Bank Profitability

Bank Profitability

BANK PROFITABILITY (BP) PROGRESS REPORT Working Party on Financial Statistics Paris 2,3 October 2007 D. Campion STD/NAFS OECD 1 Current update Process Electronic questionnaire and Guidelines sent in November 2006 Initial deadline set for the end of 2006 IT problems encountered during the process Some tables not pre-filled for some countries Some consistency checks not working properly Problems fixed only in version 4 delivered by consultants at mid-June 2007 2 Collection of Data

30 countries contributed to the previous update in 2004 Period covered: 2004-2005 (+ revisions of previous years) 26 countries provided data 4 countries provided no data: Australia, Iceland, Japan and Mexico New electronic questionnaire used by all participants Questionnaires sent back from end December 2006 (Austria, Germany, Hungary and Italy) to late May 2007 3 Treatment of data and metadata

Transfer of data to Statworks, [ OECD Production database ] Checking of data and footnotes by the Secretariat Only 4 countries met OECD requirements initially: Finland, Hungary, Ireland and USA Problems identified for 22 countries for both data and metadata: Blanks in series Break in series not explained (no footnote) Breaks created by the absence of revision of previous years Differences between aggregates and the sum of their components Some inconsistencies between tables, without justification Missing or outdated footnotes Detailed message sent to each of the 22 countries with version 4 of the questionnaire

Amended data returned by 19 countries by late September 2007 One revised data set still expected Additional explanations provided by two countries 4 Institutional Coverage Table 1 : Income statement and Balance sheet All Banks Commercial Banks 2004 edition: Current edition: 30 countries 26 countries 16 22 18 20 Large Commercial Banks 7 15 Foreign Commercial Banks 7 15

Savings Banks 8 10 Co-operative Banks 6 10 Other monetary institutions - 6 5 Table 2 : Structure of the Financial System 2004 edition: 30 countries Current edition: 26 countries Central Bank Other monetary institutions / All banks Commercial banks Foreign commercial banks

Saving banks Co-operative banks Other monetary institutions 27 23 22 24 22 18 14 17 - 22 19 13 15 8 Other financial institutions Mortgage credit institutions Development credit institutions Finance companies Other financial institutions 19 16

12 8 11 - 7 5 8 12 Insurance institutions Insurance companies Pension funds Other insurance institutions 22 17 23 1 - 19 15 4 All financial institutions 19

17 6 Table 3 : Classification of bank assets and liabilities 2004 edition: 30 countries Residents / Non-residents 24 Current edition: 26 countries 20 Domestic / Foreign currencies 25 23 4 2 No breakdown available 7 Table consistency

Data common to tables 1 and 2 but which sometimes show a discrepancy: End-year Balance Sheet Total Number of institutions Number of branches Number of employees Possible reasons for inconsistencies: Different bank coverage Different sources Improvement in consistency: 13 countries out of 30 with consistent data in 2004 18 countries out of 26 with consistent data in current update 8 Metadata 3 levels:

Footnotes available in the paper publication and in the dissemination database 10 Countries not yet responding Short global methodological notes (half a page) attached to each country chapter in the table volume (paper only) Based on detailed methodological notes Detailed methodological notes published in a separate volume (paper only) Update or validation still expected from 4 countries 9 Data dissemination 21 countries currently available in OECD.stat dissemination database available to officials through OLIS 5 other countries available soon

Paper edition to be published by end of year 2 volumes Financial Statement of Banks Methodological Country notes 10 Future updates 2 options: Yearly update covering 2006 Biennal update covering 2006-2007 Depending on: 1. EDG conclusions on improvements to be implemented to meet IMF requirements to follow the new accounting rules Changes to be introduced in item coverage of Table 1 2. Secretariat resources 11

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