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Beautiful new title page

WELCOME!!! VP Card Program Officer: Rick Lopez SunTrust Bank 1 What is E-Payables? Technology to Maximize Performance ESP Provides Oversight and Control View detailed statements for SunTrust Purchasing Card and Corporate Card programs. Statement Manager also provides presentment of third party statements such as Cellular/Mobile providers and multinational commercial card partners all from the same screen. Manage outstanding transactions that require attention or actions, such as: GL coding, adding comments, transaction disputes, breaking out sales tax, checking against corporate policies, submitting for manager approval, and reviewing for approval status. Perform end-to-end expense reporting and reimbursement for both card and out-of-pocket transactions. Reconcile against company spending policies, attach electronic receipts, claim mileage reimbursement and per diems, allocate to GLs, add comments to the transaction or manager approval, and streamline integration to your accounts payable system. Integrate Purchasing Card into your A/P process and migrate invoice payments from check to

Purchasing Card. Payables Manager increases visibility with invoice payments and helps reduce check fraud. Create pre-purchase forms to fit any buying need. With the customizable business rules, approved requests dynamically fund specific cards, allowing for immediate spend capability Single technology platform with modular architecture 3 Supplier Analytics Supplier Vendor Match Analysis Conduct a thorough analysis and segmentation of all suppliers from AP file. Recommend & Prioritize Targets based on analysis STI Match Visa Match Non Acceptors Unlikely Extension of your AP / Procurement Department

Implement Best Practice Approach Manage and track supplier recruiting campaign 4 Payables Vendor Match SAMPLE 5 5 Supplier Enablement Consultant Overview Dedicated Liaison between Client and Supplier Management of Supplier Enrollment Teams Development & Administration

Dedicated Liaison between Client and Supplier Vendor Match Analytics Supplier Enrollment & Campaign Management Supplier target >$1MM Weekly updates Management of Supplier Enrollment Team Targets Suppliers < $1MM Enrollment Documentation (Scripts, Letters, etc.)

Internal Communication Business Development Support Enrollment Optimization Enrollment Realization 6 Enrollment Campaign Management Setting Goals & Expectations Thorough Review of Communication Materials Card Program Mandate? Pre Enrollment Letters

Authorization Letters Email Confirmation Program Summary Inbound/Outbound Calling Efforts Tailored to each Clients Needs Weekly On-boarding Tracking & Reporting New Enrolled Suppliers Declined Suppliers Client Action Items Flag Enrolled Suppliers from Check to Card VITAL TO SUCCESS Internal Communication to Stakeholders Procurement Mandate on future construction projects 7 Business Development-Growth Opportunities Annual AP File Non Acceptors Opportunity Enrollment Potential for Suppliers < 50K

Enrollment Tools Mail Inserts Enrollment Forms (Electronic) Procurement Opportunity (New Relationships, Contracts, etc.) Re-visit & Analyze Previous Campaigns by: Segmenting Declined Suppliers by Declined Reason Calling Effort Strategy 8 Quick Best Practices to Consider for Growth What t should we Consider doing? Set up ghost accounts Why should we do this? How do we do this?

How do we get help? Use AP Analysis reporting to identify opportunities to use ghost cards Work with your CPO to implement the ghost accounts Ghost cards offer a convenient payment method for individuals without card accounts while streamlining the payment process Examples of use include airfare purchases, recurring charges, payment of e-Procurement suppliers, and corporate event Expenses Target specific

spend categories Choosing certain spend types to migrate allows a company to focus its efforts A consistent view of spend across a category enhances the benefits of supplier management and spend visibility Choose spend categories to migrate to payment by card Mandate or encourage commercial card payment of these categories Update program policies and procedures accordingly

Work with your CPO to analyze AP data to identify the best spend categories to target based on spend amount, transaction volume, and supplier acceptance of card Evaluate slippage Sometimes only part of the total spend with a supplier is paid by Card This inconsistency prevents both parties from capturing the full benefits of the card payment Determine which suppliers currently paid by card are also being paid by other payment methods Mandate or encourage that all spend with these suppliers be by commercial card

Your CPO can help review and compare AP data to ESP card spend reports to determine areas of Slippage Use the commercial card in Accounts Payable Invoice processing and check payment are manual and require significant time and effort Companies streamline their payment process and capture cost savings by transferring invoice payments to Card Provide AP with a card to use to pay invoices Use this card for infrequent purchases with accepting suppliers or invoices that

require immediate Payment Use AP data analysis reports to identify potential opportunities The Vendor Match can assist with identifying accepting Suppliers 9 Strengthening Capabilities Our goal is to offer you greater visibility and control over your working capital. It is a SunTrust strategic priority to commit ongoing investment in What This Means For technology You and other resources to ensure exceptional treasury solutions. Consistent operational excellence in the

core payment and treasury solutions you need. Timely access to information and streamlined reporting for better informed cash management decisions. Opportunistic investment in emerging capabilities that target your future business needs. 10 EMV - Chip & PIN Cards Caroline Lord Commercial Card Service Excellence Manager

11 What is Chip Technology The chip card technology being adopted by SunTrust is known in the industry as EMV, which is an acronym for Europay/MasterCard/Visa. These three companies jointly developed the card authentication chip standards in use today in most parts of the world. SunTrust prefers the term cards with chip technology, but they are also known as chip & PIN cards, smart cards, smart chip cards and EMV cards. In addition to the familiar magnetic stripe on the back, chip cards include an embedded microchip on the front. 12 What is Chip Technology Enhanced Security When used to make a purchase at a chip-enabled point of sale terminal, the chip card exchanges encrypted card authentication algorithms and other security data designed to protect the account holders identity and ensure the card being presented is genuine. Like debit cards, chip cards encourage the use of personal identification numbers (PINs) to validate cardholder identity for inperson purchases. Cardholders choose their own easy-to-remember

PIN when they activate their new card. International Acceptance Because this security standard has been widely adopted in other parts of the world already, adding the chip technology to SunTrust Commercial Cards should provide our clients with a more consistent cardholder experience when traveling internationally and offer them greater peace of mind when using their SunTrust cards anywhere. 13 What is Chip Technology U.S. Domestic Acceptance Cards with chip technology will, for the foreseeable future, continue to include the traditional magnetic stripe, providing confidence that SunTrust cards can be used at all the same merchants that today welcome them around the world. Many U.S. merchants, motivated by the Visa and MasterCard fraud liability rule changes that will take effect, are beginning the roll out of chip-enabled terminals over the next two years. 14 14 Misconceptions of Chip Technology

The chip technology being implemented on SunTrust card products does not: Use Near Field Communication (NFC) or contactless technology (e.g. PayPass.) The card must be inserted into a chip enabled merchant terminal and the chip must physically touch the reader contacts in order to transmit or receive data. Record, track or store information about the cardholder or the nature of their purchases in any way. Affect other card parameters like credit limits, ATM cash access, merchant category blocking or card benefits. Improve security in any way for transactions made online, by telephone or at merchant terminals that do not yet have the ability to recognize and read the card chip. 15 Which Card Products? SunTrust is installing chip card technology on: Commercial Card Purchasing Corporate

Executive Corporate Business Credit Card Consumer Credit Card Those not in scope include: Access 3, Gift, Prepaid, and Payroll Cards 16 16 How Do Chip Cards Work? How will clients use SunTrust chip card technology? Its as simple as 1, 2, 3 1. Insert chip card to start the transaction 2. Enter PIN* and follow any other terminal prompts 3. Remove chip card after the transaction is complete * Non-chip enabled transactions work just as they do today 17 Client Conversion

Key Points: Chip technology offers significant security enhancements, if used as intended Card authentication helps guard against counterfeit plastic User authentication and identity protections individual PIN use helps ensure accountability Counseling clients on the best configuration and use of their commercial card program becomes even more important than ever Card in hand programs: Consider issuing a card to any employee who incurs annually at least $500 in business expenses. Cards should not be shared. Unassigned or department cards are a prime source of misuse and fraud and, to optimize accountability and control, companies should avoid using them. If a company chooses to designate a single card account for all purchases in a department, it is recommended that that card be issued in the name of the primary user, if possible, so that accountability can be maintained. The introduction of PINs for cardholder identity authentication as part of U.S. credit card industry standards makes this even more evident. Real control is impossible, if a single card can be used by multiple people. Cardholders should never divulge their PIN to anyone, including the program administrator. Chip card technology provides opportunities for enhanced security and accountability, but like any control, they are only effective if not bypassed.

Program Administrators should be advised that there is no need for bulk activation or ordering PIN mailers. Each cardholder should use the activation telephone18 number to choose and manage their confidential PIN. No Bulk Activation No Bulk PIN Settings No PIN Mailers When Will We Get Our New Chip Cards? Cardholders will receive their new Chip Card when their current card expires Each month we migrate approximately 50 clients based on when the majority of their cards expire Can I run a report in Enterprise Spend Platform to see when my companys employees cards expire? To view a report of expiring cards, follow these steps: 1. Select the Reports tab from the top navigation.

2. Click Account Search from the left navigation under the Company Administration heading. The Account Search window appears. 3. From the Account Status drop-down menu, select Active. 4. Check the Account Listing box at the bottom of the window. 5. In the Additional Fields drop-down menu, check the Expiration Date box. 6. Click the Search button, the listing of open cards appears. 7. Click the Expiration Date heading to sort the cards by expiration date. 19 Commercial Card Client Service Responsible for the Commercial Card Specialist Team We provide day to day support for our Program Administrators [email protected] 866-829-6396 Monday Friday: 8am 6pm ET Provide after hours support for PAs Just leave a voicemail and state that you require an immediate callback Cardholders may call the number on the back of their card 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (800-836-8562) 20


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