A.L. BROWN HIGH SCHOOL Senior Parent Night Tuesday, September ...

A.L. BROWN HIGH SCHOOL Senior Parent Night Tuesday, September ...

MALLARD CREEK HIGH SCHOOL Senior Information Night Thursday, October 16, 2014 CLASS of 2015 Mallard Creek Senior Parent Jam Program Agenda Welcome to Mallard Creek Senior Parent Night TOPICS COVERED GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS - Laronda Brown, Graduation Coach, Guidance Chairperson WHATS NEXT AFTER HIGH SCHOOL? Academic Options The College Application Process College Foundation of North Carolina Resources

Financial Aid Information Student Services Website - Patti Stodghill, Counselor, A - E, Grades 10 - 12 NATIONAL RECOGNITION Graduation Products CLOSING REMARKS - Rob Kass, National Recognition Company - Laronda Brown Topics Covered Graduation Requirements Post-Secondary College Planning Options

College Foundation of NC (CFNC) Transcripts Senior Year Timeline / Dates NCAA Eligibility Scholarships SAT vs. ACT Graduation Requirements What are the graduation requirements for Mallard

Creek High School? Graduation Requirements What are Mallard Creeks Graduation Requirements? 1. FUTURE READY CORE Course of Study 2. Completion of a SENIOR PROJECT ALB EXIT/GRAD REQ Graduation Requirements What are Mallard Creeks Graduation Requirements? FUTURE READY CORE COMPONENTS 4 English 4 Math

3 Science 3 Social Studies 1 Additional Science or Social Studies 1 Health and Physical Education 2 Course Elective Concentration 6 Elective Courses = 24 TOTAL CREDITS (MINIMUM) ALB EXIT/GRAD REQ Post High School Academic Options What are my academic options after high school? Post High School Academic Options What are my academic options after high school? COMMUNITY COLLEGES - Certificate, Diploma, Associate (6 months - 2+ years)

TECHNICAL COLLEGES (6 months - 2 years) SPECIALTY SCHOOLS (6 months - 2 years) - Diploma / Certificate Programs FOUR YEAR COLLEGES (4 - 6 years) GRADUATE SCHOOL (6 + years) Diploma / Certificate Bachelors Degree Masters and Doctoral Degrees College Planning What schools can/should I apply to?

Courses of Study / Majors Offered Financial costs Public vs. Private Class size and faculty contact Distance from home Location Sports programs POST HIGH SCHOOL OPTIONS College Planning What schools can/should I apply to? College Application Process Paper applications vs. online applications Check application deadlines Send Transcripts

Send Test Scores Request recommendation letters (as necessary) Pay Application fee College Planning Resources 2014-15 College Admission Deadlines and Open House Information https://www.cfnc.org/static/pdf/home/sc/pdf/admissions_deadlines.pdf School NC A&T State University Location Greensboro

Cost $15,288. Average SAT 1285 Average Total Enrollment 4 year ACT (undergraduate) grad rate 19 8,923 16% Western Carolina Cullowhee

$18,599. 1520 22 8,448 32% UNC Charlotte Charlotte $19,080. 1580 23

21,503 26% Winston Salem State Winston Salem $16,708. 1320 18 4,938

18% UNCGreensboro Greensboro $19,172. 1515 23 14,753 30% NC State University

Raleigh $22,184. 1795 27 24,536 41% http://collegeapps.about.com/ Cost $24,024. Average SAT

1940 Average ACT 30 Total Enrollment (undergraduate) 18,370 4 year grad rate 81% Appalachian Boone $19,058. 1690

26 15,721 40% East Carolina Greenville $20,831. 1545 23 26,887

33% NC Central Durham $17,996. 1275 17 8,604 15% Campbell University

Buies Creek $42,580. 1552 22 4,,538 40% Duke University Durham 2185 32

6655 87% School UNC Chapel Hill Location Chapel Hill $61,748. http://collegeapps.about.com/ College Planning Resources COLLEGE FOUNDATION OF NC

All 16 UNC institutions utilize the CFNC.org online applications system. CFNC is the official system for sending high school transcripts electronically using TRANSCRIPT MANAGER www.cfnc.org Plan. Apply. Pay Transcripts can be sent electronically by the student to any college, university or community college in North Carolina via CFNC. This is free of charge. The final transcript is also sent automatically to your college or university after graduation (mid-year transcript not included). You will need your student ID # to request the transcript. See step-by-step directions below. Directions For Sending Your Transcript Electronically Using CFNC All seniors can send their transcript electronically to a NC college postage follow the steps below on how to do this: Log into your CFNC account at www.cfnc.org

Click on the Apply tab (purple) Click on Transcript Manager (left side of page under Apply to College) Click on This is Me (purple) - make sure your information is complete Click EDIT tab (top right This Is ME page) - make sure your Student ID # is entered in the Student ID# Box. Click Go to Transcript Manager tab (bottom of TRANSCRIPT MANAGER page). You will have a box to choose from containing all of the NC two-year and four-year colleges. Click on the NC College that you want to send your transcript to and then scroll down and click on Send My Transcript. You will then get a pop-up box telling you that your request was successful. College Planning Resources College Visitations When? Fall/Winter of the senior year Interviews with Admissions Counselors/Financial Aid Counselors Campus Tours Check out the freshman dormitories visit the dining hall

and the bookstore - attend a sporting event think weekend activities ask about intramurals talk with other students The stakes are too high to not treat your campus visit seriously! MC Seniors are allowed 2 excused visits to colleges per semester (documentation required) College Planning Resources CFNC COLLEGE APPLICATION WEEK November 10-14, 2014 During NC College Application Week (November 10, 2014 at 7:00am through November 14, 2014 at 5:00pm) most NC private colleges and universities as well as several NC state universities will entirely waive the application fee for all North Carolina high school seniors applying online through CFNC.org

Sign Up In the Guidance Office to participate at school on Monday, November 10 CFNC College Application Week Participating Schools All 58 NC Community Colleges The following North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities: Barton College Lees-McRae College Salem College Belmont Abbey College Lenoir-Rhyne University Shaw University Bennett College Livingstone College St. Andrews University Brevard College Louisburg College Mount Olive University

Cabarrus College Health Science Mars Hill College Warren Wilson College Campbell University Meredith College William Peace University Catawba College Methodist College Wingate University Chowan College Montreat College Davidson College NC Wesleyan College Gardner-Webb University Pheiffer University Guilford College Queens University Johnson C. Smith University St. Augustine University

The following University of North Carolina Universities : Fayetteville State University North Carolina Central University Winston Salem State University College Admissions Testing Do I need to take an SAT or an ACT Test? Reminder! Students MUST send SAT and ACT scores to colleges directly from www.collegeboard.com or www.act.org College Admissions Testing Do I Need to take an SAT or ACT ? SAT vs. ACT 4 Year College

SAT - Aptitude Test *1/4 point penalty for wrong answer Critical Reading Math Writing Test ACT Achievement Test answer English Math Reading Science Writing test is optional *Score requirements vary byCOLLEGE school TESTING *no penalty for wrong

College Admissions Testing ACCUPLACER - 2 Year Colleges ACCUPLACER TEST COMPUTER SKILLS TEST Take onsite at Community College College Transfer Program = Admission w/out SAT/ACT UNC System Quick Facts FOR STUDENTS ENTERING FALL 2013 minimum GPA is 2.5 minimum ACT is 17 (composite) minimum SAT is 800 (reading and math) highly recommended that prospective

students take a math course unit in grade 12 Scholarships and Financial Information How do I pay for College? Scholarships and Financial Aid Free Application for Federal and Student Aid (FAFSA) Free Application for Federal Student Aid EFC - Amount family can reasonably be expected to contribute toward educational expenses for academic year as determined by the US Department of Education using data from the FAFSA - Fill out the FAFSA online starting January 1, 2015. - Applications can be filled out online at:

www.fafsa.ed.gov Scholarships and Financial Aid EVERY STUDENT WHO GOES TO COLLEGE SHOULD FILL OUT THE FAFSA (2 YEAR or 4 YEAR or TECHNICAL/TRADE) How Financial Aid is Awarded Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) results in a familys EFC Expected Family Cost of Attendance Contribution (EFC) The amount, as determined by The amount budgeted for a Federal methodology, that represents student to pay tuition, room and Your familys ability to pay for board, books, fees, supplies and

one year of college. other related expenses. Cost of Attendance 20,000. Expected Family Contribution (EFC) - 6,000 ________________________________________________ Eligibility for Financial Aid = 14,000 Scholarships and Financial Aid What is a Scholarship? Based on merit, financial need, community service, or sports. Money that is awarded. (Do not have to pay back). You dont get them unless you apply. They are work, but can pay off! Link up with MCHS Student Services Scholarship Site! http://mchsstudentservices.weebly.com/scholarship-info.html

Scholarships and Financial Aid Mallard Creek High School FINANCIAL AID Parent Presentation January 29, 2015 at 6:00 PM Topics to be covered: What is financial aid? Cost of attendance (COA) Expected family contribution (EFC) Financial need Categories, types, and sources of financial aid Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Suggested College Planning Websites College Navigator This federal website contains more data on the nation's colleges and universities than any place else on the Internet nces.ed.gov/collegenavigator College Express A free resource for finding colleges and scholarships

http://www.collegexpress.com/ FastWeb Search for scholarships for college students with our free matching service for scholarships. Also learn about financial aid and student loan options to find money http://www.fastweb.com/ CollegeWeekLive a free virtual college fair - Students can see live streaming video presentations from admissions representatives, visit virtual booths to ask questions, and get more information http://www.collegeweeklive.com/ Cappex Through Cappex, you can access Meritaid.com, which provides a valuable directory of scholarships that thousands of schools offer http://www.cappex.com/ Zinch Connect directly with 5000 colleges, over $1B in college scholarships, study abroad programs, and graduate schools. Be more than a test score www.zinch.com/ CollegeInSight Browse and compare information about affordability, diversity, and student success http://college-insight.org/ Mallard Creek Student Services Website Stay connected and follow us on the web! Mallard Creek Student Services Weebly http://mchsstudentservices.weebly.com/

or Enter this number 9192465840 with this message @mchsstud for text information Announcements - Scholarship Information College and Career Planning - Student Athletes Student & Parent Resources - SAT/ ACT Information MCHS Student Services Staff Graduation Coach, Department Chair: Laronda Brown, [email protected] First Time 9th Grade Students: Charlene Jones, [email protected] A-E: Patti Stodghill, [email protected] F-L: Cassie Walker, [email protected]

M-R: Kristin Helms, [email protected] S-Z: Lorraine Stewart-Ayers, [email protected] Career Development Coordinator: Rebecca White, [email protected] Registrar: Katherine Palmieri, [email protected] Guidance Secretary: Cassandra Hunsucker, [email protected] Attendance Secretary: Sandra Hajda, [email protected] School Psychologist: Leah Wade, [email protected] School Nurse: Nurse "Cookie" Smith, [email protected]

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