Assessment of Pupil Achievement -

Assessment of Pupil Achievement -

University of Bath MA in Education Research Methods in Education Dr Paul Denley RME overview What is educational research? Some key concepts [1]

Overview of approaches to educational research; the experimental approach, surveys, sampling [2] Case study, ethnography, action research [3] Collecting data: Questionnaires [4] & Interviews [5] Collecting data: Observation and other sources [6] Quality in educational research [7]

Presentation of assignment ideas; unit evaluation [8] RME assignment The assignment for the RME unit will normally be a plan for a small-scale educational enquiry. If you are near to completing your five units, this assignment

can be used to develop a plan for your dissertation study. If you are closer to the start of your five units, you may not be ready to plan what you are going to do for your dissertation. However, there is still value in developing a hypothetical plan which enables you to discuss issues relating to designing a small-scale research study. It is possible to use this plan as the basis for an Educational Enquiry unit where you conduct the enquiry as one of the units in your profile. (This might act as a pilot or preliminary study for what you then go on to do for your dissertation.) RME assignment

your assignment should be 5,000 words long, with a 10% margin on either side it should draw on your professional experience as well as critically engaging with relevant literature sources all published works you mention in the text must be clearly and fully cited and referenced

further guidance on structuring the RME assignment will be provided you should be aware of the MA unit assessment criteria (available on Moodle) Assignment Presentations (Session 8) A brief (no more than 10 minutes) of your current thinking about your

assignment Questions and discussion Potential for collaboration Assignment timeline Outline plan to tutor: As soon as possible Last recommended time for uploading draft assignment to Moodle (six weeks before final deadline): 15th November 2018 Deadline for uploading final assignment to Moodle: 31st December 2018 (23:59 GMT!)

Mark capped to 40% if uploaded up to 5 working days late Mark will be 0% if uploaded beyond 5 working days late On-line resources RME Session Materials Moodle RME MA Programme MA Dissertation Dissertation wiki UWE Research Observatory

University of Bath Library On-line journals British Educational Research Journal (BERJ) Educational Research Journal of Research in International Education International Journal of Research and Method in Education European Education Research Journal American Educational Research Journal Review of Research in Education Information skills

Overview Referencing [PDF] Journal alerts Managing references Searching for literature Education databases Education-line Google Scholar Websites British Educational Research Association (BER

A) National Foundation for Educational Research American Educational Research Association SAGE Arthur, et al SAGE Johnson & Christiensen Research Rundowns YouTube Graham Gibbs University of Southampton The Education and Training Consortium

NVivo EndNote Phil Chan (SPSS)

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