Australia Relative and Absolute Location

Australia Relative and Absolute Location

Australia Relative and Absolute Location 1. Describe Australias location 2. Define absolute and Relative location 3. How might Australia's location shape its country? Essential Question: How does a countrys

location shape life within its borders? No Reservations Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Warning: mild language and may cause

hunger. Absolute vs. Relative location Absolute location: a locations exact position on earth using latitude and longitude. Ex. Canberra 35 degrees S, 149 degrees E Relative location: describes where a location is in relation to other places.

Affects a countrys history and way of life. Located by South Pacific Islands but was a British colony. The Land Down Under Australia is both a continent AND a country. The majority of

Australia is arid, or desert. A biologists dream: 80% of plants and animals are unique to Australia thanks to the continental drift theory. Colonial Australia The first Australians were Aborigines.

They came to Australia over 40,000 years ago. Believe that spirits roamed the earth before humans during a times called Dreamtime and land is sacred. James Cook discovered Australia in 1770 and claimed it for Great Britain. After the Revolutionary War ended (1783), Britain set up Australia as a

prison colony. Over 160,000 convicts were sent until Colonial Australia Many convicts who were released from jail were given land to farm. Free settlers arrived from Europe as well. 1851 gold was discovered causing an influx of treasure hunters. At least 750,000 Aborigines at time of

colonization, but today theres approximately only 400,000. Possible reasons? Independence Australia gained its independence in 1901, but its influences are still seen today: Australian flag still has a union jack in the left hand corner.

Official language is English More than half of Australians have British or Irish roots. Approximately 10,000 Britons immigrate to Australia each year. After Independence Australia adopted a white only immigration policy to keep people of color from immigrating.

Any person wanting to immigrate had to pass a dictation test An official read aloud a 50-word statement in a European language in which the newcomer had to write it down word-for-word in order to enter. White Australia ended in the 1970s Today about 90,000 people immigrate each year, almost of which are from Asia or

Africa. Trading Partners A hundred years ago, over half of Australias exports went to Britain. Now Australias biggest trading partners are Japan,

South Korea, China, and Taiwan. What could explain this? Seasons Australia is located in the southern hemisphere, causing a reversal of seasons. The tilt of Earths axis causes the S.

Hemisphere to receive more sunlight. Summer lasts from December through March. Good for tourists and fruit lovers. SEASONS A Hole in the Ozone

Earths atmosphere is divided into layers: The lowest layer is the air we breathe The second layer begins six miles above earth and contains a gas called ozone. Ozone protects living species from ultraviolet rays reaching earth and humans from sunburns, eye disease, and skin cancer. In 1985, discovered an ozone hole over

Antarctica which has moved north over Australia. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), found in hairspray, refrigerators, and air conditioners, destroys the ozone. 2/3 of Australians could develop skin cancer. Look at these images carefully. What interesting details do you see? What aspect of life is represented by these images?

How might location play a role in shaping this aspect of life in Australia?

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