Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics

Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics

SALMAN BIN ABDUL AZIZ UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF PHARMACY PHARMACEUTICSIV (PHT 414 ) Dr. Mohammad Khalid Anwer 02/22/20 L1 1 Biopharmaceutics Biopharmaceutics

is the science that examines the interrelationship of the physicochemical properties of the drug, the dosage form in which the drug is given, and the route of administration on the rate and extent of systemic drug absorption. 02/22/20 L1 2

Scheme demonstrating the dynamic relationship between the drug, the drug product, and the pharmacologic effect. 02/22/20 L1 3 Studies in biopharmaceutics use both in-vitro and in-vivo methods. In-vitro methods are procedures employing test

apparatus and equipment without involving laboratory animals or humans. In-vivo methods are more complex studies involving animals. 02/22/20 human L1

subjects or laboratory 4 biopharmaceutics involves factors that influence: (1)the stability of the drug within the drug product. (2)the release of the drug from the drug product.

(3)the rate of dissolution/release of the drug at the absorption site. (4)the systemic absorption of the drug. 02/22/20 L1 5 Pharmacodynamics Pharmacodynamics is the study of what a drug does to the body. Pharmacodynamics is the study of the relation of the drug concentration or amount

at the site of action (receptor) and its pharmacologic response. 02/22/20 L1 6 02/22/20 L1 7 Pharmacokinetics is the study of what

the body does to a drug. Pharmacokinetics is the science of the kinetics of drug absorption, distribution, and elimination (ie, excretion and metabolism). The description of drug distribution and elimination is disposition.

02/22/20 L1 often termed drug 8 ADME Absorption Distribution Metabolism Excretion

02/22/20 L1 Elimination 9 02/22/20 L1 10

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