BHRA - Ohio Department of Transportation

BHRA - Ohio Department of Transportation

Ohio Department of Transportation John R. Kasich, Governor Jerry Wray, Director Office of Aviation Update James Bryant Administrator Ohio Aviation Association Conference 04/18/17 Ohio Airports Focus Study ODOT Direct Grants ODOT Matching Grants Ohio Airport Protection Act 2 Ohio Airport System 104 publicly owned airports in Ohio 8 Commercial Service (receive enplanement funds) 96 General Aviation airports eligible for ODOT Grants 84 of Ohios 88 counties have a publicly-owned airport 3

Focus Study Key Findings 98 percent of Ohioans are within 30 minutes of a publicly owned airport Replacement cost of GA airport system: $5.2 billion Cost to meet GA airport facility benchmarks statewide: $215 million to $345 million Cost to meet system compliance (Runway Safety Areas and Runway Protection Zones): Up to $56 million Pavement maintenance more than $450 million over 20 years for pavement alone! Even if ODOT funding stays at $6 million per year, total funding for the 20 year period will only be $120 million 4 Twenty Year GA Forecasts from the Focus Study Moderate overall activity growth anticipated: 2012 Based aircraft: 2032

4,687 Annual operations: 2.7 million 5,182 3.0 million Relatively high growth over the forecast period in business aircraft sales and operations (small jets, turboprops) 5 Economic Impact of Ohios Airports GA and Commercial Service Direct Employment Multiplier Total 66,789

56,667 123,456 Payroll $2.3 billion $1.9 billion $4.2 billion Output $7.4 billion $5.9 billion $13.3 billion Includes both commercial service and general aviation airports 6

Economic Impact of 96 General Aviation (GA) airports Employment 17,500 jobs Payroll Total Economic Output Replacement Cost of GA Airport System Includes general aviation only $668 million $1.8 billion $5.2 billion 7 ODOT Grant Program The ODOT Grant Program has increased dramatically over the last two years Funding for the FY2016 2017 biennium is

seven times the level of the previous biennium Matching Grants, to pay 5% of all GA projects funded by FAA, have been added ODOT share of costs has increased, and eligible project list has been expanded 8 Direct Grant Program ODOT share is 95% of eligible costs Eligible Projects: RW, TW and apron resurfacing/reconstruction Obstruction removal and lighting trees, buildings, terrain Rehab of: RW, TW and Apron lighting Approach Lighting Systems Runway End Indicator Lights (REILs) Precision Approach Path Indicators (PAPIs) Automated Weather Observing Systems (AWOS) Wind indicators & lighting Pavement marking Items not listed will be considered on a case-by-case basis

9 Changes for FY2018 Design Engineering: Starting with FY2018, eligible costs will include design engineering, in addition to construction and construction engineering Proof of Payment: Proof of payment is no longer required for grant payments (also applies to FY2017) Eligible Projects: AWOS rehab is now eligible New Standard Assurance: Appendix O, Compliance Form, Ohio Airport Protection Act, must be submitted. 10 ODOT Grant Funding 1998 - 2019 $7,000,000 2016-2019, $6.5 million $6,000,000 1999, $4.8 million $5,000,000

$4,000,000 $3,000,000 $2,000,000 $1,000,000 $0 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Assumes GRF funding will remain at $6 million in FY18-19 11 ODOT Grant Program Funding for the Ohio Airport Grant Program had to declined to less than $1.0 million per year. Through the efforts of OAA, and Rep. Perales and others in the Ohio Legislature, GRF funding for State Fiscal Years 2016 and 2017 increased to $6.0 million per year. The graph on the previous slide assumes that funding will remain at the same level for the FY2018-2019

biennium 12 Funding Levels, ODOT Grant Programs, 2015, 2016 & 2017 2015 2016 2017 7 26 14 $800,000 $6.9 million $4.7 million

# of Matching Grants 0 0 51 Total Matching Grant Funding $0 $0 $2.2 million Total Funding, Both Programs $800,000 $6.9 million $6.9 million

# of Direct Grants Total Direct Grant Funding 13 New Standard Assurance Appendix O, Compliance Form, Ohio Airport Protection Act. By signing this form, sponsor agrees that if awarded a grant: Sponsor will appoint a Representative to monitor aeronautical studies within the Airports Part 77 airspace If applicable, Representative will comment on proposed structures that penetrate the airports Part 77 airspace Representative will post aeronautical studies at the airport Office of Aviation is preparing a brochure to be used by airport sponsors to promote airspace protection The new standard assurance is under review, revisions will be in place by the beginning of FY2018 Grant Program on July 1, 2017 14 Grant Cycle for FY18 Direct Grants Milestone

Date Grant program announcement letter sent to airport managers and sponsors Deadline to receive applications/postmarked by Approximate date for Office of Aviation to announce Notices of Project Approval March 20, 2017 Bids due at Office of Aviation April 15, 2018 May 1, 2017 July 15, 2017 ODOT must encumber grant funding by June 15, 2018 15 ODOT Direct Grants:

Scoring Category Project Type Points Obstruction Removal 40 Pavement Rehabilitation 40 3. Pavement Marking * Infrastructure 40 4. Lighting Rehab * Infrastructure

40 5. Type of Based Aircraft All Projects 10 6. Number of Based Aircraft All Projects 10 7. Airport Economic Impact All Projects 10 8. Compliance with Pavement Maintenance Plan

All Projects 20 9. Increased Local Match (over 15%) All Projects 10 Maximum Possible: 100 1. Effect on Safety * 2. Pavement Condition (PCI) * *Projects are scored in only one of Categories 1 through 4 16 Direct Grant Info on the Web Go to:

In menu, upper left side, click Airports Scroll down to Ohio Airport Grant Program for: Application Procedure for Direct Grants Application Procedure for Matching Grants Prior year direct grant project lists Also on this page: Capital Improvement Plan material FAA AIP material Pavement Condition Reports and Airport Safety Inspection Reports (5010 Reports) for all publicly owned airports Ohio Airport Protection Act material Ohio laws for Aeronautics and Airports 17 Deadline for Bid Selection For FY18 program, submit bid tabs to ODOT by April 15, 2018! If bids will not be submitted by April 15, be sure to coordinate with ODOT

ODOT Fiscal Year ends June 30 All grants must be encumbered by June 15, 2018 OR THE MONEY WILL BE LOST! 18 General Comments Even with increased funding it may be difficult to fund very large projects. Be prepared to reduce project scope and cost Dont leave anything out, e.g., connector taxiways, turnarounds, drainage, engineering fees Be sure to let your FAA Program Manager know what your are applying for from ODOT If project eligibility is in question, it is better to apply for the grant and let ODOT make a determination

ODOT Contact: Dave Dennis, 614-3872352, [email protected] 19 ODOT Direct Grants, FY2016 Airport Akron Fulton Ashtabula-NE Ohio Reg. Ph. 1 Ashtabula-NE Ohio Reg. Ph. 2 Columbus - OSU Airport Dayton Wright Bros. Dayton Wright Bros. Delware Municipal Fostoria Metro Hamilton-Butler Co. Lancaster - Fairfield Co. Lebanon - Warren Co. Mansfield Lahm Medina Mun. Ph. 1 Medina Mun. Ph. 2 Middlefield - Geauga Co. Middletown Hook Middletown Hook Middletown Hook Newark-Heath

Ottawa - Putnam Co. Ph. 1 Ottawa - Putnam Co. Ph. 2 Port Clinton- Erie-Ottawa Sidney Mun. Springfield Beckley Tiffin - Seneca Co. Toledo Exec. Urbana Grimes Willoughby - Lost Nation Wilmington Air Park Zanesville Mun. 20 Project Description Rehab Aprons C, D, s. ends of E & F Obst. Rem. trees Rehab TW A - west end Rem. trees, RW 23, 27R Appr. Rehab apron Tree removal Reconst. TW C RW pavement marking Rehab PAPI's and REIL's

RW rehab Replace beacon, pads for REIL's Windcone, windcone lighting rehab Reconst. TW A Rehab apron Obst. Rem. trees Rehab Aprons A thru F TW repair Overlay TW Resurf. Ramp Obst. Rem. trees Apron rehab Rehab TW, repair RW 09/27 Rehab RW 5/23 Crack Repair TW B, Rehab TW F Rehab Aprons B & D, TW A & B Pavement marking Re-seed & fertilize turf RW Crack Repair RW10/28 Repair section of Apron B Rehab RW 16/34 Total: ODOT Share

$307,180 $49,970 $323,911 $63,650 $475,000 $95,000 $404,368 $54,791 $116,993 $611,876 $24,700 $59,156 $570,000 $313,500 $37,273 $429,923 $51,034 $564,300 $39,601 $20,107 $125,875 $599,673 $85,576 $370,111

$180,107 $75,311 $5,254 $276,810 $161,596 $404,700 $6,897,346 Total requested: 58 projects at 34 airports totaling $15.9 million ODOT Direct Grants, FY2017 Airport Project Description ODOT Share Akron Fulton Int. Obstruction Lighting & Tree Removal $508,393 Northeast Ohio Reg.

Tree Removal & Brush Clearing $201,793 Clermont County Resurface & Widen TW $99,145 Noble County Mark RW, Obst. Rem., RW lighting repair $63,413 Ohio State University RW Repairs $1,536,150 Moraine Air Park

RW Rehab $501,879 Lorain County RW 7/25 Pavement Marking $109,934 Geauga County Obstruction Removal Trees $47,025 Knox County Rehab Apron A $479,550 Hartzell Field

Install PAPI $280,285 Darke County TW Repairs $52,250 Fulton County Replace Markers on Turf Runway $16,150 Zanesville Municipal Rehab RW 16/34 $404,629 Bolton Field

Replace MALSR $380,000 Total: 21 $4,647,089 Total requested: 55 projects at 41 airports totaling $17.1 million Matching Grant Program FY2017 was the first time ODOT has matched FAA grants since FY2003 ODOT pays half of the non-federal share of all FAAfunded GA projects: 90% FAA, 5% State, 5% Local ODOT will match ALL FAA grants to GA airports (airports that do not receive passenger or air cargo entitlements). NO FAA GRANT TO GA WILL GO UNMATCHED! 91 GA airports eligible for FAA funding ODOT match from State FY17 to match FAA FY16: $2.2 million for 51 projects at 50 airports 22

Matching Grant Applications No set deadline - Submit as soon as FAA Grant Offer is received Items to be submitted: Application letter Signed ODOT Matching Grant Standard Assurances Copy of the FAA Grant Offer Resolution from governing body authorizing submittal of the application App. can be submitted without resolution, submit resolution when available 23 Matching Grant Amounts There will be no changes to original amount of ODOT match due to change orders even if approved by FAA. 24 Matching Grant Payments

To obtain grant payments Sponsor must submit to ODOT: Letter requesting payment Completed ODOT Pay Request form Copy of Invoice Summary submitted to FAA 25 Matching Grant Final Payment For final grant payment Sponsor must submit to ODOT: Letter requesting final payment Completed ODOT Pay Request form Copy of Grant Closeout Letter sent by FAA to Sponsor Copy of Federal Form SF425, Federal Financial Report, submitted by Sponsor to FAA as part of the project closeout process 26 Matching Grant Funding Levels FAA FY16 grants to Ohio GA airports: 51 FAA-funded projects at 50 GA airports

Total project cost: $43.2 million FAA share (90%): $38.8 million, a record for Ohio ODOT FY17 grants to match FAA FY16: ODOT: $2.2 million, 5% of total cost Local: $2.2 million, 5% of total cost ODOT matching grants leverage federal funds at a ratio of 18:1 27 Matching Grant Program Info Matching Grant Material on the Web Go to: In menu, upper left side, click Airports Scroll down to Ohio Airport Grant Program, click Application Procedure for Matching Grants ODOT Contact: Joe Ortega, 614-387-2346, [email protected]

28 Airspace Protection 3000+ Permits processed per year Large number of wind turbines, cell towers, buildings Analysis being performed by contract beginning FY 2017 Public Information effort Coming Soon Seeking more involvement at the local airport level 29 Airspace Protection Legislative changes proposed in HB 49 Ability for ODOT to charge a permit application fee Separate State application Modernize, clarify and strengthen our ability to protect all 14 CFR Part 77 surfaces 30

Questions? Dave Dennis: Direct Grants 614-387-2352 [email protected] (Office hours 9:30 to 1:30 ) Joe Ortega: Matching Grants 614-387-2346 [email protected] John Stains: Airspace Protection 614-387-2358 [email protected] Andy Doll: Seaplane Bases, Heliports, Temporary Landing Sites 614-387-2384 [email protected] Russ Neice: Pavement Inspections, Safety (5010) Inspections 614-387-0928 [email protected] For a copy of this presentation contact Dave Dennis or Joe Ortega 31

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