Australia and Aussie Rules…

Australia and Aussie Rules…

Australia and Aussie Rules Mr. P. Leighton AS Level Socio-Cultural Issues Todays Session Look at last weeks work as a starterAustralians and Sport as a preoccupation. Answer an exam style question on this subject Using Aussie Rules Football as a cotemporary example, retake the question.

Starter Analyze and Discuss the reasons why Australians far surpass us in sport? (8) Hint: When answering this question think about your use of language and key words that will link the ideas together Attempt your Colour sheet suited to your level. Swap Papers and Mark What are you looking for? Australians passionate bordering fanatical

about sport? Bush Culture ethic? Favorable Climate? The Outdoor Life? Political Support? Tradition of Success? Sport is Fashionable?

Egalitarian Society? Sport and PE? Which of these could utilize Aussie Rules as an example? Using Aussie Rules as a Contemporary Example To answer this question a contemporary example may be used or used as a With reference to

However if you dont know what to reference you wont get the marks! Aussie Rules Football: Its Origins Aussie Rules or simply Footy is a game which clearly reflects Australian society. What are some of the key elements you can see from these clips? What do you already know about the game? Aussie Rules Football

Aussie Rules: A misconception The action on the field does not reflect the solid rule structure and a strong ethos of fair play. The games are played on cricket ovals (lots of available space) with 9 officials. 22 Players per side- some of which run up to 15 miles a game! Comparison Average distance

covered in Rugby Union Football Rugby League Aussie Rules

3.6miles 6.2miles 6.8miles 15MILES! Aussie Rules: Its Origins continued Its exact origins are uncertain- the game was originally the idea of English born Tom Willis and was seen as a way to

keep cricketers fit. Most argue that Willis adapted an Aboriginal leaping game with what he had already seen in public schools. Others say it is simply a mixture of Gaelic Football and Rugby. Gaelic Football was not codified until 30 years after the Willis Melbourne Rules

were established. Aussie Footy was established before most noted forms of modern football. It is far more popular than RU, Rugby League and Soccer put together in most states- 42% increase in participation from 2001-2005.

Purely homegrown talent- unlike other sports- more to strive for as a young player? Game is growing in standing- 20 countries now play it! Although Aborigines make up only 3% of the population 16% of the players in the AFL are Aboriginal. 4th most played team sport in the country after

Netball Rugby Cricket Factors shaping the development of the game. Australians traveling

abroad- popularity? Festival matches- AFL Vs GAA attracting interest Conversions- money and prestige Extensive pathwaysplayed in schools Truly national gamespreading into originally

RL and RU states (Queensland and NSW) Game appeals to all- men and women of all body types- 610 ruckmen to 59 rovers. SuperRules allow 35+ year old players play with minimal contact! Aussie Rules and Commercialism

Aussie Rules is the most attended spectator sport in Australia. National competition as well as local and regional leagues. It lends itself to commercialism just like American Football- why? Players have become high status stars earning huge fees and sponsorship deals. Question from the start? Using Aussie Rules as an example, Analyse and discuss the reasons

Australians far surpass us in sport (10). How did you do? Work for you to do Find out about the commercial aspects of Aussie rules- why is it such big business? How many elite clubs are there? How does it operate? Where are the clubs situated? Is there a geographical spread or pockets of popularity? How do earnings compare with top earners in the Premier League/RU/RL/American Football?

Any Questions? See you next week

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