Assessment for and management of PPH

Assessment for and management of PPH

Postpartum Family Planning (PPFP) Counselling Learning Objectives By the end of this session, learners will be able to: Define counselling, counselling approach (GATHER) and strategy (BCS), informed choice and informed consent List out benefits of FP for mother and baby and Healthy Timing and Spacing of Pregnancy (HTSP) Describe the importance of involving men in FP Describe the rationale for PPFP, unmet need and return to fertility Enumerate different PPFP methods with timing of initiation Describe the myths related to different FP method with clarifications Demonstrate counselling through role play by using counselling

flip book, kit and other job aids according to the steps in counselling checklist 2 FP for Mother Benefits if practiced Reduced risk of complications associated with pregnancies

Extra time to take care for her baby Will breastfeed longer, May be more rested and well nourished so as to support the next healthy pregnancy May have more time for herself, children and family More time to prepare for next pregnancy Risk if not practiced

Increased risk of pregnancy complications Increased risk of miscarriage More likely to induce abortion At greater risk of maternal death 3 FP for Newborn Benefits if practiced

More likely to be born strong and healthy Breastfed for a longer period, so health and nutritional benefits Enhanced mother-baby bonding by breastfeeding, facilitating childs overall development Mothers are better able to meet the needs of their newborns Risk if not practiced Higher chance of Newborn and

infant deaths Greater chance of pre-term low birth weight baby If breastfeeding is stopped before 6 months: the newborn does not experience the health and nutritional benefits of breast milk diminished mother-baby bonding affecting babys development 4 Healthy Timing and Spacing of

Pregnancy (HTSP) Key Messages: Delay the first pregnancy For spacing after a live birth: The recommended interval before attempting the next pregnancy is at least 24 months For pregnancy after an abortion: The recommended interval before attempting the next pregnancy is at least 6 months 5 Return to Fertility 6

Importance of Postpartum Family Planning High unmet need for family planning in postpartum period Women are most receptive in these 2 periods Women come in contact with the health facilities and providers Inadequate spacing between two pregnancies result in poor maternal and neonatal health outcomes 7 What is Counselling?

Counselling is a two way communication between a health care worker and a client (or a couple) for the purpose of confirming or facilitating a decision by the client, or helping the client address problems or concerns 8 GATHER Approach in Counselling

G: Greet A: Ask T: Tell H: Help E: Explain R: Return 9 Balanced Counselling Strategy (BCS) Step-I: Pre-choice stage: If the couple has already decided to have the next baby after few years and not early, then Tell them - to prevent unwanted pregnancy and

for good health of mother and baby, they should use any contraceptive method for at least 2 years after childbirth Ask - If they have thought of using any contraceptive method? If yes, find out what do they know about the method and provide correct information, remove myths/misconceptions, evaluate her eligibility for the method. 10 BCS continued If client has not thought about a particular method, ask following 4 questions and eliminate method/s according to clients response: Do you want more children in the future?

If yes, do not discuss male and female sterilization Are you breastfeeding an infant of less than 6 months old? If yes, do not discuss oral contraceptive pills Will your partner use condoms? If yes, discuss about condoms. Also assess womans risk for STIs and HIV and explain that condoms are the only method that can protect from STI and HIV Did you have any problem tolerating an FP method in the past? If yes, ask which method. Do not discuss the method further if the problem experienced was really related to the method This strategy will help client to choose a method that matches with her needs 11 BCS continued Step-II: Method choice stage:

Give detailed information of the chosen method like: How does the method act How effective is the method What are its benefits Does it affect breastfeeding or not Does it protect from sexually transmitted infections Common side effects of the method and their treatment When to come for follow-up 12 BCS continued Step III: Post-choice stage: Ask the woman to repeat important information

about her chosen method Respond to her questions and concerns Schedule the follow-up visit Record relevant information 13 Principles of Family Planning Counselling

Maintain privacy Ensure confidentiality Be non-judgmental Use simple, culturally appropriate and easy to understand language Use good interpersonal communication skills Be brief, simple and specific with key messages Encourage the client to ask questions and express any concern Use AV aids, anatomic models and contraceptive samples Provide feedback, repeat key information Always verify what client has understood by having

the client repeat the key messages 14 Counselling and Motivating Men Why is it important to counsel men on FP or involving men in FP counselling? Men are final decision makers in many families Men will know how to protect their health, their wives and childrens health Men have special counselling needs, as - They need to use or support womens use of FP methods - They have less information - They have serious misconceptions and concerns

15 FP Methods For Delaying the first child Condoms OCPs IUCD EC pills (not to be used as a

routine method) For Healthy spacing between two childbirths Condoms IUCD OCPs LAM (Needs to be

followed up by any other method, before completing 6 months after childbirth) For Limiting future pregnancies Female Sterilization Male sterilization/Vasecto my IUCD (after completing the total duration, the old

IUCD should be replaced by a new one) 16 17 18 Common Misconceptions about Contraceptive Methods 19 Common Misconceptions about

OCPs I need to take the pill when I sleep with my husband I will face difficulty in getting pregnant again if I use OCPs for long Pills will make me weak The pill is dangerous and causes cancer Pill will cause the birth of twins or triplets in next pregnancy 20 Common Misconceptions about Condoms If a condom slips off during sexual intercourse, it might get lost inside womans body

There is too much danger of condoms breaking or tearing during intercourse Two condoms used together give better protection 21 Common Misconceptions about IUCD Thread can trap the penis during intercourse A woman with IUCD cannot do heavy work The IUCD might travel inside a womans body to her heart or her brain Causes pregnancy outside the uterus Causes cancer or rotting of the uterus 22

Common Misconceptions about Female Sterilization Woman after sterilization loses desire for having sex Woman becomes sick and unable to do heavy work Needs for hospitalization for few days Shortens the life span of woman and may cause early menopause Makes the woman fat or obese 23 Common Misconceptions about Male Sterilization

Vasectomy is same as castration Man will not enjoy sex or will not be able to perform sexual activity Man will become weak Scrotum will burst with sperms 24 Key Messages Unsafe abortions is one of the important causes of maternal deaths and this can be prevented by family planning and safe abortion services HTSP helps better maternal, neonatal and family health The high unmet need for FP in postpartum period can be fulfilled through PPFP counselling

and adopting an appropriate method It is important to involve men in FP counselling as they are final decision makers and have special FP needs. 25 Role-play Kamla has come to the health centre to get information about family planning methods. Kamla has a 4 year old daughter and is currently pregnant. Her husband has agreed to her using a family planning method after this delivery, but he does not want to use condoms. She is nervous about the safety of family planning; she has heard that it can make it impossible to have more children.


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