A.P. Environmental Science Academy

A.P. Environmental Science Academy


New Visions is a New York State approved curriculum Purpose is to provide H.S. Seniors an opportunity to explore a specific career Students learn knowledge related to their field in classroom setting Students do Rotations with people working in the field and gain real world experience Field trips and speakers provide more knowledge about careers and opportunities https://www.pnwboces.org/Tech/courses/NewVisionHealth.as px NEW VISIONS Prepares you for transition to college

Looked on favorably by colleges for admissions Earn college credit (12 credits possible) ? S N VISIO W E um N l u S c

I i rr T u A c H ed W c n a v ad y

d Stu ps i r T d rs ts e c Fiel k e a j pe

Pro S d t s n a s Gue n o ti a t n se Pre

ps i h s rn Inte CAREERS IN THE HEALTH FIELD Registered Nurse Medical Doctor Physical Therapist Occupational Therapist Pharmacist Dietician Nurse Practitioner

Radiologist Laboratory technologist Surgeon Hospital Administration Hospitalist Physicians Assistant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLrVh8M39ew CLASS INFORMATION 4 hours each day in classroom 8-12

Clinical sites 8-11:30 am Clinical rotations at hospitals Student Exit Project on Medical Ethic issue The pros and cons of the medical ethical issue 5 pages with a Power Point presented to the class Senior year physical education Monthly Objectives Rotation Objectives NEW VISIONS HEALTH

Structure and Function Diversified Health Occupations Medical Terminology New York Medical College Guest Speakers Field Trips Presentations and Projects COLLEGE CREDITS Mercy

College English is: Written English/Literature Studies I & II (6 credits) OR SUNY WCC English is: Writing and Research (3 credits) Mercy College Political Science 101 (POLSCI 101) (3 credits) SUNY

WCC Medical Terminology NHSCI 101 - Medical Terminology (3 credits) HOSPITAL ROTATIONS WORK WITH HOSPITAL PROFESSIONALS ROTATION SITES Emergency Room Ambulatory Surgery Physical Therapy Pharmacy Nursing 2 South Respiratory Therapy Radiology CT scan/ Core

Wound Care Dietary Pinesbridge School Maternity Nursery OR/PACU ICU/PCU Infusion/ Radiation Center Hospitalist Nuclear Medicine/ Cardiac Rehab Laboratory North Westchester Restorative

PROGRAM ADVANTAGES Learn if the career is the right field to study in college Small class size-- teacher attention, study your interests in depth Prepare you for college Obtain 12 college credits Learn how to do health, or scientific related research Work in the field of your choice HOW TO ENROLL Students

who have an 85% or better from home school, depending on the program 2 letters of recommendation Interview by New Visions Panel Writing sample SUMMER REQUIREMENTS Certified in CPR BLS by September of their senior year The Completed Physical Form handed in for September

including Flu Vaccine PPD for Tuberculosis Surveillance English Assignment to be complete over the summer Student Resume Student College Essay per Common App completed for First Day of school. Navy Blue Lab Coat and Professional Business dress while in Hospital. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

EXPLORE A CAREER BY JOINING NEW VISIONS STUDENTS WHO SUCCEED IN THE PROGRAM Able to work independently Desire to do something different senior year Interested in hands-on learning TRANSPORTATION TO HOSPITALS Transportation is arranged by the accepted student with their home school Some districts will transport via school bus and others do not. It has become a year by year decision The student or parent needs to contact the

transportation department of the home school Sometimes the guidance counselor will do it We suggest making arrangements in June and checking on it during the summer. Confirming it in September again. It requires the school to have someone assigned to the route and scheduling needs to be done before the new school year starts. OUR STUDENTS THIS YEAR HOW TO CONTACT US You can arrange a visit to our class this year by talking to your home school counselor Teacher emails:

Ms. Murphy [email protected] Ms. Farlow: [email protected] Ms. Battista [email protected] Online Application website: http://pnwboces.org/techcenter/tech/index.htm

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