Baywind Energy Co-op AGM 2006

Baywind Energy Co-op AGM 2006

Energy4All Annual General Meeting 2017 Annual review 2016/7 the value of cooperation Mike Smyth Chair, Energy4All Winner of a 2012 Ashden Award. Baywind Harlock Hill

Energy4All: energy co-operatives co-operating A co-operative of 23 independent community energy co-operatives which:

co-operate to meet operational and administrative needs co-operate to develop and share expertise co-operate to deliver future community energy through a shared development team co-operate to deliver representation

Energy4All Staff Directors : Marna McMillin, Annette Heslop, Mike Smyth, John Malone , Mark Luntley Development : Paul Phare, Rachael Hunter, Jim Lee Tammy Calvert Office Manager

Jack Heslop Site Manager Marketing & Membership Lorraine Bilton, Holly McCreanor-Smith Accounts : Sue Shields, Steph Tyson, Claire Milly Beattie, Qef Bogiqi and Cassie

Bell Energy4All 2017 23 trading co-ops Fully community owned Share in developer sites

Kilbraur Skye Great Glen Arrocha r Drumlin

Findhorn Boyndie Rumbling Bridge Edinburgh SOL Baywind

Rainepower High Winds Energy Prospects Four Winds Westmill

Reading Fenland Springbok M&S Energy Wey Valley West Solent

Schools Balcombe Energy4All operational improvements highlights 2016/7 New and enhanced IT system New web sites; improved communications to members

Development of systems to manage a large number of solar sites Streamline accounts and systems The Energy4All family co-operates to ensure they all have full time availability of professional, experienced expertise.

Energy4All development highlights 2016/7

Mean Moor windfarm purchased by 3 co-ops supported by Thrive 3 new co-ops launched Reading, M&S and Arrochar

4 successful share issues, without EIS 11 co-ops undertaking construction of renewable energy Working with hundreds of volunteers The Energy4All family of community energy cooperatives has made this possible thank you. Energy4All co-ops with

construction 2016/7 Arrochar Rumbling Bridge Edinburgh Rainepower

High Winds Springbok Reading M&S Energy Wey Valley

Schools Balcombe High Winds High Winds Members at their AGM Rumbling Bridge Hydro

Intake weir, pipe in position, River Rapids Rumbling Bridge Edinburgh Solar Installation at Wardie Primary School with Johanna Carrie

M&S Energy Society Truro Store Glenleigh Park Primary Academy

150 kW Schools Energy Co-operative Wey Valley Solar - LED Lighting Reading Community Energy

Just Around The Corner Activity Centre Installation REPOWER Balcombe Batteries at Turners Hill School Arrochar Construction

RainePower Construction Westmill In conclusion: Energy4All is your co-op Deliver, innovate and inspire Shared mission and vision

Co-operate to deliver top quality expertise with full time availability Shared development to deliver the mission

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