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Publishing Official Datasets Toby Green OECD Publishing 4th Bloomsbury Conference on e-Publishing and ePublications 24th and 25th June , 2010 Publishing Official Data in cool ways since 1961

Climategate! investigation reveals scientific concern about missing tree ring data. The Guardian, January 2010 Would it have been lost had it been properly published and curated?

Should we rely on authors to self-publish data? Data is not second class stuff. It should be just as easy to: peer review publish cite as research articles.

We simply need the existing scholarly publishing toolkit: review mechanism metadata doi identifiers CrossRef

So, whereas for books we have this: Heres one OECD prepared earlier . . . For datasets we could have this: But data is not the same as an article or book chapter,

Sub-sets can be published. Sub-sets: each has unique identifier, with links to the mother dataset Data subset series Homepage DOI: 1234.56/Series Subset 1 Homepage

DOI link to: Main dataset DOI: 1234.56/Subset#1 Subset 2 Homepage DOI link to: Main dataset DOI: 1234.56/Subset#2 Subset 3

DOI link to: Main dataset Homepage DOI: 1234.56/Subset#3 The same data can have a different rendition or graphical interface Datasets with multiple renditions: same identifier

Dataset Homepage Rendition 1 Rendition 2 Rendition 3 Datasets can grow.

Our current solution is to give them the same explainidentifier the growth in the and metadata Datasets can change. Our current solution is to

give them a NEW identifier, explain the change in the metadata, and provide a link back to the original dataset. Read all about it!

OECDs stuffdata machine (2010) Jim Grays era (2008) Publications Processed data Data Presentations

Data Data publishing workflow at OECD Data producer (author) Statistician and Researcher Responsibility

Data Editor Data Production Editor Data Operations Data

Marketing & Support Selection, Quality Assurance, Metadata, tion a c

i f i t r Ce Acronym killing, Packaging

DOI allocation, Technical checks. Hosting, Infrastructure Promotion, Training,

Support, Discovery optimisation tion a r t s i

g Re dship r a w e t S

ness e r a w A Publisher Responsibility End User and Librarian Feedback

I can end it here, or is there time for more? [email protected] Great visualisations tell stories

Charles Minard's 1869 chart showing the losses in men, their movements, and the temperature of Napoleon's 1812 Russian campaign. TOYS FOR BOYS? OECD Toys OECD Factbook iPhone App -2010/id327348502?mt=8&uo=6 OECD Regional Statistics eXplorer OECD Factblog factblog/blog/2010/05/11/tax-who-pays-what OECD graph generator test Pimp my data Facebook privacy (not any more): Why I cant get a cab outside the UN building in NY? 04/02/nyregion/taxi-map.html Why my musician brother grows his own food 2010/how-much-do-music-artists-earnonline/ How they spend your money

PIMP KITS and SITES FOR SHARING DATA Thank-you and er [email protected]

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