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What tricks do you use to remember new information? Bell Work Memory

Types of Memories What is Memory? Process we recollect prior experiences, information, or skills learned in the past.

Episodic Memory Specific event Flashbulb memory: How did you meet your significant other?

When did you win a competition? These have a special meaning for us. 9/11 Generic Memory General Knowledge

Who is the president? Who wrote your favorite quote? Doesnt usually involve a date you learned it. Recite the alphabet. Procedural Memory

Skills/procedures learned. Reading a bike. Skill memory lasts a long time. Can you forget to ride a bike? Three Processes of

Memory Think: How do you store and retrieve information from a computer? Encoding Encoding

Translation of information into a form in which it can be stored. First stage of processing information. Pencils Down Remember this 30 seconds

Remember This: 30 Seconds OTTFFSSENT Visual Codes

Seeing the letters as a picture. Making a mental image of things Grocery shopping Acoustic Codes Reading the list and repeating it to

yourself. Using an auditory cue to help you remember. Semantic Codes Making sense of the letters

Only Thirty Thousand Foul Fowls Numbers Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally How do you save something to a computer? Storage:

Storage Second Stage of Processing Information Maintenance of encoded information

Best way is rehearsal Maintenance Rehearsal Repeating information to save it.

Elaborative Rehearsal Creating meaning for information. Using words in a sentence rather than just memorizing definitions.

Organizational Systems (Under Storage) Expansion of organized information Why do we keep taking certain classes? Develop files within files (Fileception!)

Filing Errors Mistakes can be made Can eventually put them in the right place. Wrap Up

If you wanted to remember the definition of storage how could you use the different types of rehearsal to do it? Bell Work

Give an example of an episodic, a general, and a procedural memory. Three Stages of Memory Sensory

Based on senses Icon Mental pictures of visual stimuli Iconic Memory Photographic Memory Echoes Mental traces of sound Echoic Memory

Easier than visual Short Term Working Memory What you are thinking now uses short term memory

Rehearsal puts helps create long term memory Short Term Memory Primacy Effect The tendency to recall the first bits of information (from a list or group)

Recency Effect Tendency to recall the last bits of information (more recent than first or middle) Chunking Write down a phone number you know. Social Security Numbers

Credit Cards Short Term Memory Interference New information replaces what was previously in short term memory Cramming for a test

Time consuming instructions. Long Term Final stage of memory Capacity of Memory All senses No limit yet discovered

Not permanent Memory as Reconstruction Memories are not videos Reconstruction of information the brain held on to. Next step is finding information

How do you do this on a computer? Retrieval Retrieval Bringing information back. Context-Dependent

Memories come back dependent on context (hearing an old song, brings back memories) State-Dependent Memories related to state of being at the time they were established Drugs and alcohol

Caffeine Memory Tasks Basic Memory Tasks Recognition Identifying things you have memories about

Easiest Recall Reconstruct information in your mind More than just recognizing youve seen it before. Relearning

We forget Relearning is more rapid than learning Amnesia Infantile: Cannot remember before the age of three Brain is not developed enough to constantly rehearse

memories Anterograde: Trauma to the brain (blow to head, shock, surgery) Forming new memories Retrograde:

Lose memories leading up to trauma The Majestic Improving Memory Unusual Associations Strange way of remembering things Efferant nerves go in which direction?

Mnemonic Devices Acronym, phrase, or jingle HOMES Name game Wrap Up

Why is it important to keep rehearsing information?

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