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WIPO and PRV 14 March 2014 Susanne s Sivborg Director General, PRV Relations between two offices PRV & WIPO PRV in short Facts about Sweden and PRV

Sweden is one of the top innovative countries in the world Paris Convention 1884 Bern Convention 1904 PCT and EPC 1979 Madrid system 1996 EU Trademark and Design systems PCT-authority since 1979 Sweden and PRV are active in

GA CoCo SCP SCT SCCR IGC CDIP MIA (and PschA) PCT WG And many many more (incl. CWS and IPC)

Collaboration PRV WIPO SIDA

3 program/year 3 w + 1 w after 6 m IP in the global economy Industrial rights for LDC Copyright and related rights ~25 participants at each program National projects 10 y program sequence to be evaluated 2014 PRV in short Financed by fees

Belongs to the Ministry of Enterprise, Communication and Energy Offices in Stockholm and Sderhamn DG Susanne s Sivborg Turnover of about 330 MSEK About 350 employees ISO-certified since 2007

2013 facts and numbers National applications: 2500 patent applications 8800 trademark applications 485 design applications International applications: 1550 PCT-applications 1990 Madrid applications Search services: 11300 hours

PRV:s mandate PRV has two main tasks: to ensure well-functioning systems for the registration of industrial property rights and to inform and give service in intellectual property matters. Our instructions adds further: PRV shall work to promote growth and strengthen innovation and competitiveness in the whole country

This should be done through information about and contribution to increased knowledge and understanding of the importance of intellectual property in companies and stakeholders in the public innovation system Information and knowledge Directed mainly to SMEs Advisors in the publicly funded innovation system

Universities R&D and innovation centres Together with Vinnova the innovation agency of Sweden and other organisations in the publicly funded innovations system Some examples Meetings Seminars Courses But most importantly

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