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Animal Digestion and Nutrition Objective 7.02: Understand the digestive process RUMINANTS Ruminant Animals Animals with complex digestive systems Capable of digesting material with a high fiber concentration

Uses microbial fermentation Cattle Sheep Goats Deer

Ruminants Ruminant Digestive System Parts and Functions Mouth Bites and chews Esophagus

Connection Four Compartment Stomach Rumen Reticulum Omasum

Abomasum 85% of the capacity Parts and Functions Rumen Largest of the four parts room-in-it Filled with bacteria Converts large amounts of roughage to amino acids

Fact!!!! The average cow rumen can hold over 160 liters (40 gallons) Ruman Ruman Microbe Ruman Microbe The large microbe is a type of protist The creature that looks like a tadpole

attached to the side of the protist is a fungal spore The smaller, rod-shaped organism lining the underside of the protist are bacteria. Parts and Functions Reticulum Compartment where liquid goes Honeycomb in structure

Omasum Grinds and squeezes Removes some liquid Abomasum True stomach Enzymes and acids

Parts and Functions Small Intestine Partially digested feed is mixed Bile Pancreatic juice Intestinal juice Most of the food nutrient

is absorbed Villi or Papillae Parts and Functions Cecum Serves little to no function in most animals Horses, Rabbits, and Guinea Pigs have an

enlarged cecum that helps breakdown roughages Large intestine Main function is to absorbed water Add mucus to undigested feed Feces NON-RUMINANT Non-Ruminant

Simple digestive system (Monogastric) Feed must be high quality concentrates Cannot digest large amounts of fiber Human Dogs Cats Rabbits (COPROPHAGY)

Pigs Horses???? Non-Ruminant Parts & Functions Mouth Esophagus Stomach Enzymes acts on feed Churns and mixes

Small intestine Cecum Large intestine Non-Ruminant Parts & Functions Accessory system Liver

Produces bile that acts on fat Pancreas Produces insulin Gall Bladder Produces bile that aids in digestion

Anus End of the digestive tract Monogastric Dorsal Posterior Anterior Ventral Simple Digestive System

POULTRY DIGESTIVE SYSTEMS Poultry Chickens Turkeys Ducks

Geese Poultry Digestive System Poultry have monogastric digestive systems as well. But their digestive system is different enough from the other monogastric animals to discuss separately. Poultry Digestive Systems

Mouth or beak Can not chew food Esophagus Connects mouth to crop Crop Stores feed

Poultry Digestive Systems Gizzard Crushes feed Contains grit and gravel Mixes feed with digestive juices

Liver Small and Large Intestine Vent Removes solid and liquid waste Inspecting Animal Digestive Systems Esophagus Tube like structure

Stomach Pouch with undigested feed Liver Large brown organ beneath the stomach or crop Inspecting Animal

Digestive Systems Small intestine Long tube Gray colored partially digested feed Large intestine Large relatively short compartment

Contains fecal material

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