Board Orientation Session - USA Swimming

Board Orientation Session - USA Swimming

BOARD ORIENTATION SESSION Thursday, September 15, 2017 Jane Grosser, Arlene McDonald, Cherita Gentilucci USA Swimming LSC Governance Consultants BOARD ORIENTATION THE HOPE THE REALITY BOARD ORIENTATION s? n tio s Welcome, here are the e t! u

Q rea last 2 years of Board e s G t th Le art ingMinutes st eet Read through themm youll catch on! Great??? Thanks for nothing! What? Check! WHY HOLD A BOARD ORIENTATION?

Board Orientation benefits: The incoming Board members The Board that is in place The Board as a whole agenda Agenda BOARD CULTURE Every board has a culture Every new board member needs an introduction to that culture with a thorough Board Orientation A BOARD MANUAL IS PART OF THE BOARD ORIENTATION

BOARD MANUAL A good Board Manual allows new Board members to become better acquainted with the organization. Familiarizes new (and existing) Board Members with their duties and responsibilities as members and the Board overall Provides an important resource available to the entire Board

BOARD MANUAL TABLE OF CONTENTS: Brief history of the organization Mission, Vision, and Values Board member job descriptions Roster of current board members which includes

a brief bio Legal documents: Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws Board Rules & Regulations, Policies and Procedures Budget, financial statements, latest audit report Current strategic plan Overview of programs and staff information Committee information, assignments Past Board minutes Annual calendar QUESTIONS? Sample Board Orientation presentation template Board of Directors Orientation Session Your LSC name here

Date: Time: Location: WELCOME TO THE BOARD! Add Date: Time: Location Your LSC Logo Here BOARD OF DIRECTORS LIST Include: Name, Title, Voting rights, year elected/ term expiration Title Name

Year elected Term Voting member E-mail XYZ SWIMMING LSC's, or Local Swimming Committees, are the 59 local governing bodies, responsible for organizing, supporting and governing USA Swimming's 3,000-plus swim clubs in their individual regions. XYZ

Swimming includes the following geographic areas:_ XYZ Swimming is a member of Eastern/Central/Southern/Western Zone There Add are X LSCs in Eastern/Central/Southern/Western Zone other pertinent LSC info here XYZ SWIMMING Mission: add the LSC Mission Statement here

Vision: add the LSC Vision Statement here Core Values: add the LSC core values here MEETING SCHEDULE Board of Directors: Date, Time, Location Date, Time, Location Date, Time, Location

House of Delegates Fall Meeting: Date, Time, Location Spring Meeting: Date, Time, Location MEETINGS All BOD members (voting and non-voting) are expected to attend the BOD meetings. Complete meeting schedule available, notify General Chair if you unable to attend Reminder notices with reports due date sent at minimum 10 days prior to meeting. All final documents sent at minimum 1 week prior to meeting All Officers/Chairs must submit reports for the meeting Meetings are either in person or via conference call CONSENT AGENDA

Meetings operate under consent agenda format. Add specific LSC info here as well as a link to a sample consent agenda Roberts Rules of Order add electronic link to this standard document (should be on your website) LEGAL ETHICAL DUTIES According to non-profit corporation law, a board member MUST meet certain standards of conduct and attention to his or her responsibilities to the organization. These are referred to as the Duty of Care, the Duty of Loyalty, the Duty of Obedience, and the Duty of Transparency. Duty of Care Use your best judgment and exercise reasonable caution in making decisions. Duty of Loyalty Put your personal and professional interests aside for the good of the organization. Duty of Obedience Be true to the XYZ mission and vision and follow all the laws and regulations that may apply to non-profits.

Duty of Transparency Establish a system of operation that allows outsiders to see how the organization operates, makes decisions, and uses resources; an important aspect to ensure the public trust in an organization CONFLICT OF INTEREST POLICY & WHISTLEBLOWER POLICY XYZ Swimming requires that all members of the Board of Directors and House of Delegates review and sign the Conflict of Interest Policy Annually. Policy is annually provided at the first board meeting in September and the fall HOD Meeting. Whistle Blower Protection Policy USA Swimming forbids any form of retaliation against individuals for providing truthful information to a law enforcement official relating to actual or potential unlawful conduct. Such actions can result in

immediate termination. The audit committee will establish procedures for handling complaints, including anonymous ones, about accounting and financial matters. BOARD DIVISIONS Add your specific divisions and duties for each in this chart ADMINISTRATON Administrative Vice-Chair AGE-GROUP Age Group Vice-Chair SENIOR Senior Vice-Chair FINANCE Finance

Vice-Chair ATHLETES Senior Athlete Representative COACHES Coach Representative Awards Bylaws/Legis./Rules Club Development Compute Elections Equipment Insurance Legal Membership/Reg.

SWIMS Personnel Public Relations Publications/Newltr Policies/Procedures Records/Top 10 Tab Safe Sport Guide/Parents Manual Secretary Special Events Age Group Camps/Clinics Disability Swimming Open Water Program Development Technical Planning Time Standards All Star/Zone Teams

Awards Camps/Clinics Diversity Meet Evaluation Meet Management Meet Sanctions Meet Sponsorship Officials Safety Senior Audit Budget Finance Marketing/Sponsors Swim-a-Thon Tax Treasurer

Athlete Representatives Athletes Committee Coach Representative Coaches Committee Cite where specific duties can be found in your By-laws /R&R, P&P) Add your specific BOD Division information below STANDING COMMITTEES (cite where specific duties can be found in your By-laws /R&R, P&P) Add your specific Committee structure below. Athletes Committee: Members are All Athlete Representatives, the athlete at-large board members and the athlete at-large House of Delegates members. The

Senior Athlete Representative is the chair. Audit Committee: Members are the Finance Vice-Chair who is the chair, the Administrative Vice-Chair and the Coach Representative. Budget Committee: Members are the General Chair, Finance Vice-Chair who is the chair, the Treasurer, the Admin. Vice-Chair, Senior Athlete Representative, the Coach Representative, the Age-Group Vice-Chair and the Senior Vice-Chair. Coaches Committee: Members are the Coach Representative and such additional Coach Members as may be determined by the Coach Representative. The Coach Representative is the chair. Finance Committee: Members are the Finance Vice-Chair who is the chair, General Chair, Administrative Vice-Chair and Treasurer.

Officials Committee: Members are Officials Chair who is the chair and at least two other MWS certified officials. COORDINATORS ( cite where specific duties can be found in your By-laws /R&R, P&P) Add your specific Committee structure below. Personnel Committee: Members are the General Chair who is the chair, the Administrative Vice-Chair and the Finance Chair. Safe Sport Committee: Members are the Safe Sport Committee Chair who is the chair and at least 4 additional members at least one shall be a Coach member, at least 2 shall be at-large non-athlete members and at least one shall be an athlete member.

Program Development Committee: Members are the Age-Group Vice Chair who is the chair, General Chair, Senior ViceChair, Technical Planning Chair, Coach Representative and the Senior Athlete Representative. Safety Committee: Members are the Safety Chair who is the chair, and five additional members; one MWS certified official, one Coach Member, one Athlete Member and two club safety chairs. Technical Planning Committee: Members are Technical Planning Chair who is the chair, an athlete member and at least six additional members of who at least fifty-percent shall be Coach Members. The athlete member and the additional members are appointed by the General Chair with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors. Meet Scheduling/Sanction Committee: Members are the General Chair, Senior Vice-Chair, Age Group Vice-Chair, additional

technical advisor(s) as appointed by the General Chair and the Executive Secretary ex-officio. ELECTED COMMITTEES Governance/Nomination Committee: The Governance/Nominating Committee shall be comprised of the Immediate Past General Chair and not fewer than four (4) Individual Members. The Nominating Committee shall be elected annually by the House of Delegates. If the House of Delegates does not act in a timely fashion, the Board of Directors shall elect a nominating committee to serve until their successors are elected. A number greater than four may be designated from time to time by either the House of Delegates or the Nominating Committee. Each Nominating Committee member shall be a member of the House of Delegates and no more than two (twofifths if there are more than five (5) members of the Nominating Committee) shall be Board Members. Administrative Review Board: The House of Delegates biennially in odd numbered years elect regular and alternate members of the Administrative Review Board. The term of office shall be two (2) years. Each member and alternate member shall assume office in September following the election and shall serve until a successor takes office. Each regular and alternate member of the Administrative Review Board shall be an Individual Member of MWS and USA Swimming. In no case shall the elected members of the Board of Directors serve on the Administrative Review Board.

Strategic Planning Framework Add your Specific Strategic Plan here PARTNERSHIPS VOLUNTEERISM Develop and maintain relationship with Multi-Sport Complex in Omaha Prepare for 2016 Olympics Trials Improve partnerships with Clubs in our LSC Recruit board members Create a culture of volunteerism in MWS Recruit officials Create a volunteer recognition program PERFORMANCE

EDUCATION Establish MWS Coaches Association Other ideas: IMX Recognition, AthleteScholar Recognition, Camps/Clinics Develop Coach Education Programming Develop Parent Education Programming Develop Athlete Education Programming Develop Club Education Programming LSC EVALUATION & ACHIEVEMENT PROGRAM (LEAP) LEAP assessment tool provides a roadmap to LSC effectiveness and success in four key areas:

Business and Organizational Success Volunteer Development Club and Coach Development Athlete Development

LEAP is divided into three levels with LEAP Level 1 required of all LSCs once per quad. The intent of LEAP Level 1 is to help self-evaluate, be sure LSC is in compliance with USA Swimming Rules and Regulations and the legal requirements of non-profit governance and ensure continuity in LSC governance even as leadership changes. Fill in your recertification date here LEAP 2 and 3 are voluntary. Fill in your completion fate targets here BOARD RESOURCES Provide links to your LSC website LSC Board/Governance section LSC Bylaws/Rules/Policies is widely recognized as the leading organization promoting exceptional nonprofit

governance and board service. Membership is provided by USA Swimming. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: website website Add your additional LSC resources here

QUESTIONS? You can find this template here: %20Orientation%20power%20point.pptx?dl=0

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