Basic Government Resource Manual

Basic Government Resource Manual

Basic Government Resource Manual Presented by: the FGFOA Technical Resources Committee Where can I find it? Overview Who is it useful for?

Who updated it? Technical Resources Committee Monitor Listserves Answer GASB exposure drafts for the FGFOA What resources were used to build it? Why the update? Whats in it? sfvrsn=0

Section 1 - Accounting The official source of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) for local governments is the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) 218.33 F.S., requires local governments to follow uniform

accounting practices and procedures and a uniform chart of accounts as established by the Florida Department of Financial Services (DFS) Section 2 - Annual Financial Audit Properly performed audits play a vital role in the public sector by helping to preserve the integrity of public functions and by maintaining citizens confidence in their elected leaders Annual audited financial report could also be required to include

a single audit Information must also be submitted to the Auditor General. Auditor Selection Process Section 3 - Annual Financial Reporting Local governments are accountable for how they spend public funds Two types of local government annual financial reporting:

State Annual Financial Report (AFR) Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) Question What is the official source on generally accepted accounting principles for local governments? A. Auditor General B. DFS C. GASB D. FL Statutes

Section 4 - Budgeting What is a Budget? Budget Development Cycle Florida Statutory Requirements Annual Budget Document and GFOA Award Program Section 5 - Capital Assets Valuation Rules, what is cost?

Capitalization Threshold and Accountability Capital Asset Maintenance and Replacement Policy Depreciation Capital Assets ReportingGASB 34 Section 6 - Capital Planning Capital Planning Life Cycle

Capital Planning Process What is included in CIP (Capital Improvement Plan)? Funding Capital Projects Section 7 - Cash Management and Investing Investing public funds is a core responsibility of local government finance professionals and can be one of

the most complicated responsibilities. The main objectives of effective cash management and investing public funds are (in this specific order); 1. Safety 2. Liquidity

3. Yield Question What is (are) the main objective(s) of effective cash management and investing public funds? A. Safety, Value B. Liquidity C. Safety, Liquidity & Yield Section 8 - Cash Receipts/Accounts

Receivable It is necessary to establish an adequate system of controls to assure that all amounts owed to the government are collected, documented, recorded, and deposited to the bank accounts of the government entity, and to detect and deter error and fraud. Small Government Considerations Some Common Pitfalls Are Highlighted

Section 9 - Dates to Remember Finance Officers of counties, including constitutional officers, municipalities, and special districts have statutory and program requirements to complete a wide variety of daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual procedures and reports There are professional organizations to provide guidance along with the Florida State Statutes and Florida Administrative Codes. A list of references and contact information is included.

Section 10 - Debt Management Policy Comprehensive Strategic Financial Plan Compliance with Florida Statutes Types of Debt Selection of Bond Professionals Reporting Requirements Question The Uniform Accounting System Manual was promulgated by

the Department of Financial Services. A. True B. False Section 11 - Emergency Management Responsibilities of the Emergency Management Department Maintaining various plans Emergency Operations Center Oversee grants from Department of Homeland Security Training and preparedness

Section 12 - Human Resources Oversees most all activities associated with employees: Recruitment Training Job Descriptions Employee Manual Employee Files Work with legal counsel to enforce federal, state and local regulations

Section 13 - Intergovernmental Relationships Three Levels of intergovernmental relationships Primary task of local governments is to provide appropriate level of service to citizens in their respective jurisdictions Citizens dwelling in any given geographical location will likely be subject to more than one local government empowered to enact legislation, impose taxes and charge fees.

Interlocal agreements authorized by The Florida Interlocal Cooperation Act of 1969 (Section 163.01, F.S .) can give associating governments the authority to provide services Section 14 - Payroll Payroll processing is an important function in any governmental organization.

Payroll Process Vacation, Sick, compensatory and other leave balances should be reconciled periodically Helpful Hints Section 15 - Public Records/Sunshine Law (Open Government) Open government laws include :

The Public Records Law (ch. 119, F.S.) The Sunshine Law (See s. 286.011, F.S.) Attorney General is responsible through the Florida Department of Legal Affairs (DLA). Issue Resolution

Section 16 - Purchasing A government should have a purchasing policy Purchasing Cards Local Government Prompt Payment Act Internal controls Question In case of a disaster, the County Emergency Management Department takes over the operations of the entire county. A. True

B. False Section 17 - Reporting Requirements The Joint Legislative Auditing Committee (JLAC) has prepared a comprehensive listing of reporting requirements for local governments including special districts The Office of Economic & Demographic Research (EDR) has prepared a calendar related to local government financial reporting

Section 18 - Retirement Plans Retirement plans fall into three general categories Deferred Retirement Option Plans (DROP) Essential Elements of a Retirement Plan Financial Accounting for Pension Plans Section 19 - Revenues Authorized By State Constitution and State Law Home Rule Authority Revenues

Revenues Authorized By the Legislature Financial Reporting Issues For Revenues QUESTION In what fund types of the Financial Statements are Ad Valorem and State Shared Revenues Usually Recorded ? A. Governmental B. Business Type C. Fiduciary D. None

Section 20 - Risk Management Implementing Risk Management Program Identifying Types of Risks Transfer or Retain Risk? Risk Assessments Traditional Insurance Coverages vs. Self Insurance Public Entity Risk Pools Risk Avoidance, Safety Programs Section 21 - Strategic Planning

Help organizations assess the current environment Anticipate and respond to changes in the environment

Envision the future Steps to Establishing a Strategic Plan Section 22 - Unclaimed Property

Local governments must comply with the unclaimed property provisions Monetary penalties can be imposed for noncompliance Recordkeeping Abandoned or Lost Tangible Personal Property Helpful Suggestion

Question Unclaimed property laws apply to? A. Wages B. Vendor Payments C. Both Conclusion Basic Government Resource Manual Questions, ideas, potential changes e-mail the Technical Resources Committee Chair, Melissa Burns at [email protected]

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