Ancient Greek Culture - Mrs. Heidmann

Ancient Greek Contributions Origins of Democracy Draco First Greek law code Very strict

Solon Revised the code Outlawed debt slavery All citizens could vote Cleisthenes Reformed government branches to increase political

participation people participate! Laws can change! History Homer The Iliad Recorded oral history

Herodotus- History of the Ancient Near East Father of History First to do research The Histories Thucydides, etc History of the Peloponnesian War Studied politics through speeches

Philosophy Lovers of wisdom use reason to understand the universe Socrates: Socratic Method question observation and reason Plato: ideal society and government Aristotle: Scientific Method investigate

experimentation and analysis Pythagoras: theorems Religion Mythology Polytheistic Little spirituality or morality Gods have human characteristics

Greek Drama Theater and literature Tragedy Aeschylus Sophocles

Comedy Euripides Aristophanes Architecture The Parthenon: The Temple to Athena

Pediments Friezes DORIC COLUMNS Pediment

Sculptures EPA- DC, 2012, LKH Doric Columns IRS- DC, 2012

Ionic Columns Pediment Ionic Columns The British Museum- 1997 Corinthian Columns

Pediment Corinthian Columns The Magdalene- 2002 Idealized Sculpture The Goddess Athena

Louvre- 2002- LKH Nike of Samothrace Early Sculpture Kouros figures illustrate the first movement in

sculpture The beginnings of Contra posto- an S curve to the body Louvre- 2002- :LKH Idealized Sculpture- Elgin Marbles

Pediment Sculpture- British Museum- 1997 Red Black Pottery

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