Auxiliary Views - Board of Drafting

Auxiliary Views Chapter 7 Overview Auxiliary

Revolution Revolved

Normal Views vs. Auxiliary Views Normal

Auxiliary Basic

Relationship of the Auxiliary Plane to the Normal Planes

Example Anchor with a slanting surface

Normal Auxiliary

Example Simple Inclined Wedge Primary Auxiliary View

Primary Auxiliary View

Front Auxiliary Primary Auxiliary

View Top Auxiliary Primary

Auxiliary View Right-Side Auxiliary

Partial Auxiliary Views Partial Auxiliary Views

Auxiliary Sections Auxiliary


1. Create the front and side views and a partial top view, as shown in Figure A. Do not dimension the views.

2.Create a construction line perpendicular to the line that represents the inclined plane at the lower end of the inclined line in the

front view. To do this, pick the two endpoints of the short end line, as shown in Figure B. 3. Copy the construction line to

each important point in the front view. See Figure C. 4.Copy the inclined line to another location on the construction lines, as shown in Figure D. Use the

Nearest object snap to ensure that the endpoint of the inclined line is exactly on the lowest construction line.

5. Offset the line you created in step 4 to the right by the depth dimension, .76, as shown in Figure D. This defines the depth of the object in the auxiliary view.

6. Trim the construction lines to form the other boundaries of the auxiliary view. Use the Layer Control above the drawing area to move the lines to their

appropriate layers: Hidden, Centerline, etc. See Figure E. 7. Add the other centerline, the hole, and other details based on the dimensions given in Figure A above. The

finished drawing should look like the one in Figure F.

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