Area of Responsibility Brief

Area of Responsibility Brief

UNCLASSIFIED//FOUO United States Central Command NMIA Brief Tampa, Tampa, FL FL 17 17 Sep Sep 2012 2012 1 UNCLASSIFIED//FOUO UNCLASSIFIED

Area of Responsibility 2 UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED Characteristics of the USCENTCOM AOR Worlds most energy-rich region 64% of worlds petroleum reserves 46% of natural gas reserves Strategic choke points Bab al Mandab Suez Canal Strait of Hormuz State on state tensions Religious, ethnic, and tribal tensions

Terrorism, Proliferation, CounterNarcotics, State to State Conflict Inadequate economic development, insufficient basic services, and poor governance 3 20 Countries Spanning 4.6M Sq Miles 530 Million People and 4 Major Religions 18 Major Languages/22 Ethnic Groups

UNCLASSIFIED FAOs in CENTCOM 90 FAO/RAS authorized on CENTCOM JTD 53 Army (including 3 reservists) 35 Air Force 0 Navy 2 USMC DIA authorizations are additional Various requirements for deployed personnel Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq 30 on JMDs Various deployed personnel 4 FAOs in CENTCOM

Multiple regions/languages represented Middle East (Arabic, Farsi South Asia (Urdu, Pushtu, Dari) Eurasia (Russian, Central Asian languages) 5 FAOs in the AOR Attaches Represented in 19 of 20 embassies (Damascus is temporarily closed) Varying sizes from 2 to 5 attaches FAO/RAS in all locations Deployed Personnel 30 Authorizations on JMD 20 Army/10 USAF Represented on various manning documents Deployed personnel from various FAO regions

HQDA policy to get FAOs into the fight 6 FAOs in the AOR Security Cooperation Offices 19 offices in 17 countries 3 in KSA; None in Syria/Iran CSTC-A not yet a security cooperation office Most manpower is not FAO 37 FAOs; 800+ personnel involved in security cooperation Skill sets reflect programs, i.e. Air Defense in UAE, F15 pilots in Saudi Arabia; F16 pilots and maintainers around AOR FAOs/RAS in all countries 7

UNCLASSIFIED AOR SECURITY COOPERATION OFFICES Theater Personnel Snapshot : Permanent Positions = 231 Augmentees (approx) = 300 Case Funded Personnel = 300 Total (approx) = 831 Personnel IRAQ 266 Augmentees LEBANON 7 Positions KAZAKHSTAN 3 Positions UZBEKISTAN 2 Positions

TURKMENISTAN 2 Positions KYRGYZSTAN 3 Positions TAJIKISTAN 2 Positions KUWAIT 14 Positions (+)13 Case Funded AFGHANISTAN TBD BAHRAIN 8 Positions EGYPT 53 Positions

SAUDI ARABIA 73 Positions (+) 272 Case Funded UAE 12 Positions JORDAN 19 Positions OMAN 8 Positions YEMEN 5 Positions 8 PAKISTAN 13 Positions (+) 30 Augmentees

QATAR 7 Positions UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED FAOs in Security Cooperation Offices Cultural awareness and language skills Comfort in working with partners Prior experience in region and in embassies Know the ground; made the rounds FAO Families Multiple tours and willingness to extend 9 FAOs in CENTCOM HQs

43 Authorized 21 Army; 21 USAF; 1 USMC J5 Security Cooperation/FMS Plans J2 Analysis Intel Cooperation J4 Multi-National Logistics 10 FAOs in CENTCOM HQs Benefits Small pool of regional expertise at the strategic level in HQs Ukistan and Ertra

On the ground experience outside of Iraq and Afghanistan Who has been to Damscus? Masters degrees Personal knowledge of key AOR players King of Jordan; UAE CHOD; DepMinDef in KSA Duties Prep CDR for travel; travel with CDR; Crisis and Deliberate Planning; Bilats with AOR partners; intel and logistics cooperation; Aide to CENTCOM CDR; CAG Chief to ISAF CDR One GO; BG Matt Brand in Pakistan 11 SDO/DATT 16 SDO/DATTs None in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia

3 FO/GOs as SDO DATTs 13 FAO/RAS serving as SDO DATTs 10 CENTCOM-sourced; 6 DIA sourced Lessons Learned Positives COCOM sourcing is best where there are operational activities Key is that SDO DATT is senior by rank Never 2 O6s or O5s 12 UNCLASSIFIED FAOs in CENTCOM Key to Security Cooperation Building relationships; executing programs; explaining the realities on the ground

Cant get enough But dont sacrifice training to increase strength 13 Building Cooperative Partnerships UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED Questions? 14 UNCLASSIFIED

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