Book Fair Power Point Presentation

Book Fair Power Point Presentation

Book Fair Power Point Presentation Literature 7 Blue I am Number Four, by Pittacus Lore INTEREST LEVEL: 7-12 ATOS LEVEL: 4.4 Four and his companion Henri are aliens from the planet of Lorien. Four, now known as John, has special powers that activate as he gets older that are called Legacies. When John was very young, Lorien was attacked from a species of aliens called Mogadorians. John and the other Lorien children with Legacies boarded a ship with their companions and went to Earth. Since then, John has been running from the Mogadorians. Every few months, John moves to a new place. Each time he moves, he gets a new identity, birth certificate, phone, and anything else that could be used to track him. John and Henri have the same drill every time: new place, new home, try to go unnoticed. However, when they move to Ohio, everything changes.

THEMES: Trustworthiness, Strength, Courage Kaylie S. Hunger Games: Catching Fire By: Suzanne Collins ATOS Level:5.3 Interest level:7-9 It has been six months since Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark won the Seventy-fourth Hunger Games, an annual event in which each district sends one female and one male tribute to fight to the death in a televised competition for food and money. Katniss must go to all 12 districts on a victory tour. Snow (the President) tells Katniss she must convince him and Panem (the Capitol) that her love for Peeta is real. If Katniss can convince everyone she is without a doubt in love with Peeta, Snow will spare her family's lives. Snow says she fails, but spares her family. Snow now has the brutal idea to put Katniss and Peeta in the 75th Hunger Games to attempt to tear them apart. Themes: Courage, Love, Friendship, Power of Appearances

Prequel: Hunger Games Sequel: Mocking Jay Jacob Payne Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell and Patrick Robinson ATOS Level: 7.2 Interest Level: UG While Marcus Luttrel is flying to take out a Taliban officer, he recalls what training he had to accomplish to get here. Once they land, things immediately go wrong. With his training, he and his fellow seals will they have to fight their way out. The question is, who will survive? A heavily outnumbered seals team that is slowly losing numbers or a Taliban force many times their size. With no help from the Seal base, the chances do not look good till Marcus meets some warriors from a little village that might help him. With no ways of communicating and the Taliban coming after him, it will take all his strength to survive and try to wait for more U.S. forces.

Themes: Strength, Courage, Loyalty, Trustworthiness, perseverance, friendship, and self reliance Jack B. School Spirits, by Rachel Hawkins ATOS Level: 5.0 MG+ Interest level: 7-12 Grade Also read the corresponding series, Hex Hall Theme: This book does not has much of a theme. The novel is more for excitement and suspense. Isolde(Izzi) Brannick is not your average teenager, unless a monster-slaying teen is normal. However, when there is a ghost haunting at a high school, Izzi is forced to fit in and get to the bottom to the haunting. However, the case quickly escalades and she discovers that it will be hard to shut down because of some new developments. These developments are friends, something she never thought she would have to deal with.

Lexi L. The Death Cure is a book by James Dashner, and is the 3rd book in The Maze Runner series. The main character is Thomas. In the first book Interest level: MG+ we found out that he was named after Thomas Edison. In The Death Cure, WICKED, the ATOS BL: 5.3 company who put Thomas in the glade, needs him to finish the cure for a disease named the flare. Thomas then escapes and joins with a corporation named The Right Arm. WICKED says they need Thomas' brain to finish the cure. Will he donate his brain, or will he not? Themes: Suspense, Courage, Trust Patrick. G ATOS Level: 5.2

Interest Level: 5-7 Augustus "Auggie" Pullman, born with facial differences, is leaving his old homeschooled life to a new fifth grade class room at Beecher Prep. At his new school, Auggie goes through points of bullying just to be like a normal ten-yearold kid at a new school. Themes: Courage, Friendship, Loyalty Josie T. e. Lockhart ATOS Level: 4.4 Interest Level: 9-12 UG Welcome to the Sinclair Family. No one is a drunkard, no one is a criminal. They are smart, strong, and beautiful. The Sinclair family is wealthy. They own their own private island where the Sinclair families go every summer. In the summer, Cadence Sinclair, who is sixteen, at the time, has an accident and forgets almost everything

from her summer that year. She becomes different after the accident. She changes her appearance, and she always feels sick. When she returns to the island, she is eighteen. Everything at the island is different. Everyone is hiding something from her, and all is not as it seems. Olivia F. Throne of Glass By Sarah J. Maas ATOS Book Level: 5.7 Interest Level: 6-12 (MG+) 18-year old Celaena Sardothien has spent a year of hard labor in the Salt Mines of Endovier. One day the Captain of the Guard arrives and drags her out, and presents her before Dorian, the Crown Prince of Aradlan. Prince Dorian gives the feared Aradlan's Assassin an offer. She can have her freedom if she agrees to fight to the death to be the new King's Champion. Now she must filter through the mystery and evil that comes with the castle. All while staying alive with her vicious and murderous opponents. But Celaena is not alone in her

knowledge of the magic realm, one of the other contestants has a magic power and is not afraid to use it against her. Will Celaena manage to stay alive? Themes: Bravery, Courage, Strength, Friendship Sequels: Catherine M. Crown of Midnight, Heir of Fire The 100 By Kass Morgan ATOS Level- 5.9 Interest level- 9-12 UG Because of a nuclear war, humanity has lived in space. But because of the limited amount of space, there are many rules. Many people are arrested and sent to jail or executed . If a person younger than 18 is sent to confinement, they get a retrial on their 18th birthday. For some unknown reason, everyone is being found guilty, and the consequence of being guilty is execution. The Chancellor has decided to choose 100 convicts to go back to Earth. This can either be good things or bad. The convicts can either get a second chance at life and restart colonization, or this could be a suicide mission and could cause their deaths.

Clarke, the girl of Wells' dreams, was arrested for treason because of Wells. She is filled with hatred for Wells because of what he did to her. She happens to be one of the 100 people being sent to Earth. Wells would do anything to be with her again. Since his dad is the chancellor, he had to do something bad to be able to go to Earth.Well's best friend Glass also happened to be one of the people to go to Earth.Though right before the ship takes off, she escapes the drop-ship in the commotion of the chancellor being held hostage by Bellamy. Bellamy, unlike Glass, is trying to get onto the ship to be with his sister, Octavia. He wanted to be able watch over her and make sure that she lives. Their arrival at Earth was not the smoothest. Many people were injured. Clarke was going through training as a doctor before she got arrested. She was running around trying to help everyone while Wells was chasing behind her, trying to get her forgiveness. Will she ever forgive him? Octavia does something almost unforgivable, and she gets Bellamy and herself in trouble with the group. What will happen to them? Glass, whoromance, escaped toaction be with the man she loved, is separated from him. Will they ever be Themestrust, together The again? Series100 Day 21, The 100 Homecoming

Emmy C. Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the of the Nightmare King By William Joyce ATOS Level- 6.1 Interest Level- 3-5 When North, a Cossack thief, rides into the magical town of Santoff Clausen, his dangerous adventure begins. Pitch, the Nightmare King is rising, and he is after the new band of guardians. So Ombric the wizard, North the thief, Katherine the small girl that accompanies them, and Nightlight the spectral boy set off to find Pitch. If they fail, Pitch will only grow stronger. Themes: Courage, magic, trust Other books in the series: E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior Eggs at Earth's core, Toothina Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies, Sandman and the War of Dreams Kennedy F. Deep and Dark and Dangerous by Mary Downing Hahn ATOS Level: 4.0

Interest Level:4-8 (MG+) Just before summer begins, 13 year old Ali is up in her attic when she finds and old photograph. She recognizes two of the girls, her mother, Claire, and her aunt, Dulcie. Who is the third girl that has been torn out of the picture? Ali finds out that she will figure out the mystery girl's identity when she goes to her mother's family's lake house in Maine where her mother used to spend summers with Dulcie and her 4 year old daughter, Emma. Any hopes to have a summer of fun swimming in the lake are gone when Emma and Ali meet a girl named Sissy who is rude and has a bad influence on Emma. Ali cannot stop thinking about the girl Sissy always mentions named Theresa who drowned in the lake under mysterious circumstances when Claire and Dulcie were kids and her body was never found. At first, Ali thinks that Sissy is just trying to scare her with some silly ghost story, though soon she discovers the real reason that Sissy is so angry and that this "ghost story" is way spookier than it seems.

Madeleine C. Themes: Truthfulness, Determination, Forgiveness Poison by Bridget Zinn Davis B. ATOS Level: 5.2 Interest Level: 3-7 A teenage girl is on the run when she fails to assassinate the future ruler of the kingdom (who is also her best friend). Now she is desperate for anything that can help her kill the princess including a pig and a very handsome "traveler." However, it won't take long for her to uncover the secrets everyone's been hiding from her. Themes: adventure, romance, suspense,

mystery, thrill Ender's Game Orson Scott Card ATOS level: 5.5 Intrest level: 9-12 Andrew (Ender) Wiggin is a strange boy. He had his electronic "tracker" a year longer then most boys. When his tracker is removed he thinks that he will be normal and people won't be mad at him for lasting longer then they in the program. But then the unexpected happens. The I.F. (International fleet) comes to recruit him for battle school. If Ender can not do the impossible, not only his life is at risk but the entire world. Themes: suspense, deception, And determination. Will C.

by Rick Riordan Interest Level: Grades 5-8 ATOS Level: 5.0-5.9 The Heroes of Olympus are back in the finale of their series. The earth goddess Gaea has forced the gods to fight between their Roman personality and their Greek personality. It is up to Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood to unite and save the gods, their camps, and the world from the evil wrath of Gaea. Gaea needs the demigods' blood in order to awaken and take over the world. Will the demigods be able to pull off defeating Gaea, uniting the camps, and getting the Athena Parthenos back to Camp Half-Blood? Themes: Friendship, courage, trust, good versus evil Blood of Olympus is the last book in the Heroes of Olympus series. It corresponds with the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. THE TESTING

By Joelle Charbonneau ATOS Level: 5.6 Interest Level: Grades 6 and up 16 year-old Malencia "Cia" Vale worked hard in school so she could participate in the Testing. Cia is accepted along with Tomas, a boy from her province and her sweetheart. She must persevere and complete the tests in order to earn a spot in the University. There are four tests she must complete and pass in order to move on to the next round. Acceptance into the University is one of the greatest honors, and for Cia, it would make hermits like her father who also went through the Testing and make it into the University. Can Cia endure the tests and move on in order to stay with Tomas? Theme: Perseverance Sequels: Independent Study, Graduation Day Victoria B. The Boy in the

Striped Pajamas by John Boyne ATOS Level: 5.8 Interest Level: 9-12 grade Bruno is a young and ignorant boy who is clueless about the meaning of things going on around him. His father, an SS Commander for the Nazis before World War II began, was relocated along with his family to the countryside. Although him and his sister, Gretel, are not aware, their family actually relocated so that there father would command a Concentration Camp. While being there, Bruno meets a boy named Shmuel who strangely wears striped pajamas. He meets this odd character while exploring and finds him on the other side of the electric fence. Bruno has absolutely no idea why he is not allowed to see the strange people wearing striped pajamas on Angie

H the other side of the fence. Shmuel and Divergent by Veronica Roth ATOS Level: 4.8 Interest Level: 9-12 Beatrice Prior lives in a future version of Chicago that is divided into 5 factions that all focus on one virtue. Erudite loves knowledge, Abnegation is selfless, Dauntless is for the brave, Candor tells it how it is, and Amity keeps the peace. Beatrice grew up in an Abnegation home. When Beatrice turns 16, she takes the Aptitude Test and gets three results: Erudite, Abnegation, and Dauntless. She is Divergent; she doesn't fit into one faction. Beatrice joins Dauntless and takes on the nickname Tris. But being Dauntless isn't all fun and games. To become a Dauntless, she must train and compete with other initiates. Losing is the ultimate punishment: death. Along the way, Tris makes new friends like Christina, Al, Will, and her instructor, Four and enemies like Peter, Drew, and Molly. Tris struggles to keep her Divergence a secret, as it is dangerous to be one. Tris discovers a plot by the Erudite to brainwash

the Dauntless and use them as soldiers to kill the Abnegation. Tris is the only one that knows about this. Will Tris be able to save the factions? Sequels: Insurgent, Allegiant Themes: Courage, love, bravery, friendship Chloe F. ATOS Level: 5.3 MG Interest Level: 7-9 Airhead is a book by Meg Cabot. It is the first book in a series about a teenage girl named Emerson Watts. Em is a sixteen year old who thinks she has it hard. A popular girl named Whitney Robertson bullies her, and Em's sister is becoming just like Whitney, criticizing Em at every chance she gets. However, she has not seen it bad yet. One day when Em is forced to accompany her sister to a Stark Megastore CD signing by the famous Gabriel Luna, the most devastating thing happened. As Frida runs to try to get the famous Nikki Howard's autograph, a plasma screen starts to fall right above Frida. Em runs to push Frida out of the way. Next thing she knows , she is in the hospital. When she wakes up, everyone looks at her and treats her weird. She realizes that she has a higher voice and for once, nail-biting Em has a perfect manicure. Then it gets weirder.. Gabriel Luna, the rockstar, shows up in her room with flowers. She is sure she hallucinated the incident, but the roses are still in her room when she wakes up. Then one day she is being kidnapped by Nikki's best friend, Lulu, and her on and off boyfriend Brandon Stark. They insist she

is Nikki, so she looks in the mirror. She is Nikki Howard from her head to her toes. Now Em has to deal with Nikki's boys, her job, and her crazy life. Sounds amazing, doesn't it, waking up as a rich, beautiful model? Think again. Themes: Friendship, Romance, Flexibility, Family Sequels: Being Nikki, Runaway Lindsey F. Struck By Lightning, by Chris Colfer ATOS- 5.4 Interest Level- 9-12 UG Struck By Lightning by Chris Colfer follows the dull life of a boy with big dreams. In the dreary town of Clover, senior high school student, Carson Phillips, searches desperately for a way out, and he thinks his ticket to freedom is Northwestern University. He starts a newspaper at his school, but all of the people involved don't work at all . So, Carson

gets some dirt on his fellow students. He manages to blackmail all of his peers and forces them to submit an entry for a literary magazine he wants to start for extra Northwestern credits . Once the magazine is made, nobody buys any copies. Heartbroken, Carson goes to his meeting with the school college counselor. He had asked her to check in with Northwestern about his application. Does he get in? A QUOTE FROM THE BOOK" Life comes at you fast. It runs through your body and tries to escape and be expressed in any way possible. In a way, it's a lot like lightning." Carson Phillips. Themes-Blackmail, wanting to escape, bigger dreams Julie V. Same Kind of Different as Me By Ron Hall ATOS Level: 6.3 Interest Level: 9-12 Set in Fort Worth Texas this story is about a sharecropper and wealthy art seller finding a friendship. Born in Louisiana Denver has lost everything he ever cared about. Getting sick of being treated like a slave he hops a train to Forth

Worth Texas. At the same time Ron has earned a living by selling paintings. One day miss Debbie Ron's wife has a vision from God. To go help out at the homeless shelter. Here Ron and Denver create a magical friendship. Only to be torn apart when God calls upon a beloved one. Themes: Friendship, forgiveness, love, hope, sorrow, and faith Nonfiction

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