Animal Farm George Orwell

Animal Farm George Orwell

ANIMAL FARM GEORGE ORWELL An allegory/ fable, conveys a clear moral or message. On the surface the story is about animals, but on a second level, the animals stand for types of people or ideas. A masterpiece of political satire. In a satire, the writer attacks a serious issue by

presenting it ina ridiculous light or otherwise poking fun at it. Orwell uses satire to expose what he saw as the myth of Soviet socialism Animal farm is a tale of oppressed individuals who long for freedom but ultimately are corrupted by assuming the very power that had originally oppressed them. ANIMAL FARM GEORGE ORWELL Old Major, Tells of a dream that leads to the rebellion, Karl Marx,Lenin

Boxer, working class, dedicated to Napolean, but less than average intelligence Napolean, Leader of the rebellion. Stalin Snowball, Leader of the rebellion, Trotsky, is

driven out by Napolean ANIMAL FARM GEORGE ORWELL Squealer, Russian media Propaganda Napolean, Leader of Rebellion, Stalin Frederick, unscrupulous farmer who tries to do business with

animal farm ANIMAL FARM GEORGE ORWELL ANIMAL FARM GEORGE ORWELL Karl Marx Wrote Communist Manifesto Envisions a world where basic needs are met and people work together for the greater good Marx believed the workers were the true producers of wealth, but the capitalists owned the means of production- land and industry. Therefore, the capitalists made huge profits while the workers earned just enough to survive Marx called for workers of the worldto unite against their capital oppressors Marx believed that the workers would become so

numerous and impoverished that they would rise up ANIMAL FARM GEORGE ORWELL Mr Jones: Original owner of Manor farm, Czar Nicholas Mrs Jones: The Czars wife Alexandra Moses: a tame raven, Russian Orthodox Church, tells stories about Paradise, sugarcandy mountain Mollie: upper class, vain Clover: Motherly horse, who questions Napolean Old Benjamien: donkey, old man Hens: peasant farmers

Rats and Rabbits: gypsies, thieves, beggers Pigeons: Communist World revolution, spread the news The dogs: ANIMAL FARM GEORGE ORWELL Animalism Communism Taught by old Major

No rich, but also no poor Invented by Karl Marx Better life for workers All people are equal

Government owns everything People own the government All animal are equal Everyone owns the farm

ANIMAL FARM GEORGE ORWELL The 7 Commandments 1) Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy 2) Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings is a friend 3) No animal shall wear clothes 4) No animal shall sleep in a bed 5) No animal shall drink alcohol 6) No animal shall kill any other animal 7) All animals are equal ANIMAL FARM GEORGE ORWELL Chapter 6: The 7 commandments Pigs now live and sleep in the farm house

Commandments change No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets Squealer said it was necessary for pigs who did the brainwork Uses fear surely none of you wishes to see Jones back?

ANIMAL FARM GEORGE ORWELL ANIMAL FARM GEORGE ORWELL Symbols The Rebellion: Symbolizes the Russian Revolution Animal Farm: Also known as Manor farm at the beginning and end of the novel. Symbolizes Russia and the Soviet Union under the Communist party Pigs: Government Dogs: Police Force or military Other animals: Working class The Gun: The gun is used as a a sign of importance, the power of propaganda ANIMAL FARM GEORGE ORWELL

Windmill: Symbolizes Stalins five year plan. The windmill reprsents the enormous modernization projects undertaken in Soviet Russia after the Russian revolution. Keep the mob busy so they cant complain/revolt Battle of the Windmill: Reprsents the battle of Stalingrad, German invasion of Russia during WW2 Selling of the timber to Frederick: Symbolizes the WW2 Nazi-Soviet pact

ANIMAL FARM GEORGE ORWELL The Barn: The commandmentsshelter where animals can constantly refer and learn all 7 commandments. This is home to them, wher they can rest and enjoy their freedom away from humans. Hoof & Horn flag: The animal farm flag is a symbol for hope and freedom. The colour green represents the green fields of England. The hoof and the horn signify the future of Republic of the Animals. Represents the hammer and sickle of the soviet flag ANIMAL FARM GEORGE ORWELL Themes Rebellion/Revolution: While revolution may change

the political situation, most people lives remain the same. The Corruptive nature of Power: Orwell shows how both the leaders and the followers in a society can act in ways that destroy freedom and equality. Tyranny distorting history and lanuage: Orwell shows how propaganda is used to justify a tyrants decisions and actions

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