BCNET CANHEIT 2005 Overview

BCNET CANHEIT 2005 Overview

Suite 3200 SFU Harbour Centre 515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6B 5K3 Phone: 604.822.1348 or 1.800.255.8588 (in BC) Fax: 604.822.9887 - [email protected] BCNET small regional, big province in a big country Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 2 BCNET - A Distributed Network BCNET is building a distributed network using Transit Exchanges To provide an advanced multi-service network able to meet 3 conditions 1. Deliver customizable, high bandwidth facilities to individual faculty and service units within and across institutions.

2. Maximize campus connectivity to other organizations in the local community. 3. Provide reliable and redundant links to the global Internet for each campus. Furthermore, to support the network with minimal additional staff and cost Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 3 Advanced Network Infrastructure Many research networks fulfill some of the conditions Most provide high bandwidth, sometimes with experimental or minimally supported telco facilities Some provide global Internet connectivity, but fault-tolerance and failover is limited Few are well integrated into the local community,

providing excellent eyeball network access. Most consider local peering as an afterthought BCNETs advanced network infrastructure is built to fulfill all 3 requirements. Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 4 BCNET BCNET is a non-profit society supporting and promoting advanced networks in the province and serves BCs universities and research and development institutions BCNET is supported by the provincial and federal governments as well as by its regional university members The mission statements of the universities drives the purposes of BCNET Research Teaching Community Service

Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 5 BCNET in 2010 Sustain and enhance the Next Generation Research and Education Network for the Province of BC Improve and expand world class networking facilities connecting researchers from the BC interior to the coast to the world fully in place by 2010. Emphasis on Technology Excellence Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 6 BCNET 2010

Why R&E networks? What is BCNET 2010? What is the BCNET ORAN? What is a transit exchange and its benefits? What is the goal of BCNET 2010? What will BCNET 2010 look like? Who are BCNET 2010s partners? What is the current state? What are the next steps? Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 7

Why regional R&E networks? Research High bandwidth for big science move data Enhance collaboration New network technology network research Teaching Distributed education, remote course delivery, etc. Library services Community Service Connecting students, faculty, staff - importance of eyeball networks in local communities Getting to the local library, local schools, homes are of MAJOR importance (but maybe not to techies) Providing assistance to the local community to move technology forward, enhance economic development Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005

Slide 8 XRNET BCNET is allocating 2 fibre strands to ECE depts at member campuses to be used by network researchers exclusively Engineering trace capture boxes (argus) at TXs. Anderson, Peterson, Shenker, and Turner (2005) Most current Internet research involves either empirical measurement studies or incremental modifications that can be deployed without major architectural changes. Easy access to virtual testbeds could foster a renaissance in applied architectural research that extends beyond these incrementally deployable designs. Instead of being satisfied with paper designs that have no future, the design community should return to its roots of applied architectural research with the intention of once again changing the world. Before they can even consider deployment of a proposed architecture, researchers must adequately evaluate it. Although simulation and emulation are valuable tools for understanding new designs, they cannot substitute for experimentation with live traffic. We dare not simply complain about our current impasse, we must directly confront and overcome it.

Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 9 What is BCNET 2010? BCNET 2010 is a next generation network for research and education within the province. Expands and upgrades the existing Optical Regional Advanced Network (ORAN) within the province. Consists of a set of high speed links (lightpaths) connecting universities and institutes in Vancouver, Victoria, Prince George, Kelowna, Surrey and Kamloops. In place and fully operational by 2010 Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 10 BCNET ORAN principles

Building blocks Use of community dark fibre in local metro networks Creation of transit exchanges in local communities EVERY local community Connecting exchanges with lightpaths Features Allows ANYTHING L1, L2, L3 Emphasis on easy local peering and multihoming Exchanges are open to ALL R&E networks are simply private networks using community fibre infrastructure and interexchange wavelengths. Creates a marketplace per metro area, driving down costs, making interconnects easy Internet2 Joint Techs 2005

July 18, 2005 Slide 11 What is the BCNET ORAN? The BCNET ORAN interconnects the campuses of UBC, UVIC, SFU, UNBC, and BCIT to CA*net4 and the world-wide higher education community. The ORAN (completed in 2002) has been a success. It has delivered what was promised, stayed within budget, and delivered best-in-class connectivity to the north, as well as to the rest of the world for our research institutions in the province. Federal funding (CANARIE) helped to defray the cost of metropolitan fibre networks in Vancouver, Prince George, and Victoria.

Royal Roads, NRC Herzberg Institute, Emily Carr Institute, and the provincial governments SPAN-BC network were also connected. Academic health centres in Vancouver, Victoria, and Prince George have also been connected to support the expanded medical program. The inter-institutional Great Northern Way Campus has also been linked to the network, helping BCIT, SFU, UBC, and ECI create new programs at the facility. Dedicated fibre cable runs from each campus to downtown locations in Vancouver, Victoria, and Prince George. The fibre cable was obtained from Urban Networks and the City of Prince George, and BCNET its member institutions have the rights to use the cable for over 25 years. This ensured long term, low cost, high quality network connectivity in support of research and teaching to campuses in these cities. The provincial government funded connecting three metro centres together with high speed links.

2 gigabit per second link from Vancouver to Prince George 10 gigabit per second link from Vancouver to Victoria. Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 12 The BCNET ORAN Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 13 Connecting communities: The Transit Exchange Transit exchanges allow munis to provide FACILITIES without providing SERVICES. Gets around the Philly problem. A community network consists of providers + fibre facilities. Transit links (not a bus ) connect this network to the outside world. An exchange allows the local community easily and economically to support many transit links.

The transit exchange is the new central office, without the telephone system hierarchy. Can be thought of as an open central office. Supplier networks interconnect exchanges. These suppliers have variability in their connection fabrics. The equivalent to free local calling (peering) occurs within exchanges. Transit exchanges are the building blocks of new networks. Paul Vixie: there should be an exchange in every community size 50k, maybe in the basement of a bank building. Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 14 VANTX Universities/Institutes Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 15 VANTX R&E Affiliates

Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 16 VANTX Providers Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 17 PGTX Prince George is a town of 50k in northern BC. UNBC is a university of 3k students outside of town. Partnership City, UNBC, BCNET Located at City Hall Next to the library Really close to the school district, high school, Fibre from UNBC to the TX

ORAN OC48 link connects to the TX at City Hall Instead of directly to UNBC Provides for community benefit the library, health authority, and others have easy access to the ORAN link. Community involvement key University, City, Library, Health Authority Next step: possible community ownership with BCNET providing operational support. Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 18 PGTX Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 19 Benefits of TXs

TXs in communities Encourages competition, driving down prices Builds technological centre Can provide a hub to attract hi-tech business Allows a platform for application service providers TXs as regional hubs Remote facilities could backhaul to regional TX (eg, Kelowna) Keep local traffic as regional as possible

Allow remote community ISP (and maybe end users) larger choice of providers at TX, rather than only the ones who can get to the community. TX location and number can be a function of regional demand. TXs are independent Houston and Quesnel to PG rather than Vancouver could be privately owned and operated

Equinix, Exodus in the US InvisibleHand Networks Bandwidth Exchange in Europe NetworkBC, BCNET as a user of TXs rather than operator Provide incentive for muni fibre networks Allows city to provide cabling only and staying out of the service business Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 20 What is the goal of BCNET 2010? BCNET 2010 will support research and teaching at our universities and institutes by connecting all major campuses (including academic health centres) with gigabit lightpaths. A lightpath is a dedicated gigabit per second network link to interconnect scientific

equipment, instruments, sensors, computing devices, cameras, and databases, to name a few uses. Lightpaths are constructed using advanced network facilities and equipment, and provide researchers and educators with dedicated services. Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 21 What will BCNET 2010 look like? Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 22 Looking a little closer PGTX UNBC PG Regional Hospital/NHA

PG Library City of PG KELTX UBC Okanagan Okanagan College KLO Campus Kelowna General/IHA Kelowna Library City of Kelowna NRC Penticton (potential) VANTX 10Gb or greater link VICTX UVIC UVIC Do wntown UVIC/Project Venus

Govt of BC/SPANBC RRU Victoria Public Library NRC Her zberg Pacific Forestry Centre Pacific Geoscience Centre Royal Jubilee Hospital/VIHA 1Gb or greater link 1 Gb or greater link BCIT Burnaby BCIT Downto wn BCIT Aerospace UBC Point Grey

UBC Robson Square UBC/VGH UBC/St. Pauls UBC/C&W Cancer Rsrch Ctr Genome Sci Rsrch Ctr Great Northern Way Campus Emily Carr SFU Burnaby SFU Harbour Centre TRIUMF NRC Innovation Centre Govt of BC/SPANBC Dedicated fibre 10Gb capable 1 Gb or greater link

SURTX SFU Surrey Surrey Memorial Hospital/F HA KAMTX TRU City of Kamloops CA*net4 The world Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 23 BCNET 2010 Partnerships Partnerships are key to building and sustaining the advanced network over the longer term. NetworkBC and the provincial government Research and Education Organizations

Telecommunications Suppliers Local communities BCNET 2010 has the support of local communities, and especially those in the heartlands of the province: Kamloops, Kelowna, and Prince George. Kelowna TX will connect the local library, hospital, and other municipal facilities to UBCO. Important piece of local infrastructure Encourage economic development Help growth of the information technology sector. These sites will also be able to take advantage of BCNET 2010 lightpaths as a result of the existing

infrastructure. Kelowna and Kamloops will benefit directly from BCNET 2010 The university, hospital, city and library will all stand to benefit directly Other high tech companies can connect to the exchange as well. Knits local groups together to share/create content and conduct business efficiently. Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 24 BCNET 2010 Network Plans BCNET 2010 is planning the following for local connectivity. The lightpath network will be provided by a major intraprovince supplier, such as Telus, Bell, Shaw, MTS/AllStream, Sprint, etc. Phase 1 New metro network connections for institutions in Kamloops,

Kelowna, and Surrey New transit exchanges in Kamloops, Kelowna, and Surrey One or more lightpaths connecting Kelowna One or more lightpaths for Kamloops High speed link connecting Surrey Phase 2 New connection from BCIT aerospace campus to the VANTX. Four or more lightpaths to Victoria. One or more lightpaths to Prince George. Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 25 BCNET 2010 Project Progress Funding received from the Ministry of Advanced Education $3M for metro fibre builds and Transit Exchanges

Some early funding for intercity lightpaths, with most committed in 2007 Project Team formed and project plan developed for phase 1 RFP issued for Kelowna Metro Fibre build and responses received Partnering with City of Kamloops for Kamloops Metro Fibre build TRU membership and contracts in process Kelowna TX facility under construction with LOI completed with RackForce Executive Focus Groups established and meetings held in Kamloops and Kelowna to ensure community involvement Technical Focus Groups formed and first meetings being held to provide feedback on architecture, design, and implementation Draft TX Architecture document produced Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 26 BCNET 2010 Key Issues and Actions

Community Involvement Leverage Executive Focus Groups to create awareness and help grow the local TXs Metro Fibre cost and schedule The schedule is to have the new university locations, TRU and UBC Okanagan, to be operational in the fall 2005 Kamloops: Close coordination with City to negotiate Kamloops Community Networks agreement and initiate construction Kelowna: Complete RFP process, select supplier & negotiate contract Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 27 BCNET 2010 Next Steps Kamloops metro fibre construction to start with completion expected by end of October Supplier contracts for Kelowna Metro Fibre build to be

completed TX Facility Agreement for KELTX to be completed with RackForce KAMTX Facility to be identified and contract negotiated In cooperation with CANARIE, negotiate agreements with Inter-city Lightpath providers with expected installation for end of September Complete BCNET TX Architecture and begin equipment ordering RFP for Internet Transit for Kamloops and Kelowna Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 28 BCNET - Collaboration BCNET is meeting the conditions of a distributed multi-service network Advanced network, highly customizable big bandwidth Local community peering, development, and access Reliable and redundant links to the Internet

Collaboration and community involvement is key to the success of the BCNET 2010 project Reflected in the operations and other BCNET projects Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 29 BCNET Advisory Committees BCNET utilizes Advisory Committees to increase involvement in communities of interest Committee members are invited from leading technology areas, not limited to BCNET membership Applications Advisory Committee Provides advice regarding BCNETs role in the facilitation of advanced applications that would take advantage of the ORAN. The committee reviews potential applications that make use of the network: determines relevance of applications to the BCNET institutional members recommends priorities for investigation

suggests methods (pilot projects, etc.) for facilitation of such applications Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 30 BCNET Advisory Committees Network Planning Advisory Committee A forum where practicing University network engineers can interact with outside experts from industry, Internet2, and CANARIE Provides advice regarding next generation network technologies and their potential implementation within BCNET Network Research Advisory Committee A forum where network researchers from member institutions can interact with researchers from the private sector, other institutions across Canada and internationally Provides advice relating to the development and operation of facilities for specific use by network researchers including the suitability of the overall network design for supporting network

research activities and next generation technologies which may be beneficial Facilitates new areas of network research that can benefit from testing and deployment across the BCNET ORAN Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 31 BCNET Working Groups Some of the Working Groups generated by the committees Identity Management Disaster Recovery High Performance Computing Network Performance Analysis Security Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 32

Operational Collaboration The Network Engineering group is comprised of the peer IT Networking groups of each of the primary Members of BCNET: BCIT, SFU, UBC, UVIC, and UNBC Each Transit Exchange has the local university IT group as its primary support To be expanded as the BCNET ORAN expands with 3 more Transit Exchanges A central NOC is utilized for 24x7 support and to co-ordinate maintenance, scheduling, and trouble ticketing Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 33 BCNET OutReach Events Fully develop network usage audit using research office Strategy underway to work with member Deans of Research. CANARIE project funding being pursued.

Work with member PR offices to publicize BCNET initiatives on campus Hold outreach events on member campuses Participated in Estrategy at UBC entire afternoon dedicated to BCNET Event held with research interests at UNBC. One being planned for UBCO in Fall. Participating in Okanagan Health Tech Symposium Joint hosting I2 Techs meeting at BCIT Hold annual conference Have held 5. The 2006 conference likely to be done in consort with WestGrid Hold Cool-Apps contest Annual graduate student competition promoting new uses of network connectivity Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005

Slide 34 BCNET Mission and Vision BCNET envisions a networking environment where BCs research and educational institutions have state of the art access to the worlds best internetworking services. BCNET will provide its membership with the most advanced and cost effective access to networking services and collaborate with other stakeholders in the evolution of the Internet. Thank You ! Internet2 Joint Techs 2005 July 18, 2005 Slide 35

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