Approving Timesheets - University of Alabama in Huntsville

Approving Timesheets - University of Alabama in Huntsville

Approving Time Sheets Click on Enter Secure Area Logging In

Enter your Charger ID Enter your Charger Password Click the Login button Accessing Your Time Sheets

From the Main Menu: Select Employee From the Employee Menu: Select Time Sheet

CLICK HERE CLICK HERE Choosing an Action Select the radio button for Approve or Acknowledge Time. Click the Select button.

Selecting Time Sheets To approve time sheets for a department, select the radio button next to that department. Select a pay period from the drop-down list.

NOTE: To determine the sort order, select the appropriate radio button. Click the Select button. On the Department Summary page, click the Approve or FYI checkbox next to the employees time you want to

approve. NOTES: To see all of the details on an employees time sheet, click the link on that employees name. To return a time sheet to an employee for correction, click the Return for Correction checkbox. To make changes to an employees time sheet yourself, click the Change Time Record link. To view comments added by the employee, or to create additional comments on the time sheet yourself, click the Comments link. After you are ready to apply your actions, and approve time sheets or return them for correction, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save button. After you have clicked Save, the time sheets you have approved are ready for the Payroll Office to load into the

payroll. NOTES: Time sheets you have marked to be returned for correction are sent back to the originating employee for correction. After the employee has corrected his/her time sheet, it will be submitted back to you for approval again. Deadlines for Submitting Time sheets have to be submitted and approved NO LATER THAN 12:01 PM on the Thursday following the end of the pay period.

If a time sheet has not been approved on time, it will be considered incomplete and have to be overridden by the Payroll Office. Setting up a Proxy

The Proxy Set Up page allows approvers to set up one or more proxies to approve time sheets in their absence. An approver can also remove a proxy if needed. NOTE: This link is available to only those employees who are designated as approvers of Web Time Entry. Access the Time Reporting Selection page. Click the Proxy Set Up link at the bottom of the page.

Selecting Your Proxy Choose a name from the Name drop-down list. NOTE: This list is comprised from IDs entered on the Form (GOAEACC) in Banner. If a

name is not listed there, please contact the Payroll Office for assistance. Select the Add checkbox. Click the Save button. (The name is then alphabetically displayed under the Name column) NOTE: To remove a proxy, select the Remove checkbox corresponding to the proxy you wish to remove, then click the Save button.

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