Automatic Identification and Data Capture

Automatic Identification and Data Capture

AUTOMATIC IDENTIFICATION AND DATA CAPTURE Jordan Greisinger WHATS IN THIS PRESENTATION What Is AIDC? Why should we use AIDC technologies? Overview of different AIDC technologies Some future developments of AIDC WHAT IS AIDC? A way to identify and collect information about a particular object

Use the information to perform various actions with a computer system Main reason is to do all of this without human support WHY HAVE AIDC? Severely cuts down on human labor Manage information Track information Organize, deliver goods more efficiently Handle a bigger volume of goods Better security Personal ID capabilities


Magnetic Strips OCR Smart Cards

Voice Recognition EAS RTLS BARCODES

Have been around for more than 50 years! The standard for todays tracking of products Two types of barcodes today: One dimensional Two dimensional

RADIO-FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION (RFID) Uses radio waves for communication Will soon replace barcodes completely Most RFID tags consist of two parts

Circuit Antenna Some require their own power source, some are powered by the scanner. Example: Protecting babies VIDEO DEMONSTRATION OF RFID VS BARCODE BIOMETRICS Used for identifying people How it works Two modes for biometrics: Verification Identification EXAMPLES OF BIOMETRICS The Nigerian Bank savings account ID MAGNETIC STRIPS Usually found on cards that contain the familiar black stripe

Cards that typically have the black stripe: Credit/debit cards ID cards Library cards Usage of these cards: Access badges ID cards Key cards HOW A MAGNETIC CARD READER WORKS

Magnetic card stores information in three separate tracks Each track contains different bit densities and character sets Track 1 210 bits per inch. 64 bit character data set. Can hold 79 characters Track 2 and 3 75 and 210 bits per inch respectively. Only numeric data can be stored. Can hold 40 and 107 characters respectively

Actual usable data stored minimized as the Start Sentinel, End Sentinel, and LRC Data storage format is as follows: Leading zero bits are encoded for synchronization purposes for the reader. The Start Sentinel then presents its actual data Then the End Sentinel follows with its actual data and then terminates the data portion The LRC is a byte used for error detection and follows the End Sentinel and zero bits fill the remaining card HOW A MAGNETIC CARD READER WORKS CONTINUED The magnetic card reader can read and handle all three tracks simultaneously

The card reader also has an oscillator section that uses timers for enabling and disabling. These timers provide the ability for the reader to lock onto the data and recover individual data bits from the data stream on the card. Simple card reader programs read the card in a forward direction. More complex programs can read the card in any direction. OPTICAL CHARACTER RECOGNITION (OCR)

Process in which scanned images or text get translated to machine encoded text Typically used to convert books into electronic files. OCR abilities: Edit text in documents

Search for words/phrases in documents Some OCR systems can also reproduce images or other non-text components like borders SMART CARDS Smart card = advanced credit card Contains a microprocessor. Used to replace the magnetic stripe of a card Widely used in Europe More secure than ID cards

Have up to 8 kb of RAM Not self-powered WHY SMART CARDS OVER MAGNETIC STRIPS OR OTHER IDENTIFICATION CARDS? The Moroccan Driving licenses VOICE RECOGNITION Main objective: convert spoken words into text Uses an analog-to-digital converter Translates voice vibrations to data Runs through a database to match phonemes to data Outputs what the computer thought the person said

ELECTRONIC ARTICLE SURVEILLANCE (EAS) Most commonly used in department/grocery stores Think of those gates near the doors of most department/grocery stores Uses RFID technology REAL TIME LOCATING SYSTEM (RTLS) Comes as a fully automated system Uses RFID tags and a networking system Multiple systems working together Continuously sending location data to main server Example: Luther college in Iowa

FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS OF AIDC New RFID developments Becoming less costly and better performance Memory capacity is being increased New powering devices

Global positioning tracking sensors being reduced to 10cm across Using AIDC technologies, University of Michigan has developed a chip for testing for the flu. Other Universities are branching off and developing chips for HIV and cancer screening. A company in Japan has developed two types of thermal rewritable paper LASER SURFACE AUTHENTICATION (LSA)

Invented by Professor Russel Cowburn at the Imperial College in London Low cost laser data capturing system Can uniquely identify: Documents Currency

Passports Licenses Art Makes counterfeiting products a lot harder to do CONCLUSION Benefits are intangible Clear signs of growth Becoming a standard in business today QUESTIONS?

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