A.S. Health and Disease Lesson 14: Vaccination Schedules and ...

Vaccination Terms A. Immunity: Resistance to developing a disease. B. Active Immunity: Obtained naturally when a person or animal is exposed to antigens Terms, contd C. Passive Immunity: Transferred from mother to baby or by injecting antibodies from an animal that is already immune.

D. Vaccine: A substance consisting of weakened, dead or incomplete portions of pathogens or antigens that, when injected into the body, cause an immune response. Vaccination Terms E. Modified Live Vaccine: Vaccines that are alive but have lost their diseasecausing ability F. Killed Vaccine: Vaccines that dont contain live pathogens, but still achieve an immune response

Terms, Contd G. Vaccinations: An injection that makes animals and humans artificially actively immune to certain diseases. H. Pathogens: Disease-causing agents Vaccination Schedule: Sheep *No one schedule is recommended for every producer. 1. Give lambs a vaccine for Clostridium perfringens type C & D, C. tetani (prevents

overeating), repeat in 3-4 weeks 2. If soremouth (ecthyma) is a problem, give vaccination at 1-2 months of age 3. Give adults a vaccination of C, D, & T four to six weeks before lambing. 4. Give adults other vaccinations if there are diagnosed problems in the herd. Vaccination Schedule: Beef Cattle, Part A *No one schedule is recommended for every producer.

At birth to one week of age: Scours prevention product, IBR and PI-3 At branding (2-3 months old): A 4-way (BVD, IBR, BRSV, PI-3) killed vaccine An 8-way vaccine for Clostridial organisms Pinkeye vaccine Pasteurella vaccine

At 2-3 weeks pre-weaning: Repeat the 4-way (BVD, IBR, BRSV, PI-3) killed vaccine An 8-way Clostridial booster Pasteurella vaccine in problem herds At weaning: A 4-way (BVD, IBR, BRSV, PI-3) modified live vaccine If not given at pre-weaning, an 8-way Clostridial booster Bangs vaccine for heifers (consult with a local veterinarian) Vaccination Schedule: Beef Cattle, part B At preg-check: A 4-way (BVD, IBR, BRSV, PI-3) killed vaccine +

vibrio/lepto Injectable scours prevention product An 8-way Clostridial vaccine Three weeks prior to calving: Booster for injectable scours product if required All adult cows and bulls at branding time should receive the following: An 8-way Clostridial booster Pinkeye vaccine Pasteurella vaccine in problem herds A 4-way killed + vibrio/lepto vaccine (same vaccine used at preg-check) Vaccination Schedule: Swine

1. 2. Piglets at 7 days: vaccinate for rhinitis, repeat at 4 weeks and 12 weeks. Sows and gilts: vaccinate for leptospirosis, parvovirus, rhinitis, and erysipelas. 1. Leptospirosis: bacterial disease similar to flu. 2. Parvovirus: causes reproductive problems in females. 3. Rhinitis: Inflammation of respiratory tract, crooked nose

4. Erysipelas: bacteria that causes abortion Vaccination Assessment Assignment Correct length of paper Identification of disease

Methods of transmission of disease Species affected Description of disease, affect on body Vaccination procedures 5 pts. 5 pts. 5 pts. 5 pts. 10 pts. 10 pts.

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