Applying the Care Value Base in Health Care

Applying the Care Value Base in Health Care

Applying the Care Value Base in Health Care Adding data to Task 4 the way a Care-worker in the Health Care sector will apply the CVB Values as individuals sub headings Describe concept' what makes up a client's 'self- Values as individuals sub headings

Describe what makes up a client's 'self-concept' The client as an individual must treat everyone with dignity and care if a patient does not like to undress in the main ward, find a private room for them. If a patient is going to the operating theatre Meeting the needs of a diverse population Understand how to use S.P.I.C.E.S and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to assess a client's individual requirements Recognise the importance of involving a client in the process of planning their care Visual impairment have cards or information in brail talk or read the information to the client Disability read my sheets on things that have been put in place PLEASE Values as individuals sub headings

An older person who is needing more and more care the careworker needs to understand the vulnerable nature of this age group. Need to recognise that the hospital may not have all the comforts of a Social Care home, current prolbmes with the NHSD is that many old people are taking up beds for really for sick people, because they have nowhere else to go. This is a dilemma for the NHS, - cost space not an easy situation to solve A person who does not speak English they need to have interpreters that can converse with them in their own language. This is often a provision in place in many large hospitals, they usually analyse the demographics of the area and find out what ethic groups dominate the local community, they will act on this advice. Values as individuals sub headings

Values and beliefs must ask if they have any beliefs against any medical procedures (some religious beliefs will not allow any blood transfusion, Catholic being one) or eating certain types of food (Kosher meat, Hal Hal meat, vegetarians, vegans, allergies) Learning difficulties getting across their needs and filling out forms, reading forms to them, have an aid to help them understand what is going on what dont they understand, ask a family member to be their if they can help The Hospital must follow the rules of their: Codes of practice Rights, expectations and charters

Empowerment and advocacy of individuals Data protection and the CVB List the types of information relating to health and social care that can be stored electronically Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of storing information electronically Hospitals should outline legislation relating to the confidentiality of electronic information What could happen? Disadvantages of electronic databases

A provider may send the referral to the wrong provider. Accidental disclosure of information. A provider may have a practice manager type up and send referrals for him or her. The provider may use the referral system for other purposes other than medical referrals. The referral could be intercepted during transportation and information compromised. Widespread exchange of information beyond what is required by providers. Unauthorised intentional access to referrals or other health information.

Deliberate breeches of security from outside the system. Unsecure work practices at the providers premises. No consent given by providers to use the system. The legal framework on data protection procedures Pontefract Hospital will carry out Ensure that all staff involved in data transfer are appropriately trained and have access to clear policies and guidelines. Establish authorisation procedures for extraction of batched data from organisational systems

Encryption of data and management of removable media Ensure that secure courier arrangements are understood and adhered to Ensure that the data transferred is effectively deleted from the portable media used for transfer Empowerment of patients An empowered patient knows how to prepare for a hospital visit, stay safe while at the hospital, cooperate and collaborate with the medical professionals who work there, and find her best outcomes from the visit. Choose any of these topics to empower yourself. Begin with a master list of hospitals in your area, or ones that treat whatever your medical problem is. For example, if you need a heart

bypass, you may learn that a smaller hospital doesn't offer that service. It may not have the best equipment, or none of its surgeons may specialize in heart bypass surgery. Your hospital choice may be limited by either your choice of doctor or your insurer/payer or both. You'll want to check in with both before committing to which hospital you'll use. Look on your insurer's or payer's website, or call their customer service number and ask what hospitals in your area are covered. If you have already chosen which doctor will treat you, then you'll need to find out what hospitals he or she is affiliated with. Doctors call that having "admitting privileges" -- they have an agreement with the hospital that they may admit patients there. Empowerment of patients MRSA problems in hospitals Medicare states its number one reason for the new policy is to improve safety and value for patients. Certainly, hospitals will need to begin looking at safer practices to make sure patients don't suffer from these problems, if for no other reason than to reduce the hospital's expense.

Health insurers often follow Medicares lead, and many are poised to implement the same policy. Across the country, those insurers are notifying hospitals that they will not pay for hospital mistakes, and in many cases their lists of mistakes are even more comprehensive. That means those health insurance companies will be saving the expense of further illness on the part of their insurance customers. However, while we would hope to see premiums be lowered, it's probably too much to expect lowered costs to be passed on to customers. What is MRSA?

MRSA MRSA means Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus MRSA is resistant to conventional antibiotics Staphylococcus is a family of common bacteria - it is carried by many people in their throats and it may cause a mild infection in a healthy person There are many different strands of MRSA with differing degrees of immunity to the effects of various antibiotics. This does not mean that antibiotics are completely powerless against MRSA. It may simply require a much higher dose over a longer period, or the use of an alternative antibiotic to which the bug has less resistance SYMPTOMS OF MRSA Infections caused by MRSA may result in a broad range of symptoms. This is dependent on what part of the body is infected. These may include surgical wounds, burns, catheter sites, eyes, skin and blood Infection often results in redness, swelling and tenderness at the site of infection It is important to note that sometimes people can carry MRSA without developing any symptoms WHY DOES MRSA EXIST? There are many different strains of a single type of bacteria, and each strain is subtly different. Bacterial

genes are constantly mutating (changing) Some strains genetic make up will give them a slight advantage when it comes to fighting off antibiotic attack, therefore when weaker strains encounter (face) antibiotics they die, while strains that are naturally resistant may prove harder to kill What is the government doing about this? The government is already trying to at least slow down the relentless development of the bacteria One of the main reasons for the evolution of superbugs is the overuse of

antibiotics in medicine as a whole For example, until recently people visiting their doctor with a viral infection might demand and be given an antibiotic prescription - despite the fact that antibiotics have no effect on this Doctors have now been told by the Department of Health to reduce the amount of antibiotic prescribing Hygiene is paramount in protecting the most vulnerable patients from dangerous strains of bacteria Handwashing between patients is a necessity for staff The Department of Health are attempting to improve overall standard of hygiene, by reintroducing the concept of the ward matron with responsibility for cleanliness In the long term, many medical experts suggest it may take a breakthrough similar to the discovery of penicillin before the fight against MRSA is won Empowerment in new hospitals

To gain better control over the many people who make decisions in hospitals, some that affect patient care in the hospital, and others that affect costs, there are some job titles that may be new to patients. Knowing who these people are will help you navigate your own hospital experience more successfully. They are unique to hospitals, and are supposed to provide benefits to patients, although not all patients will agree that encountering them has improved their experience in the hospitals.

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