AP World History

AP World History

AP World History Unit 1 Vocabulary #2 Unit One: Foundations (8000 B.C.E. 600 C.E.) 1. Polis 2. Sati 3. Silk Roads 4. Stoicism 5. Twelve Tables

6. Untouchables 7. Varna 8. Vedas 9. Zoroastrianism 10.Analects 11.Animism 12.Bodhisattvas 13.Brahmin 14.Covenant 15.Dharma 16.Diaspora

17.Disciple 18.Edict of Milan 19.Filial piety 20.Karma 21.Messiah 22.Moksha 23.Monotheism 24.New Testament 25.Nirvana 26.Pope

27.Phoenicians 28.Reincarnation 29.Ten Commandments 30.Theocracy 31.Torah 32.Yahweh 33.Yin and yang 34.Huns 35.Latifundia Moksha

In Hindu belief, the spirits liberation from the cycle of reincarnation Yahweh Jehovah, the god of

the Jews Sati The custom of higher castes of Hinduism of a widow throwing herself on the funeral pyre of her

husband Latifundia Large landholdings in the Roman Empire Polis

A Greek city-state Karma In Hindu tradition, the good or evil deeds done by a person

Analects Also known as the Analects of Confucius, are a record of the words and acts of the central Chinese thinker and philosopher Confucius and his disciples, as

well as the discussions they held Animism The belief that spirits inhabit the features of nature Bodhisattvas

Buddhist holy men who accumulated spiritual merits during their lifetime; Buddhists prayed to them in order to receive some of their holiness

Brahmin A member of the social class of priests in Aryan society Covenant

Agreement; in the Judeo-Christian heritage, an agreement between God and humankind Dharma

In Hinduism , the doctrine of the religious and moral rights and duties of each individual; it generally refers to religious duty, but may also mean social order, right conduct, or simply virtue.

Diaspora The exile of an ethnic or racial group from their homeland Disciple

A follower and learner of a mentor or other wise figure Edict of Milan A document that made Christianity one of the religions

allowed in the Roman Empire Filial Piety In China, respect for ones parents and other elders Huns

Nomadic and pastoral people of unknown ethnological affinities who originated in N central Asia, appeared in Europe in the 4th cent. AD, and built up an

empire there. Phoenicians Seafaring civilization located on the shores of the eastern Mediterranean (modern day Lebanon); established

colonies throughout the Mediterranean (Carthage); devised a simplified alphabet of 22 letters Messiah (Heb. anointed) Savior or redeemer.

Specifically, the Messiah was the descendant of King David expected by the Jews of ancient times to become their king, free them from foreign bondage, and rule over them in a golden age of glory, peace, and righteousness.

Monotheism The belief in one god New Testament The portion of the Christian Bible that

contains the Gospels that relate the account of the life of Jesus and also includes letters from the followers of Jesus to the early Christian churches Nirvana

In Buddhism, a state of perfect peace that is the goal of reincarnation Pope The head of the

Roman Catholic Church Reincarnation Rebirth; a belief of both Buddhism and Hinduism Silk Roads

Caravan routes and sea lanes between China and the Middle East Stoicism The most popular

Hellenistic philosophy; it involved strict discipline and an emphasis on helping others Twelve Tables The codification of

Roman law during the republic Ten Commandments The moral law of the Hebrews Theocracy

A government ruled by the church Torah The first five books of the Jewish scripture

Untouchables The social division in Hindu society that fell in rank below the caste system; it was occupied by those who carried out undesirable occupations such as

undertaking, butchering, and waste collection Varna A caste in the Hindu caste system Vedas

Ancient and most sacred writings of Hinduism. They consist of series of hymns and formulaic chants that constituted a Hindu liturgy (rituals).

Yin and Yang In ancient Chinese belief, the opposing forces that begin balance to nature and life Zoroastrianism

An ancient Persian religion that emphasized a struggle between good and evil and rewards in the afterlife for those who chose to follow a good life

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