requirements o Non Functional Requirement o Mockup Why team Save Me As-Is Scenario I am 74 yrs. and live alone. I went out my front door to pick up my

daily newspaper, when I bent over to get it, I fell. I simply could not pick myself up. My iPhone, which was on my hand as fell down the front porch. Could not reach it either. My legs just would not work!! I live on 5 acres, no one could hear me if I yell. Problem Identification There are lots in the elderly community who live alone. Home safety hazards such as poor lighting and loose carpeting

The elderly usually have poor eyesight Elderly people are often subject to falls While living with someone may not prevent a fall, it usually means that the victim of a fall gets immediate attention Possible Solution There are many alerting paid services provided in the market that could call for help as a service, when a button is pressed. Need a solution, which is close to the person using it and detects a bad fall automatically.

The solution should be able to augment other alerting mechanisms available. No solution is fool proof! Requirements Engineering Goals Develop a smartphone app , which when running in background will get activated when the phone gets a hard sudden jerk, like the person using it falling down, with the phone in the pocket or the phone thrown off his/her hands. The app should immediately provide an easy to call emergency method.

The app should have a mechanism to initiate an automated call, after a period of delay that the owner is not able to reach to the fallen down phone device. Domain Old and helpless people living alone, but still being able to use a Smartphone. Expectant mothers. People who just came out of a serious surgery, left home alone in a condition with less mobility. Development Process

An iterative development process will be followed by starting with a beta release of the concept, looking for marketability and then replanning for enhancements. Requirements Engineering Process - Spiral Model Planning: o We will be determining the objectives and constraints

Risk Analysis: o Analyze alternatives and identify and resolve the risks involved Development: o attempts to

Product development and testing Assessment: o Customer evaluation product. Stakeholders & Roles Stakeholders are the end users (old and people with less mobility) who will be benefited by this Smartphone app. The project will use roles as o

Requirements Engineer o Software Engineer o Testing Engineer Functional Requirements ID Description Weigh tage FRS-001

The App shall deliver the base functionality of being dormant and getting activated on the event when the phone instrument receives a jerk. 15% FRS-002 The App shall get into a countdown timer for a specified time period. 10% FRS-003 The App shall call a predefined emergency number and play back a message, asking for help. 15%

FRS-004 The App shall provide a button to easily click and call an emergency number. 10% FRS-005 The App shall provide a mechanism to deliberately get to an alert mode with ease. 10% Non-Functional Requirements ID Description Weight

age NFRS-001 The App shall work on all devices iPhone 4S and upward models. 30% NFRS-002 The App shall have an simple intuitive to use interface. 5% NFRS-003 The App shall have a high visible buttons, easy to read for the old aged.

5% Total = FRS + NFRS = 100% The App will allow requirements to be changed or extended for the phase-1 release, with the total change weightage not exceeding 20% as a scope creeping rate. Mockups App Icon Mockup Activated Screen The Activated Screen (with the picture of the lady falling down) will

also be a button, which when pressed will allow the user to be taken automatically to the Alerted screen (next slide) Mockup Alerted Screen This screen provides multiple actions o Cancel Button Cancels the alert and takes the user back to the Activated Screen o Phone Button Emergency number can

be immediately called by clicking this button, with out waiting for the countdown. o Countdown Timer Counts down and at the end automatically calls the emergency number to play a help message. Why team Save Me A problem that is evident got identified and analyzed to find an appropriate solution The team followed the well prescribed requirement engineering

processes in the likes of iterative spiral model for achieving the project goals A simple to use solution for the problem got conceived in the shortest time possible The solution created has a potential to grow and be used in saving lives The team has created a solution that creates an alerting service with no additional hooks, and can be offered free of charge to the public.

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