Anderson Separator Product Line Overview

Anderson Separator Product Line Overview

ANDERSON SEPARATOR ENGINEERED PRODUCTS Product Overview Engineered Equipment Gas/Liquid Gas Solid Liquid/Solids Engineered Systems Project Management Pre-assembled Systems Modular Skid Systems

Filtration Services Liquid Filter Elements Air/Gas Filter Elements Coalescing Filter Elements Micron Ratings from 0.3 m Custom Sizes Vane Separation Separation Devices Relying Primarily Upon Impingement Expected Efficiencies of Separation Methods

METHOD EFFICIENIES Gravity 20 100 Microns Centrifugal 10 Micron Demister Pad 3 10 Micron

Vanes 3 8 Micron Filter Coalescer 0.3 Micron What is a Micron? 25.4 mm 25,400 MICRONS 1 MICRON


.001 uM to 0.2 uM Ultra Microscopic Microscopic Normal Eyesight Quiet Atmosphere Disturbed Atmosphere Tobacco Smoke FOG Rain Drop

MIST Sea Salt N H4Cl Fumes Oil Smoke Spray-Dried Milk Virus & Protein Rosin Smoke Sulfied Ore Bacteria Dust Causing

Lung Damage H2 SO4 Mist Pollens Ground Limestone Stoker Fly Ash Carbon Black SO3 Mist Pigments Oil Smoke Pulverized Coal Zinc Oxide Fumes

Alkali Fumes Metallurgical Fumes Pulverized Coal Fly Ash Foundry Dust Cement Dust Metallurgical Dust Silica Streptococcus Pyogenes Talc Human Hair Blood Corpuscle

Cyclone Separators ANDERSON Hi-EF AMCS - Multi-Cyclone AFS - Filter Separator ACF - Coalescing Filter .001 .01 0.1 0.3 1.0 3.0 5.0 10

100 1000 Microns Efficiency What do People Mean? - Percent Removal Rate i.e.. 99%, 99.5%, 100% - Total Removed by Count % Of Total Particles Of A Certain Range or Minimum Size. i.e. 99% of all particles 10 microns and larger. i.e. 100% of all liquid particles 8 microns and larger, and 100% of all solid particles 8

microns and larger. Andersons Vane Type Separators AVS - Inline vane Separator AVGS - Vertical Gas Separator AVB - Internal Boiler Drum Separator 100 % Removal of 8 Micron Liquid Particles Pocketed Vane Design Vane Designs GEN 1. AKA CHEVRONS - Now Used as Coalescer GEN 2. HOOK TYPE- Greater

Liquid Retention GEN 3.- HOOK 2- Even Greater Liquid Retention- Higher P GEN. 4- POCKET VANE CURRENT ANDERSON DESIGN Lowest P of 2,3,&4. Highest Liquid Removal Most Efficient Separation /FT^2 = SMALLER DIAMETER SEPARATORS Vane Performance Standard Efficiency is 100% of 8 > Liquids only Some Solids Entrained with Liquid OKConsult Factory Addition of a Coalescing Mesh Pad Increases

Efficiencies to 100% of 3 > TURNDOWN IS EXCELLENT: Down to 10% of Design Flow in Every Case AVS Type In-Line Separators Custom Designed Per Application 100% of 8 Liquid Limited Solids - Pockets Can Plug Turndown ratio is 10 - 110% of Design Flow Vanes are 316 L SS Construction - Standard Removable Vane Design Available

Increase to 100% of 3 With Mesh or TOP VIEW AVGS Type Vertical Gas Separator Same Principle as The AVS Type Separator Primarily Used Where Liquid AVGS Type Vertical Gas Separator Double & Single Vane Bank Separators

Units Specifically Designed For Steam Drums Same Technology As Previous Vane Separators Single VS. Double Depends On Several Factors / Same Performance Turndown 10-110 % of Operating Design Flow Custom Built Per Application 316L SS Vanes / CS Optional Required Information The Big Picture Gas Flow Rate Removal of What? Slugging / High Solids

Required Removal Efficiency Minimum / Maximum Operating Pressure Minimum / Maximum Operating Temp. Required Information Pressure Drop Arrangement Connections Materials ASME Code Information Instrumentation Gage Glass Liquid Level Controller Liquid Level Switches

Dump Valves Pressure / Temp. Gauges Relief Valves P Indicators and Transmitters Conclusion Separators are critical pieces of equipment for the smooth operation of most all processes. Different applications require different More Than Just A Separator. . .

Systems Design & Integration Filtration Services Equipment Design & Manufacturing

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