Auger electron spectroscopy

Auger electron spectroscopy

The properties of NCO film grown on the MAO substra te Weiwei Zhao 8/28/2015 Outline 1. Relationship between growth temperature and resistivity

2. Relationship between thickness and resistivity 3. Dielectric constant measurement 4. Cation distribution and thermal stability of NCO 5. Whats the next work growth temperature dependence

resistivity vs. temperature T for the NiCo2O4 grown at 250C , 350C, 450C, 500C, 550C, 600C Thickness dependence

In-plane resistivity vs. temperature T for the NiCo2O4 with the thicknesses of 3, 11, 30, 77, and 224 unit cellsc Our result Dielectric constant

dielectric constant with frequency at different temperatures Cation distribution

tetragonal (A-site) positions occupied by mostly octahedral (B-site) positions occupied by nearly equal concentrations of and Raman spectroscopy

Raman spectroscopy is an effective tool for studying the local structure of transition metal oxides, in particular, the cation distribution, charge and orbital ordering, effects of phase transition X, Y, X, and Y denote the [100], [010], [110], and [-110] directions of the MAO substrate

The first and second letter in the double notations XX, XY, XX, and XY for the scattering configuration correspond to the direction of incident and scattered light polarization it provides an unambiguous Raman evidence that all six NCO

films are epitaxial and the crystallographic directions coincide with those of the MAO substrate. Raman active phonon modes (A1g + Eg + 3F2g) of the ideal spinel structure. The variations of the Raman spectra

of NCO250 with increasing temperature between 23 and 600 C in air and at 23 C after the thermal treatment. The film grown at Tsub ?550 C has a structure close to that of the ideal inverse spinel

Those deposited at lower Tsub are likely characterized by mixed cation/ charge distribution at both tetragonal (A) and octahedral (B) sites Next work 1. Go on studying the thickness dependence of films grown at d

ifferent temperature 2. Dielectric constant of NCO Thank you!

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