Agreement Prcoedure Committee

Agreement Prcoedure Committee

Agreement Procedures Committee (APC) ANNUAL IFTA BUSINESS MEETING JULY 18-19, 2012 GRAND RAPIDS, MI MEMBERSHIP 2 Committee Board Liaisons

Cindy Arnold (NV) Chair Trina Kluever-Pauli (WI) Vice chair Sandi Ackerblade (ON) Glenn Boyette (MS) Carolyn Evanston (IN) Kimberly Knox-Lawrence (ME) Ghyslaine Lepage (QC) Pamela Marshall (KY) Kim Plante (VT) Marie Stark

(MT) Cindy Swanson (CA) Ron Hester, Lead (ON) Ric Listella (OR) IFTA, Inc. Advisors Debora K. Meise Tammy Trinker Ex-Officio Bill Kron

(MS) Whats been happening since Virginia Beach 3 2011 IFTA Managers and Law Enforcement Workshop Monthly teleconferences for planning 2012 Workshop Reviewed the 2012 Ballots Possible 2013 Ballots Possible Ballot Proposal 4

SUBJECT To create one official communication language for IFTA History/Digest Since IFTA started in United States, member jurisdictions send the required information to each other in English. When Canadian provinces joined IFTA, some articles were changed. Metric, dollars, and interest rates 5 Weight

Distances Interest Rate License and decals have measurement in inches and centimetres Tax returns may be reported in miles, gallons and US dollars for American jurisdictions and in kilometres, litres and Canadian dollars for Canadian jurisdictions (P720) but payments from Canadians have to be made in US dollars to American jurisdictions. CONTINUED 6

Canada is a bilingual country, English/French and if Mexico ever joins IFTA, their official language is Spanish. In order for jurisdictions to effectively communicate with each other for IFTA related purposes, it is suggested that an official language should be defined, without restraining the base jurisdiction to communicate with its licensees according to their laws.

What do you think? 7 Intent To create an article that will make English the official language for communication between jurisdictions and with IFTA, Inc. New Article of the Agreement R160 COMMUNICATION LANGUAGE It is the purpose of this agreement to determine that English should be the language when communicating to IFTA, Inc. and to member

jurisdictions for required information not limited to: licensees status, transmittals and audit reports. All other information may be maintained in the legal language of the state or the province. WHAT IS THE APC UP TO NEXT? 8 REVIEW OF THE: IFTA BEST PRACTICES GUIDE APC COMMITTEE CHARTER APC COMMITTEE MEMBER TERMS APC NEW MEMBER GUIDE

Invitation to the 2012 IFTA/IRP Managers and Law Enforcement Workshop 9 HILTON PHOENIX EAST / MESA September 12-14, 2012 Mesa Arizona Highlights of 2012 IFTA/IRP Managers and Law Enforcement Workshop 10 As The Wheel Turns

This is an interactive look into the workings of IFTA, IRP & a carrier & will include: The life of a motor carrier from obtaining a DOT number to Audit items & how to work with law enforcement How a motor carrier interacts with all of us in IFTA/IRP, including law enforcement

Industry participation to ensure that there is a view from an industry perspective The discussion will include lively debates, best practices, compliance information & website information to assist both the carriers & you HIGHLIGHTS OF THE WORKSHOP 11 Safety On and Off the Road

Compliance Initiative Best practices Enhancing Officer Enforcement HIGHLIGHTS CONTINUED 12 US DOT Numbers IFTA Tax Returns

IRP Presentations Open APC and LEC Committee Meetings QUESTIONS? 13 14

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